October 2022
Fall Cohorts - Still Time to Register!
School commitments are secured by clicking on the training name in the NDMTSS Roadmap and completing the attached Memorandum of Understanding for the appropriate training – and sending to our NDMTSS staff as indicated. *Note - some are closed for registration.
Don't delay any longer - sign up your team to partake in Cohorts kicking off this Fall!
Although some virtual kick-offs have already taken place, we still are welcoming teams to register for cohorts that have initial in-person sessions starting at the end of October or in November. Take a peek below and make sure to reach out with any questions:



Tier 3 support not on Roadmap:
In the works... details coming soon!
Last Fall, we brought you Assessing to Inform Phase 1 - Putting your Data to Work for You! With great attendance and want for MORE, the NDMTSS Team is currently working on bringing you PHASE TWO - DIAGNOSTICS! The goal is to offer sessions for Fastbridge, aimsweb, NWEA, Renaissance STAR, Easy CBM, and ACT.
Stay tuned and watch for a special announcement email coming soon with dates and links to register!

Need to get caught up and watch Phase 1? - Recordings and materials are available to ND educators on the NDREA website: https://www.ndrea.org/index.php?id=138.
What's coming in 2023?
Spring Foundations of Reading Cohort

FIVE locations available to attend
Bismarck, Devils Lake, Fargo,
Minot, and Williston

This three-part learning series is designed to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address a variety of students' needs in reading.

Training is aimed at K-5 educators and does align with the ND Science of Reading to meet the requirements of House Bill 1388 (15.1-21-12.1).

Take a peek at some outcomes below from Session 3 of our Summer cohort which included 300 registered participants. Data below shows responses from 252 of those who attended training! AMAZING turnout and you can see some impactful changes in educators when working at the CLASS-WIDE, SMALL GROUP, and INDIVIDUAL levels!
Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation (TATE)

The TATE was developed to measure the technical adequacy (quality) of completed FBA/BIPs. It can provide scores and patterns that help. Identify specific FBA/BIP areas needing improvement. Essential components of adequate FBA/BIPs are presented along with the rationale for including each. This session is intended for educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPs or who are supervising educators who implement FBA/BIPs.

MEASURE quality of completed FBA/BIPs
IDENTIFY specific areas for FBA/BIP improvement

Virtual Series (2 Total Sessions | 1 Recorded & 1 Live)
  • 2-Hour Online Recorded Content Review
  • Live Virtual Session
Supporting Secondary Struggling Readers

FIVE locations available to attend
Bismarck, Fargo, Jamestown
Minot, and Williston

Participants in this two-day course will learn how to assist struggling readers at the secondary level through concentrating on 3 essential elements:
- Curriculum - what we teach
- Instruction - how we teach
- Assessment - data needed to guide the process.

A large portion of the course will be designated to diagnosing student reading needs and how to match those needs with appropriate instructional strategies. 

Participants will be able to:
  • Identify how course content supports the application of an MTSS framework
  • Determine how to identify potential struggling readers within an early warning system
  • Establish assessments necessary to obtain diagnostic information critical to matching instructional needs.
  • Apply instructional strategies to meet student needs.

Some additional resources...

Kognito’s At-Risk simulation experience allows users to interact with fully animated at-risk students or their parents in robust conversation surrounding observable behaviors, indicators of risk, and referral procedures. Participants take on the role of a trusted adult or school personnel and can select dialogue options, utilize feedback from a virtual coach, and receive personalized performance summaries upon completion of the simulations.

All public, private and tribal school personnel in North Dakota have access to Kognito’s At-Risk Series for Mental Health Promotion, Early Identification, and Suicide Prevention at no cost.

To get started with Kognito:
Visit North Dakota’s landing page at northdakota.kognito.com.

"With a strong multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework in place, schools can get the majority of students meeting grade-level benchmarks quickly by focusing on core instruction.

This toolkit can help in creating a plan for using spring universal screening data to address widespread learning gaps this fall during Tier 1 instruction while reserving valuable resources for those who need them most.

It also includes worksheets, action steps, and other resources to help teams confidently make data-driven decisions about providing targeted support at the Tier 2 or 3 level for the students who have substantial academic and social-emotional behavior needs.

EmpowerU is a highly personalized, self-paced online program designed to be a Tier 2 support. By pairing interactive daily lessons with one-on-one support from online experts in adolescent mental health, EmpowerU equips students with the skills to build persistence, resilience, and success.

At the summation of the course, students re-engage with initial assessment to measure their progress. These assessments compare their achievements to the goals they set at the beginning of the course.

One North Dakota student wrote: “This course opened me up and taught me several different, healthy techniques. When I’m feeling anxious or stressed. It showed me how to use my inner coach more than my inner critic. I really enjoy this course. I appreciated all the feedback I got from the instructor. I also like all the relevant information I learned, and then I’ll continue to use the rest of my life.”

Jennifer Glasheen
South East Education Cooperative
Lyndsi Engstrom
Central Regional Education Association