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Volumod and Renewing Management, both Helix companies, have always geared their hiring policies to include a good percentage of reentrants. They have a heart for the hopeless, and have had great success in training and moving folks up the ladder to positions of authority. To help other companies better understand and utilize this under-accessed reentrant labor pool, they have produced videos to share their processes of hiring and developing great reentrant employees.
Four videos are available, featuring 2nd Chance Indiana's Doug Evans, who worked in the penal system here for 40 years, Volmod's John Gammon, and Renewing Management's Kirby Louks. Both John and Kirby were reentrants once themselves and each have a heart to help others. Our thanks to these companies for always caring for people who need a hand up.
Top Photo (LtoR): 2nd Chance Indiana's Marion County Adult Detention Center Site Leader, Doug Evans; Helix/Volumod Director of Safety, John Gammon; & Helix/Renewing Management Supervisor of New Construction, Kirby Louks.
Big Event Connected
Reentrants To Jobs, Support, & Inspiration

Hundreds of reentrants came to the Resource Fair to get help and listen to a keynote speech by Keidrain Brewster who left a Texas prison after 13 years and never looked back. His stirring history of hard work and business success was a shot in the arm for so many who want to build a better life and need to see and hear the progression of reentry from a person who has been where they have been.
2nd Chance Indiana was one of the sponsors who brought this effort to fruition at Martin University, and our team was there to help job seekers and encourage them to plan for a new and improved future through the dignity of work.
Photo (LtoR): 2nd Chance Indiana (2CI) President, Jim Cotterill; Guest Speaker & Founder of Brewster Logistics, Keidrain Brewster; 2CI's Doug Evans, Marion County Adult Detention Center Site Leader; Sherry Jackson, 2CI Director of Administration; & Molly Oliver, 2CI Transportation Manager.
KeHE Needs Employees & Van TransportationCan We Do It?

KeHE Distributors in Ellettsville, IN, is a 376,512 square foot facility with an impressive 80,000 square feet of freezer space, and 61,000 square feet of refrigerated space. All this requires a team of around 230 employees to safely move, hold, and load all this material until it is delivered to customers at their neighborhood stores.
Like so many employers in Indiana, they need and are very open to employing those who have a criminal record and are anxious to be able to provide van transportation so that they can count on regular attendance by those employees who do not have a reliable car.
The staff at 2nd Chance Indiana is working with them to not only connect KeHE with employees, but also to pursue grant funding to support the transportation effort that means so much to long-term job assurance for reentrants who are building a new life. In the 'Fair Chance Hiring in Indiana' meeting were: KeHE's Brandon Bunn, Krystal Hostetter, Brandon Rowold, and 2nd Chance Indiana's Scott Whiting and Molly Oliver. Pictured: KeHE employees.
Reentry Simulation Event Organized By MCRC

Marion County Reentry Coalition held a Reentry Simulation experience for those working with people coming out of incarceration. Each person was given a simulated name, a personal situation, a criminal history, and a series of requirements, i.e. to meet with a parole officer, or to get identification, etc. The information included obligations to the court, or the amount the reentrant must pay for child support, rent, and a job. There is a timer, and many things have do be done in the correct order. For example you may need to get somewhere, but don't have a bus pass. Stranded!
According to 2nd Chance Indiana's Scott Whiting and Doug Evans, who attended the event, there were a lot of "Return-to-Start" moments, which were frustratingly similar to a real reentrant experience. The ultimate lesson might be boiled down to "grace." James 4:6 says, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Reentrants need it, we need to give it, and exercises like this show us the way. Congratulations to MCRC for providing this important learning experience!
Should All Lifers Be Lifers? Maybe Not?

We have more than 200,000 people serving life sentences largely due to the 90's "three strikes" rule that required judges to give mandatory life sentences. A third of them are over the age of 55 and majority have a low-to-zero chance of recidivism. In a time of prison overcrowding, the high cost of incarcerating people, and the potential benefits of diverting funds to reduce crime, we might think about letting some of them out.
Yes, there are some people who can never be trusted in society, but a large percentage of lifers are still in prison 40 or more years after a crime that took place before they were even 18 years old. People do change and grow up, and incarcerating many of these folks are wasting taxpayer dollars while some of that money could be diverted to better policing, drug treatment, and preschool programs that result in lower future arrest rates. What if we back away from the anger of a punitive position, and give those who have been transformed a chance? Read the interesting facts Here.
Why Support 2nd Chance Indiana?
2nd Chance Indiana's team works to reduce recidivism and rebuild lives through the dignity of work. In the process we believe that our efforts can also have a profound, multi-generational impact by reducing poverty, crime, and homelessness.
Our major focus is to assist the thousands of inmates returning to communities across Indiana after long-term incarceration. 2nd Chance Indiana provides mentored job training inside the correctional facility, and a jobs website for those with a criminal record, 2ndChanceIN.com, which is filled with job opportunities and support agencies to help reentrants get back to work, support themselves and their families, and contribute to the economic improvement of their neighborhoods.

How You Can Support Jobs for Justice- Involved Individuals
Support For Reentrants After Incarcertion:
Since 2017 UNITE INDY, now 2nd Chance Indiana, has provided a free web-based system, 2ndChanceIN.com, that connects those released from incarceration with jobs offered by our 45 employer partners, willing to hire people with a criminal record and pay them a living wage.
The site also offers a huge network of support organizations that can help with housing, drug abatement, licensing, clothing and so much more.

A good job found quickly after release from incarceration drives down recidivism about 90%, according to studies. Unemployment is connected to poverty, a criminal record, and re-incarceration. Our poorest neighborhoods contain many who have not been able to get good jobs because they have a criminal record, but 2nd Chance Indiana not only connects them with jobs, it also provides van transportation to many sites to help those who do not have affordable or reliable transportation. In some neighborhoods of Marion County unemployment is extremely high and poverty remains the overwhelming cause of violence and lack of opportunity for children.

You can help us to help a reentrant today, Here! To know more, go to 2nd Chance Indiana now. There are a number of choices that are all secure and safe. By sending your fully tax deductible gift* now we can have a greater impact meeting needs in our community.
Many, many thanks!

 *Unite Indy, Inc. dba 2nd Chance Indiana is approved under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) as a Public Charity, donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.
Corporate Partners
A big Thank YOU to our Corporate Partners for their unwavering support which makes it possible for us to provide our services at no charge to job applicants and employers!

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