June 2023

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Message from NETS' Executive Director,
Susan Hipp

I have a question for you. What are you doing right now as you read this newsletter? (And please don't say driving!!) Are you sitting at your desk taking a break from emails, or are you checking emails while also reading this? Are you sitting at your kitchen table drinking your morning coffee, corralling your kids for their summer camp, and reading this? Are you listening to a book on tape at the same time you're reading this? Or are you focusing entirely on this newsletter, reading, taking it in and actually paying attention to the content?

My guess is very few of you would answer the latter ─ that you are simply doing one task and only reading this article.

We talk a lot about distracted driving and how any activity outside of driving causes distractions whether that's eating, manipulating your infotainment system, or talking/texting. We also talk about the reasons for distraction ─ addiction to our devices, habit, or lack of education/awareness.

I had a conversation recently with someone about another reason for distraction, it's not one we talk about as often. And that is the "busy-ness" of life, the need to always be doing more, faster, to never be idle, especially when it comes to our work life. We are so accessible we forget how to unplug and how to not respond to that email within 29.6 seconds. We have erroneously learned that driving time is "down time" and that it's ok to multitask while driving because we have to hustle and get everything done. We have learned we have to maximize our time. We think we're good at multitasking, even though we're not.

How do we change that behavior and unlearn the need to multitask?

At both of NETS upcoming conferences (the annual Strength IN Numbers Benchmark Conference as well as the Paris EMEA Regional Conference) we will have Keynote Speakers helping us look at driver behavior and how we can make positive changes to improve fleet safety.

If you haven't already, I invite you to register for one or both conferences and come learn more about how you can change the behavior of your drivers ─ and perhaps your own as well!

More information is coming soon announcing our keynote speakers and agenda lineup. Both conferences are a fantastic way not only to network with others, but to learn from industry experts about the latest trends and research in road safety.

So I give you permission to stop multitasking and put down that cup of coffee, look away from the emails, let the kids corral themselves and take a moment to go register.

Drive Safe!
Susan Hipp
Executive Director, NETS
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We are pleased to introduce the NETS Road Safety Achievement Award which will be awarded to NETS member company employee(s) for advancing road safety. Nominations must be submitted using the award submission form by September 1, 2023.
NETS is proud to partner with the following PLATINUM Fleet Safety Sponsors:

Volvo Cars is a multinational passenger car manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first Volvo car rolled off the Gothenburg production line in Sweden in 1927. Since then, Volvo Car Group has been a world-leader in safety technology and innovation. From the very outset Volvo Cars has been a brand for people who care about the world and the people around us. We have made it our mission to make life easier, better and safer for everyone.

Volvo is behind some of the most important inventions and innovations in the history of car safety, and we are continuously improving your safety. Among those innovations are the three-point seat belt (1959); rearward facing child seat (1972) and the booster cushion (1978); side impact protection system (1991) and the side air-bag (1994); the blind spot information system, BLIS (1994) and many more safety innovations.

Today, Volvo is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world with sales in more than 100 countries. Volvo’s goal is that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. An important step in that direction is the introduction of LIDAR in our new fully electric flagship SUV, the Volvo EX90.

CEI is North America’s largest provider of fully integrated fleet accident management, fleet safety and fleet risk management services.

As a top fleet management services company, CEI is committed to providing the most effective, efficient and user-friendly services for preventing fleet accidents and handling the results of those accidents that still occur. That means an on-going commitment to maintaining the highest-quality and experienced staff, continuing investment in the latest technology, and partnering with our customers to seek constant improvement in their fleet driver management.

eDriving, a Solera company, helps organizations around the world to reduce incidents, collisions, injuries, license violations, carbon emissions, and total cost of fleet ownership through its patented digital driver risk management programs.

At its heart is the Mentor by eDrivingSM smartphone app that identifies risky driving behaviors for intervention and safe driving habits for recognition. In-app features include micro-training and coaching, gamification, collision reporting, vehicle inspections, and an individual FICO® Safe Driving Score validated to predict the likelihood of being involved in a collision. Mentor’s integrated automatic crash detection and Personal SOS features powered by Sfara and Bosch trigger a voice call and emergency support, as needed, from one of Bosch’s Global Call Centers supporting >50 countries. Through its five-stage, patented Crash-Free Culture® risk reduction methodology, eDriving helps organizations embrace safety and reduce risk for Sales, Service, Delivery and Warehouse drivers, all within a privacy-first, data-secure environment.

eDriving is the digital driver risk management partner of choice for many of the world’s largest organizations, supporting over 1.2 million drivers in 125 countries. Over the past 25 years, eDriving’s research-validated programs have been recognized with over 100 awards around the world.

Lytx is the global leader in fleet management technologies. Our solutions harness the power of video to empower drivers and fleets to be safer and more efficient, productive, and profitable so they can thrive in today’s competitive environment. Through the Lytx platform, direct and reseller clients access our customizable services and programs spanning driver safety, risk detection, fleet tracking, compliance, preventative maintenance, and fuel management. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, along with proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, we help protect and connect thousands of fleets and 1.6 million drivers in more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information on Lytx video telematics systems, visit www.lytx.com@lytx on Twitter, LinkedIn, our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.
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NHTSA to Require Auto Emerg Braking on Heavy Trucks, Buses

The US government's traffic safety agency says it will require that heavy trucks and buses include potentially life-saving automatic emergency braking equipment within five years. Automatic braking systems in heavy vehicles would prevent nearly...

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Study Underestimates Side Underride Guards for Trucks

NHTSA should reconsider its dramatic underestimate of the number of lives that could be saved by requiring side underride guards for large trucks, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said in a recent regulatory comment.

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Caution: Where Are the Worst Roads in the U.S.?
Poorly maintained roads have become costly both for fleet owners and passenger cars. For example, San Francisco’s poor road conditions cost an average $1,049 per vehicle in maintenance and repair costs, which is the highest average repair cost in the country. In San Jose, you can expect to pay $983 more a year in repair costs per vehicle due to poor road conditions.

Asleep At the Wheel: Drivers Unaware of How Drowsy They Are

It’s something that most drivers experience but may not realize until it’s too late –feeling drowsy– which plays an underappreciated role in traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths. Although underreported in government statistics, previous research...

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Behind the Scenes at a Weigh Station
Motor Carrier Compliance Officer 3 Michael Coke checks tires as he performs a Level II inspection on a truck at a weigh station in Columbia County, Georgia.

Tips to Curtail the 5 Most Dangerous Driving Habits
Even the most professional driver can occasionally get lax and fall into bad driving behaviors. A driver scorecard typically reports on unsafe habits like the following. Remind your drivers to avoid these behaviors. It will go a long way toward keeping them safer on the road.

School Trips and Family Holidays

Many families find it harder to follow their usual road safety rules when travelling, at home and abroad, during the holidays. School trips and lifts with friends and relatives can pose unexpected challenges too. Follow these top tips.

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How Can Technology Help in Reducing Road Accidents?
Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. With new inventions, it has contributed greatly towards reducing road accidents in the present time.

High-Tech Pavement Markers Help Self-Driving Cars

ORNL researchers have enabled standard raised pavement markers to transmit GPS information that helps autonomous driving features function better in remote areas or in bad weather.

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The Safest SUVs for 2023
The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) made changes to its safety rating criteria for 2023 model-year vehicles. With the stricter criteria, only 17 crossovers and SUVs received IIHS's highest honors for 2023. Many were also given five-star crash-test ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Remember, active safety tech is designed to enhance driver safety awareness—not replace it.

Self-Driving Revolution Hampered by a Lack of Accurate Simulations of Human Behavior
Algorithms that accurately reflect the behavior of road users--vital for the safe roll out of driverless vehicles--are still not available, warn scientists. They say there is 'formidable complexity' in developing software that can predict the way people behave and interact on the roads, be they pedestrians, motorists or bike riders.

Drivers Hit and Killed More Than 7,500 Pedestrians Last Year, Most Since 1981, New Projection Shows
Drivers struck and killed at least 7,508 people walking in the United States in 2022 - the most pedestrian deaths since 1981 - according to a new report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

NSC on NHTSA Automatic Emergency Braking Req. for Vehicles

The proposed rule requires full collision avoidance at speeds up to 50 mph and sets pedestrian AEB performance standards in all lighting conditions at speeds up to 37 mph.

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ESG Is Now Playing a Prominent Role in Fleet Strategy

In this interview, Bob White, president of Holman Fleet and Mobility, talks about trends he's seeing in fleet ESG and provides tips for fleet managers starting their ESG journey.

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Landmark Road Safety Summit to Combat Crash Deaths Worldwide

Heads of National Road Safety Agencies from around 100 countries will come together for the first time this week for a global road safety summit to tackle the scourge of road crash deaths and injuries worldwide. Road crashes...

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Poland Halves Traffic Deaths and Wins Intl Road Safety Award

Poland has cut road deaths by 47% in the last decade – far exceeding the EU average of 22%. In recognition of the major improvement, it was awarded the Road Safety Award by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) this year.

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A New EU Project Is on the Horizon: Meet ELABORATOR!

How to design sustainable urban mobility in a way that is also inclusive, safe, and affordable, paving the way for climate-neutral cities? ELABORATOR has got it covered and iRAP and the European Institute of Road Assessment (EIRA) are proud to...

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New Steps Towards Safer Roads For Motorcyclists

With 28% of the global fatalities being riders or passengers on motorcycles, road safety for motorcyclists is an important issue. A global working group of 15 experts collected all available information on infrastructure that is safe for...

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4th of July | Traffic Safety Marketing

We love to celebrate the 4th of July with family, friends, food, and fireworks. Yet, all too often the festivities turn tragic on our nation's roads. This American holiday is also one of the deadliest holidays of the year due to impaired-driving...

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July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month
To help protect your vehicle, NHTSA is teaming up with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to provide information about vehicle security. Review these statistics on vehicle theft in the United States and NHTSA’s tips on keeping your vehicle safe.

Vehicle Theft Facts and Figures:

  • More than 1,000,000 motor vehicles were stolen in 2022, with more than 250,000 reported to law enforcement during the fourth quarter alone. This is a 25% increase in vehicle theft totals over the past few years.
  • Historically, passenger cars made up approximately 74% of all stolen motor vehicles.
  • A motor vehicle is stolen every 32 seconds in the United States.
  • In 2022, thieves stole more than $8 billion in motor vehicle value.

Registration: GHSA Annual Meeting

August 12-16, 2023 | New York, NY - This year’s theme, “Connecting Communities: Putting Vision Zero into Action,” affirms the importance of involving communities of all sizes in implementing proven and innovative solutions for preventing crashes.

Read more
Registration: NSC Safety Congress & Expo

October 2023 | New Orleans, LA
Professional Development Seminars: October 20-22 and 25-26
Congress & Expo: October 23-25

Registration: Fleet Safety Conference

November 8-10, 2023 | Santa Clara, CA - The Fleet Safety Conference will deliver cutting-edge education from experts in safety with the goal to create safer fleets. Attendees will also experience new safety technologies behind the wheel and through hands-on demos.

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