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Q1 Recap: 2023 Secondary Market Performance Report, BankLink's Launch for Windsor Lenders, and SBA Resources

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SBA Outlook: 2023 Secondary Market Data

2023 SBA Premium Pricing Data

with insights by Matt Saslawsky, Windsor Advantage GGL Sales Associate

Premium prices stagnated in 2023 as sales activity slowed, maintaining the below-average premium prices recorded in 2022. It was a stark contrast when compared to the record-high performances of prior years (2019-2021), however, to be expected based on a few key shifts in the SBA landscape. Including:

  • Depository Institutions’ Need for Liquidity
  • Higher Prepayment Rates and Borrower Defaults

Below are SBA Premium Price Highs and Lows for the 2023 FY:

While the performance was relatively stable for 10 year loans, we did find that bids were lower all around for both 10 and 25 year notes. The lower bids are an indication of less interest than in past years.

This is due to: 1) faster prepayments speeds, 2) less demand for the product against its non-government backed loan peers and 3) a softer yield curve.

In 2023, we sold significantly less 25 year loans than average which is a direct relation to our Clients having less interest in “commercial real estate” backed SBA 7(a) credits for construction or commercial real estate projects. We also feel this lack of interest in CRE as of late is due to a highly saturated market in that field. We expect competition to increase as we lean into 2024 and applicants reacclimate to this rate environment.

Continue Reading for further analysis of key performance factors of the 2023 SBA Secondary Market, plus best practices for adapting in 2024:

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Save these Resources: Prepare for What Comes Next in SBA Lending

Full Article: 2023 Secondary Market Recap

In this report: key themes of SBA secondary market performance in 2023, factors shaping the outlook for 2024, and the ripple effect of recent SOP changes that lenders should watch.

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Equity Injection Documentation (Updated for 2024)

Do your policies meet the standard for equity injection documentation according to SOP 50 10 7.1?

Our Underwriting team explains the latest guidance and best practices for documenting your institution's policies.

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Windsor BankLink: the loan origination platform driving growth for Windsor's lenders

This quarter we introduced Windsor BankLink, a new digital platform connecting SBA borrowers and lenders. Windsor Advantage is proud to add this new channel to the landscape to facilitate growth in the SBA space.

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Save This File: Updated Loan Program Chart from SBA

New to the SBA space? In addition to the popular 7(a) Loan Program, SBA offers a number of financing programs for SMB owners dependent on eligibility.

The below chart was recently shared by SBA. This chart outlines a high level overview of the latest eligibility requirements and loan proceed amounts available for each SBA financing program. This chart is a convenient resource to keep on hand for internal use, and as a reference for potential borrowers exploring their options in the SBA space. 

Download: Loan Program Chart from SBA (Plus: Recent Notices)

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