June 2021

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Message from NETS' Executive Director, Joe McKillips
Well, here we are – mid-year already and what a year it has been so far! I have personally talked to many NETS members over the past several months and have been inspired by everyone’s resilience and optimism as we begin to emerge from the COVID pandemic and return to a sense of normal.
Here within NETS we have exciting news to share announcing the addition of State Farm to the NETS Board of Directors. This is a notable development and one which will further strengthen NETS mission of reducing risk and saving lives on the nation’s and global roadways. State Farm is a well-recognized brand that has a long history as a safety pioneer through their efforts to protect customers and communities from the risks of everyday life at home and on the road.
Speaking of NETS Board of Directors, one of the key aspects the Board brings to the organization is the planning and shaping of the agenda for our highly regarded annual Strength IN Numbers ® Benchmark Conference. As many of you know, this year we are planning TWO conference events – the Latin America Regional Conference September 21-22nd, followed by the annual conference October 19-21st. Behind the scenes planning for both of these events is moving along nicely with keynote speakers, as well as several plenary and sponsor-supported speakers, to be announced shortly. 
One of the core themes we will be highlighting during our conference events is the critical role leadership plays in helping to SUPPORT and SUSTAIN road safety performance within organizations. Attendees can expect to hear several presentations reinforcing this important road safety theme. Reflections on how company leaders have navigated the challenges of COVID with their drivers will also be a highlight of the conference.  
In addition, senior leaders from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have also been confirmed to present at the annual conference. Registration is open now and I encourage you and your fellow colleagues to lock in your spot at this once a year “can’t miss” event dedicated exclusively to road safety.
On a final note, NETS will once again be pulling together several industry sectors to share their best practices and road safety SOLUTIONS as an opportunity to learn about sector-specific road safety perspectives relevant to ALL employer fleets from industry leaders. Sector meetings are expected to take place the week of October 25th representing Agriculture, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), Insurance, and Utility. Stay tuned for further details and session agendas in the coming weeks.
Thanks again for the time and effort put forth with your road safety endeavors and I wish everyone safe and enjoyable summer months ahead.
NETS 2021
Strength IN Numbers Benchmark and
LATAM Regional Satellite Conferences
Announcing two great conferences, now more accessible to everyone in a virtual environment!
*Agenda and Speaker Details Coming Soon*
NETS 2nd Latin America (LATAM) Regional Road Safety conference represents a valuable opportunity to learn about the variety of road safety initiatives and challenges specific to the LATAM region.
Join us VIRTUALLY to share and learn about best practices and solutions across industries with other fleet safety managers who face similar challenges.
NETS annual STRENGTH IN NUMBERS® Benchmark Conference convenes each year to bring together Global, Corporate, Government, and Non-profit employers. Conference participants include NETS member companies from diverse industries, representing a collective global fleet of more than half-a-million vehicles, ~80% passenger vehicles, that travel nearly 11 billion miles annually.

NETS Member Promotion
Current NETS member companies are encouraged to invite non-members to attend either conference. If the non-member company joins NETS, BOTH companies will receive ONE complimentary conference registration for either conference! 
Multiple Registrant Promotion
Organizations with 4 registered participants will receive complimentary registration for all additional attendees. Encourage your colleagues to attend!
For more information about NETS membership, please visit our membership page: Membership Information – Network of Employers for Traffic Safety
Contact Susan Gillies, NETS Marketing and Operations Director, for details.

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eDriving is the digital driver risk management partner of choice for many of the world’s largest organizations, supporting over 1,000,000 drivers in 96 countries. Over the past 25 years, eDriving’s research-validated programs have been recognized with over 100 awards around the world.

Mobile device distractions put employees in danger and companies at risk. So why would anyone settle for safety measures that simply report what went wrong, or only work when people remember to turn them on? TRUCE Software automatically suspends distracting mobile apps and functions depending on what your employee is doing, where they are working or even the workgroup they are part of. You define the policy and TRUCE ensures compliance when and where it’s needed. Supporting more than 100,000 subscribers and some of the largest brands worldwide, our patented technology is making workplaces everywhere safer.
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NSC Urges Drivers to be Safe Over Independence Day Weekend

With Independence Day marking another one of the most dangerous driving periods of the year, the National Safety Council is urging roadway users to exercise extra precaution this upcoming weekend. With July 4, 2021, falling on a...

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Crash Rates Jump in Wake of Marijuana Legalization

New research from IIHS and HLDI confirms the trend, but a separate study of injured drivers found no increase in crash risk from the drug except when combined with alcohol. June 17, 2021 More evidence is emerging that crash rates go up when...

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Protect Your Fleet from Staged Accidents

Fraudulent automobile accidents - also known as staged accidents - commonly occur on U.S. roadways, and criminals often target commercial vehicles because they tend to be well insured, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). It's ...

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Sleep Disorder Caused by Shift Work May Increase Crash Risk

Several recent studies have highlighted the long-term health risks associated with shift work -- especially overnight shifts. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia explored shift work sleep disorder, which is when shift...

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7 Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

Fleet safety is a hot topic--for good reason. For fleet managers, accidents can turn into million-dollar losses that have the potential to threaten their organization's bottom line and permanently damage its reputation. On the other hand, stellar ...

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Drivers in the Pandemic Have Gotten More Reckless

When the coronavirus pandemic shut down the country last year, highways emptied out as many people holed up at home. But those who got behind the wheel engaged in riskier behavior, leading to the deadliest year for US traffic crashes in...

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Advocates Push for Technology That Prevents Hot Car Deaths

Temperatures are rising across the U.S., which means the threat of children dying after being left in hot cars are again creeping up on parents across the nation. “As scorching heat expands across the United States during the summer months...

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NHTSA Videos Educates Drivers on New Car Safety Features

The U.S. Department of Transportation today launched a new series of safety videos featuring Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained, demonstrating for he public the potential lifesaving benefits of several advanced driver assistance systems...

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EV Vehicle Accessibility by State

The US Electric Vehicle Accessibility Index is a national ranking evaluating states on how accessible their electric vehicles are to consumers. The index evaluates each state's regulations for direct-to-consumer sales and the...

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Early Estimates of 2020 Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities

While Americans drove less in 2020 due to the pandemic, NHTSA’s early estimates show that an estimated 38,680 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes—the largest projected number of fatalities since 2007. This represents an increase of...

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Traffic Crash Fatalities Disproportionately Affect BIPOC

GHSA's new report, An Analysis of Traffic Fatalities by Race and Ethnicity , analyzed data for the five-year period 2015-2019 and found that traffic crash fatalities disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

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Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety Annual Report 2020

The road safety NGO community, represented by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (the Alliance), is a powerful voice for civil society in 93 countries around the world. Increasingly, NGOs are becoming recognized among serious stake...

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Crash Tests Show Modest Speed Increases Can Be Deadly

A series of crash tests by IIHS and partners shows that impact speeds of 50 mph or 56 mph are far more likely to lead to injury or death than 40 mph impacts. Drivers want to save time, and local transportation agencies want to...

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Vision Zero and the Race to Reduce Road Deaths

There's a lot more to the concept of Vision Zero than "just" drastically reducing road deaths. Intertraffic spoke with Peter van der Knaap of SWOV, European Cyclists Federation Alexander Buczyński, Rafaela Machado of IRAP, Porte Alegre of Machado ...

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EU Road Deaths Down by 3900 in 2020

There were around 3900 fewer road deaths in the European Union in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to a new report by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) published today. The unprecedented 17% annual reduction in deaths...

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Higher Car Use Expected After Pandemic

The pandemic is accelerating mobility megatrends away from the 'one person, one car' paradigm. That's the accepted wisdom. However, a survey by CarNext reveals the opposite: 84% now consider the car their main mode of transport, up from 64%...

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#SaferCarsForIndia Crash Test: Renault Tiber

The Renault Triber has achieved an encouraging four star rating for adult occupants and three stars for child occupants in Global NCAP’s latest round of #SaferCarsForIndia crash tests. Renault’s new compact crossover was tested in its most basic...

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8th Annual Distracted Driving Summit: Drive Smart Virginia

This Summit will bring together industry leaders, scientists, educators, safety professionals, and law enforcement to share ideas, gather information, learn about best practices and forge solutions for distracted driving.

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July is National
Theft Prevention Month
Motor vehicles are the primary mode of transportation for most of us, and often, an indispensable part of our lives. But what would happen if yours suddenly disappeared? Vehicle theft is a very expensive crime, with the cost of stolen vehicles pegged at more than $5.9 billion.
  • There were 721,885 motor vehicles stolen in 2019.
  • Only 56.1% of all stolen motor vehicles were recovered.
  • Of all motor vehicles stolen, 74.5% were passenger vehicles.
For safety tools to educate your community on the dangers of vehicle theft and how to keep themselves safe, go to: Vehicle Theft Prevention
4th of July: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

We love to celebrate the 4th of July with family, friends, food, and fireworks. Yet, all too often the festivities turn tragic on our nation's roads. This American holiday is also one of the deadliest holidays of the year due to impaired-driving crashes.
For awareness materials from NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Marketing, go to:
Do you have a particularly successful road safety example to share? NETS Members are encouraged to share best practices, ask questions or contribute their expertise to the NETS Road Safety Leaders Forum, an online discussion forum exclusively for NETS Members and Sponsors. Not yet a member? Check out the benefits at https://trafficsafety.org/membership-info/
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