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November 2,  2017

"How far you go in life depends 
on your being tender with the young, 
compassionate with the aged, 
sympathetic with the striving and 
tolerant of the weak and strong. 
Because someday in your life you will have been all of these." 
George Washington Carver   
Each year CHC provides training and consulting to hundreds of agencies, their staff of nurses, therapists, personal care providers, and aides as well as to family and other caregivers who provide in-home services to the infirm, chronically ill and disabled  to improve care, quality and safety.
Emergency Preparedness
Online / Web conference
2 CEUs

Tuesday, 12/5, 9am - 11 am
(All agency types)

New emergency preparedness Conditions of Participation will take effect November 15, 2017. Join Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN in this 2-hour interactive, online workshop for an overview of key fundamentals of the new rules.

Workshop Content
This web conference allows participation on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.   The curriculum includes:

Four broad standards of the new rule
Policies & procedures + training program & drills
Coordination with other healthcare facilities  
Coordination with the Community as a whole
Questions & Answers
Evaluation, Competency Exam

Workshop Objectives
You will learn the skills necessary to show a clear understanding and appropriate application of the new Standards. After this course, you will be able to:
* Identify four key emergency preparedness standards in an overall program.
* Locate and review key websites constantly updated by CMS with details for implementation.
* Identify waivers to other regulations and standards during emergencies.
* Discuss how you will coordinate with other healthcare facilities, as well as the whole community.
* Learn about your communication plan that complies with federal and state laws and loops in other area providers.
* Understand the requirements and format for the HCA annual review of the overall Program.

CDPHE-approved Basic 8-hour Administrator Training for  A ll agency types
 with Connie McWilliams, MBA, CHC president with 20 years experienced owner and operator of an accredited Medicare-certified agency.
November 7 & 8 -  10 am to 3 pm - Lunch included
(register for one or both days)

CDPHE-approved 8-hour, 2-day course on the fundamentals of home care management and compliance. This Overview covers Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations Pertaining to the Operation of a Home Care
Agency (all types), industry statistics, agency licensure classifications, operating types, consumer rights, limitations of personal care, governing body, complaints, incidents, occurrences, policies & procedure, relevant Federal laws, quality management program development and more! This 2-day course provides  compliance with both  Annual Training and Initial Training   required  of all Administrators, Managers & alternates.

HCBS or IHSS Home Care: The Standards & Ongoing Compliance Assessment
11/2 - IHSS - 9 am - 11 am  
11/9 - HCBS - 9am - 11 am

Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Standards in day-to-day operations of an HCBS-certified non-medical home care agency as well as how to assess & monitor compliance on an ongoing basis to avoid common pitfalls. IHSS includes health maintenance activities, support for activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living, personal care service and homemaker services. Additionally, the core independent living skills will be provided.Contact presenter Laura Neill, former CDPHE Surveyor and Case Manager (

Non-medical Management & Supervisor
Training Parts I & II 
Part 1:  11/16
Part 2:  11/30

These web conferences allow participation on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.   

Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply Licensure Standards as well as best practices in managing your QMP.  

Understand the distinction between non-medical and skilled requirements as written in Licensure standards.
Explain pertinent federal, state and local regulations.
Describe the admission and discharge processes and appropriate explanations to clients at start of care.
Demonstrate which items from Part 6 will necessarily be included in any basic state survey and how to ensure your organization's survey readiness.
Understand common survey citations in Non-Medical environments.
Comprehend differences and similarities in the application of Part 6 standards to both skilled and non-medical home care organizations.

Presenter is Laura Neill (, former CDPHE Surveyor and Case Manager.

Policy, Procedure & Personnel 
( All agency types), Wednesday, November 29, 9 am - 11 am web conference.
Join Connie McWilliams for Basic Administrator Training Part IV for all agency types in a review of Personnel Records, Personnel qualifications, experience, competency and evaluation + Staffing methodologies and oversight of scheduling + Staff training and supervision

This web conference allows participation on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.   

Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply Licensure Standards in policy development, review and approval relative to Personnel to learn to:

Describe implications of personnel policies on daily duties, 
Define Policy components for organizational structure, oversight, qualifications, competency, staffing, missed visits,
Discuss surveyor probes used to ascertain agency compliance with personnel standards or regulations,
Evaluate agency policy content as a method for directing client activities as well as verifying compliance with regulations
And more!

Presenter Connie McWilliams, MBA is founder and president of CHC who presents Licensure Standards and shares her experiences and knowledge from 20 years of ownership and operating a company providing skilled, non-medical, adult day, outpatient rehab and transportation.

All Medicaid Providers to Update Your Information for the  Provider Search Tool    
The new Health First Colorado Provider Web Portal makes it easy to keep provider contact information up to date. Providers who want to make changes to their listing on the Department's provider search tool, which members use to find a provider, must make those changes through the provider portal.

For detailed instructions on how to make these updates, refer to this Quick Guide.
eLearn Courses 
2 CEUs
available 24/7
( A ll agency types)
CDPHE-approved Care about Care Coordination
- 2 CEUs -$99

CDPHE-approved Privacy & Confidentiality: Why Home Care should care about HIPAA-2 CEUs-$99

These eLearn courses are available 24/7 and offers clear learner progress indicators and unlimited replays of course material. Resume learning exactly where you left off, on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.  

Consulting CEUs

Agency-centered Training
CEU Consulting 
4 CEUs and up

  • Quality Management Program
  • Complaint, Incident, Occurrence, Grievance Log
  • Provision of Skilled Care & Services
  • Annual Evaluation
Mini-mock survey followed by training you and your staff on the results of the mini-mock survey.  Educate your staff using real-time data from your organization!
Online Tuesdays  

Web training online 9 am - 11 am
2 CEUs

These web conferences allow participation on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.   The programs include:

11/7 Agency Oversight & Operations 
11/14 Quality Management Program
11/21 Complaint & Incident Processing Part 1
11/28 Complaint & Incident Processing Part 2
12/5 Emergency Preparedness 2017 Standards
12/12 Understanding the Survey Process
12/19 The Provision of Skilled Care & Services ( Skilled HCAs only)
12/26 Agency Oversight & Operations (
Skilled HCAs only)

Instructor is Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN and former CDPHE Surveyor.

Please pass along this URGENT MESSAGE:   CHP+    
Congress has not reauthorized federal funding for the CHP+ program. Unless Congress acts to restore federal funding, CHP+ in Colorado will end January 31, 2018.

What we (HCPF) need from you now: Beginning November 1, we ask that you utilize your existing communication vehicles, such as email and newsletters, to share the message below* with your staff.

We are working with partners across the state to disseminate this information including, Counties, PE, CAAS and MA eligibility sites, Family Health Coordinators, CHP+ health plans, and Connect for Health Colorado. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with this important information about the future of CHP+.

Unless Congress acts to restore federal funding, CHP+ in Colorado will end January 31, 2018.

HCPF has made available resources to help you answer questions from CHP+ applicants and members. 

The Department will update its website page regularly and post a recorded webinar in late November. 

Visit and click the Eligibility Partner button.

Thank you for your help in communicating this important information to our CHP+ members and applicants.