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You may have noticed that the communities our District serves are growing. One goal I have this summer is to travel around the District and meet with as many community members as possible in our growing communities whether you have been in the District for years or days. Nothing beats face-to-face interactions to build community. Look for more information this summer about the neighborhoods I will be visiting through NCSD messages and social media posts. Our District includes the word community in our name intentionally. We are a public school system that serves the needs of our broad and diverse community. Stop by a neighborhood meeting, get a free frozen treat and share your thoughts about what our District is doing well and what we can do to improve. 

Another great opportunity to connect with neighbors in Norwalk is by participating in Front Porch on June 8, July 13, and August 10 from 6-8 pm. I encourage everyone to get out and connect with your neighbors on these (and other) dates and help build a strong and connected community.

Our District’s theme for the year has been Unity - We Are Stronger Together. Thank you to everyone who has lived out this theme this year.  

Yours in service,

D.T. Magee


Summer Camps Available!

Norwalk Summer Activity Camps are now LIVE! Summer camps directly support our athletic and activity programs and have a tendency to fill up fast so don't wait!

NHS State Qualifiers & Finishers

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Warrior Summer


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Poster & Image Credits: Andy Kreider, Kreider Photography


2022-2023 NCSD Student Registration

is Now Available Online

By: Kate Baldwin, Executive Director of Admin Services

An annual registration must be completed for ALL students (returning and new). The deadline for Early Bird registration is 06-15-22 with payment to be made by 06-30-22. Parents can register students by clicking under “Enrollment”. Parents of students who are new to the district, click on the “New Families” page under “Enrollment”. Parents should register all students that will be returning in 22-23 by logging into their Parent Portal account. Maintaining current and accurate student records is essential to student safety and service.

NCSD Student Fee Payment System:

Revtrak Update

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Revtrak’s student fee payment system is now online. Below are the instructions to access and pay your student fees. There is also a video demo to walk you through the steps visually. 

Step 1) Go to to access the Norwalk portal. 

Step 2) Login using your current Revtrak account. Create an account if you’re a new user.

Step 3) Select the “Student Fee Payments” box. 

Step 4) On the left side toolbar select “Add student” NOTE: this step is only applicable for your first login. Once a student has been added to your account, you will skip this step. 

Step 5) Enter “Student ID” - To find a student ID number; go to the parent portal (from the Norwalk homepage), click on “Today” tab, student ID number will display immediately to the right of your student’s picture at the top of the screen. 

Step 6) Enter “PIN”. This will be the same number as your student ID. 

Step 7) Add fees to cart. 

Step 8) Make payment. 

To access the video walkthrough, click this link.  

After your student is linked to your account you will receive an email any time a new fee is added to your account. 

Friendly reminder, textbook rental fees must be paid by June 30, 2022 for the early bird discount. 

Any outstanding balances from Infinite Campus fees will be loaded into your Revtrak account as a lump sum. This process may take some time. You will be notified by email when fees post to your student’s account if they are not loaded at the initial link. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as the district moves to this new software. If you have any questions or concerns please email


It's a great time to be a part of our growing community at Norwalk Schools! If you enjoy working with children and like the idea of a flexible schedule, we invite you to check our open career opportunities at!


Digital Backpack - 

Summer Opportunities

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Looking for summer activities? Norwalk CSD Digital Backpack is our paperless approach to distributing information from school-sponsored activities, community opportunities and nonprofit organizations during the school year. Visit our website for more information! 

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Photos of the Month

NHS Commencement Ceremony at Warrior Stadium on Sunday, May 22

photos courtesy of the NHS Photography Program

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Upcoming Dates to Remember

June 15: Early Bird Registration Deadline

July 2022: No NCSD Newsletter - We will see you in August! 

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