April 2023

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This is a crazy time of year with so many things to celebrate in our schools and planning for next year is happening! We are excited to continue to support ND schools and leadership teams in developing their systems of support for ALL students and this newsletter is FULL of upcoming opportunities!


First, the 2023 NDMTSS Conference is OPEN for registration! This conference is planned with ND school needs in mind and what we hear from the teams we work with. Here are the top 5 things I am most excited about for this year’s conference:

  1. 4 National Leaders talking about Leadership, Successful Implementation, Science of Reading in Practice, Science of Math – Effective Instruction, Secrets to Creating Adult Buy-In
  2. 7 ND School-based Leadership Teams sharing their MTSS Journeys – Elementary, Middle, High Schools – Academics, Behavior, School Culture
  3. Special Topics: Administrator Role in Leading MTSS, High School MTSS, Math Intervention/SpringMath
  4. MTSS Foundations: Effective Instruction at Tier 1, Tier 2/3; Classwide Interventions; Standards Based Learning
  5. School Culture Training – DAY 3 – BRING A TEAM!!! How do classroom teachers create safe, predictable learning environments where kids are engaged, behaviors are positive and reinforced, lessons are relevant and connected to learning targets, and students are reflective about their learning? How could this change the culture in your school? GAME CHANGER full-day session!!!


Second, 23-24 NDMTSS Trainings & professional learning is ready to go! See the NDMTSS Roadmap, Science of Reading, and additional flyers to learn more!


Wishing everyone a wonderful end of the year!

The 2023 NDMTSS Conference registration is OPEN!

We have three packed days of learning and planning ready for you come June. Registration is open and Early Bird pricing runs through May 19 - so don't delay! Learn about our keynotes below or here and then dive into breakout topics/descriptions here.

Register for the 2023 NDMTSS Conference here!

Conference Keynotes

About Stephanie [Day 1 Keynote]

Dr. Stephanie Stollar is the founder of Stephanie Stollar Consulting, LLC, the creator of The Reading Science Academy, and the former Vice President for Professional Learning at Acadience Learning Inc. She is a part-time assistant professor in the online Reading Science Program at Mount St. Joseph University, and a founding member of a national alliance for supporting reading science in higher education. Dr. Stollar has worked as an educational consultant, school psychologist, and as an assistant professor in the school psychology program at The University of South Florida. She has provided professional development for teachers for the past 25 years. She has conducted research in the areas of assessment, early intervention, and collaborative problem solving. As a member of the board for the Innovations in Education Consortium, she collaboratively plans the annual MTSS Innovations in Education Conference.

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About Amanda [Day 1 Keynote]

Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden is a policy adviser and thought leader who actively conducts research focused on improving learning outcomes for students. She has served as a standing panel member for NIH, IES at the U.S. Department of Education, an adviser and reviewer for NCII, USAID, the IRIS center, the Dyslexia Foundation, and numerous state departments of education. Dr. VanDerHeyden has authored a number of policy guides and position statements, and delivered testimony on the use of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) MTSS and Response to Intervention (RTI) to identify students for special education. She is credited with developing models of academic screening that are widely used in schools, conducting innovative research in mathematics screening and progress monitoring using mastery measurement, and the creation of SpringMath. Dr. VanDerHeyden is President of Education Research & Consulting in Fairhope, Alabama, and has a faculty affiliation with the Wheelock College of Education at Boston University. 

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About Judy [Day 2 Keynote]

Dr. Judy Elliott is the former Chief Academic Officer of the Los Angeles Unified School District where she was responsible for curriculum and instruction early childhood through adult education, professional development, innovation, accountability and assessment, and programs for all students including English language learners, Standard English learners, students with disabilities, and gifted.

Before that she was the Chief of Teaching and Learning in the Portland Oregon Public Schools; and prior to that an Assistant Superintendent of Long Beach Unified School District in CA. Judy also was a Senior Researcher at the National Center on Educational Outcomes at the University of Minnesota. She started her career as a classroom teacher and then school psychologist.

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About Cory [Day 2]

Dr. Cory Notestine spent 14 years working in rural and urban school settings across North Carolina and Colorado as a school counselor and district administrator. He was twice recognized as an ASCA RAMP recipient, and he was honored as the 2012 NC School Counselor of the Year, and 2015 CO School Counselor of the Year, as well as the 2015 National School Counselor of the Year. Over 7 years, he successfully led district-wide SEL curriculum adoption and implementation; redesigned and integrated MTSS teaming, protocols, and service delivery; created a behavioral matrix that was student-centered and restorative in nature; and integrated a behavioral health model for education as the Executive Director of Student Success and Wellness for the Colorado Springs School District. Cory currently serves as the Director of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Solutions and Implementation Specialist at CharacterStrong. 

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School Culture Training by CharacterStrong

Register for School Culture Training (NDMTSS Conference Day 3)
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NDMTSS: Continuous Improvement

Driven by Data and Science

NDMTSS is a framework to provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally in school. NDMTSS focuses on providing high-quality instruction and intervention matched to student need, monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction or goals. Data is used to allocate resources to improve student learning and support staff implementation of effective practices.

NDMTSS Essential Components Summary

Planning for 2023-2024 is underway!

Click here to see the Roadmap!

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NDMTSS Rundown

Brief yet exciting recaps of our PD Trainings that happened around our region!

75.0% of participants indicated the presenter being "very effective" or "effective" in their delivery of the training. The same percentage of participants felt that the information provided was "valuable" or "very valuable" to them in their position/role. 62.5% reported at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge, and 56.3% in their skills as a result of this session.

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100% of respondents indicated the presenter was "very effective" or "effective" in their delivery. 91.7% of participants indicated the content being "very valuable" or "valuable" to them in their position/role. 75.0% reported at least "moderate" increases in their knowledge and 83.3% in their skills.

"All of this has been very helpful to someone new to teaching Emotional Disturbance or Other Health Impaired with BIP's and FBA's."

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93.8% of respondents indicated the presented being "very effective" or "effective" in their delivery. The same percentage indicated the content being "very valuable" or "valuable" to them in their position/role. 92.3% reported at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge and 90.8% in their skills.

"Love that everything is put into REAL CLASSROOM situations. Instructor is well aware what a classroom looks like, sounds like, and is helpful. Nice to have an instructor that understands the kids are not all engaged and behaved in the actual classroom."

(Center-Stanton Public School)

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Prior to and after the training, participants were polled on 9 items related to the 5 big ideas of reading. After the training, percentages increased across all 9 items, with all items at 70% or more, a significant increase from the initial polling.

"This was amazing. This is one of the best conferences I've ever been to. And 'the why' is so important. I'm in grad school for Ed Leadership, and this is such an amazing experience coupling it all together."

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100% of respondents indicated the presenter being "very effective" or "effective" in their delivery. 100% of respondents also indicated the content as "valuable" or "very valuable" to them in their position/role. 75% reported at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge and skills. 100% of respondents indicated that what they learned would have at least a "moderate" impact on those they serve.

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Upcoming Trainings

Foundations of Reading Instruction & Intervention

This three-part professional learning series is designed to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address a variety of students' needs in reading.

Day 1 will be August 8th, 2023 or September 18th, 2023*

Day 2 will be October 19th, 2023 or November 6th, 2023*

Day 3 will on January 22nd, 2024.

*Day 1 & 2 dates vary by location.

This training is aligned to the Science of Reading and will be led by consultant Shannon Harken.

See the flyer!

Supporting Secondary Struggling Readers

This two-part professional learning series is designed to provide secondary educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to respond to student reading needs by matching to appropriate instructional strategies at the secondary level.

Session 1 will be November 7th, 2023

Session 2 will be January 23rd, 2024

This training is aligned to the Science of Reading and is a companion to the NDMTSS: Foundations of Reading Instruction and Intervention learning series. It will be led by consultant Shannon Harken.

See the flyer!
Some additional resources...

Assessing to Inform

Phases 1-3 of NDREA's Assessing to Inform series are all available online for FREE to ND educators! Learn guidelines and tips for interpreting

Phase 1: Benchmark Assessments,

Phase 2: Diagnostic Assessments,

& Phase 3: Progress Monitoring

data at the student, classroom, school, district, and national levels.

The series encompasses: Assessment Overview, aimsweb Plus, FastBridge, Renaissance STAR, NWEA, and ACT & WorkKeys.

View recordings and resources here!

NDSoR Training Options

Asynchronous Courses

A Shared Responsibility

Audience: K-3 educators who DO NOT teach reading directly (Art, PE, Library, Music, etc.)

Learn more and register!

Hybrid Courses

Leading for Literacy Impact

Districts and school-level instructional leaders will be provided with the scientifically based knowledge and tools needed to close the research-to-practice gap. Learn more and register!

Reaching All Learners: Community of Practice (Spring 2023)

This course is designed for educators who are committed to find best practices for language and literacy instruction in the classroom. Learn more and register!

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