Vol 2, Issue 1, February 4, 2021
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In this week's edition: New Apprenticeship Employer Toolkit; EmployerOne - Business Impact & Workforce Needs Survey; Skills for the Future Forum, register today!; Predictions for jobs in Canada in 2021; Hamilton LMI Dec 2020
In-Demand Skilled Trades:
NEW Apprenticeship Employer Toolkit
In the early days of March 2020, just before the world as we know it changed, we hosted our In-Demand Skilled Trades Event - to report on our research found in our Under Pressure 2.0 project.

The Under Pressure 2.0 report drew on feedback from 138 Hamilton employers gathered through a three-phase consultation process conducted in the fall of 2019. Employers contacted for the consultation were identified by using census-based indicators to determine occupations and industries in Hamilton most likely to have hard to fill positions.

Employers in the skilled trades reported concerns such as "We are heading toward a hiring crisis. What we didn’t do twenty years ago is now coming home to roost.”

This year, in partnership with the Mohawk College Apprenticeship Community Hub, we are developing an Apprenticeship Employer Toolkit - aimed at supporting employers during the hiring crisis in our community by providing an easily accessible online information.

The Toolkit will support employers through recruitment and retention of apprenticeships, including guidance and tips to successfully on-board and retain apprentices featuring specific information on:
  • Recruitment 
  • Registration
  • Training
  • Monitoring
  • Financial incentives
  • Release to School 
  • Completion

We will be hosting a virtual Zoom forum on March 1st from 8:30-10am, to present the Apprenticeship Employer Tool Kit to skilled trades employers in Hamilton and to gather employer feedback about how this new comprehensive digital Tool Kit can work for employers.

We are currently taking contact information from skilled trades employers who are interested in participating to give feedback on the new Employer Apprenticeship Tool kit.
An invitation with more information will be emailed out in the coming weeks.
New Jobs in 2021: Canadian Economists Predictions
Canadian economists looking toward the future say 2021 could bring rapid market changes and positive job creation, but potential growth may hinge on a successful vaccine rollout and a wider feeling that the pandemic is coming to an end.

More than 5.5 million Canadians felt the impact of the economic shutdown last spring, including 3 million who lost their jobs and another 2.5 million who remained employed but experienced absences related to the pandemic.

When provincial lockdowns end and consumer spending can return it is expected that retailers, restaurants and bars will be among the first to benefit, and increased spending will spur job growth.

#HamOnt Employers: We STILL Need to Hear From YOU!
WPH has partnered with the City of Hamilton to deliver this year’s EmployerOne Survey to collect local labour market information and to also understand how COVID-19 is affecting local businesses.  

Thank you to all the local employers who have completed the survey so far. Your feedback is invaluable.

Apologies if you received the survey from multiple organizations, as we rely on community partners to help distribute the survey as far and wide as possible.

Skills for the Future Forum: Registration is Open!
WPH has partnered with Mohawk College Enterprise to present our virtual series: Skills for the Future Forum. A series of three weekly virtual interactive sessions featuring in-depth discussions and learning from a range of experts delving into the skills of today with a focus on the future. 

Three interactive sessions from 1pm-4pm:

Session 1. February 9: Skills in a Pandemic Era

Our first interactive session will address job skill requirements for today and the future and provide Employment Counsellors, Employers, and Human Resource Managers with a clear picture of challenges facing employers in the areas of skills development, technological change, and the shift to a virtual work environment due to Covid-19. You will have the opportunity to share your experience with learning, interviewing, and coaching techniques applicable to a remote workforce.

Learning Outcomes for Session 1:

  • Clarify the transition of skills required through the ages.
  • Identify shifts in required skills and strategies for working remotely.
  • How to effectively and professionally conduct, and participate in, virtual interviews.

Session 2. February 16: Funding Opportunities to Support Skills Development

Session 3. February 23: The Evolution of Workplace Skills

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming session panelists & speakers!
Choose to register for all three sessions or the ones that peak your interest.
Hamilton Labour Force Information:
December 2020

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Hamilton, Hamilton Economic Development, and the Flamborough and Stoney Creek Chambers of Commerce, are closely monitoring and assessing new developments pertaining to COVID-19, as well as its impacts on Hamilton business.

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