February/March 2022
Childcare & Financial Insecurity
Facing Women Post Pandemic:
Concerns & Solutions
Thursday, February 17, 7 pm, Long Beach City College or Zoom
To attend via Zoom, click on this link on Thursday at 7 pm
If you missed the registration window to attend this program in person, AAUW Long Beach and NCJW - GLB & WOC invite you to join us on Zoom to hear our experts explore important questions:
  • How has the pandemic affected working women in Long Beach related to jobs lost and how local companies are assisting with childcare issues?
  • What does LBCC offer that can improve career options for affected women? Is the Child Development program being expanded to meet the needs of working women?
  • Can a Long Beach Commission on the Status of Women bring improvements in Pay Equity and meeting working women’s needs?
  • What can research from Orange County show us about the childcare needs of working women?

Outcomes from this presentation should address:
  • how we can be advocates for working women,
  • what role can NCJW and AAUW play in shaping legislation, and
  • what community volunteer opportunities might exist for us to fill.

Those attending in person will be required to wear a mask and show proof of vaccination.

Registration for the in-person program is now closed.
4th Thursday NCJW Movie Club
Thursday, February 24, and March 24, 7 pm, Zoom
February 24: In Rebecca Hall’s piercing drama Passing, Irene Redfield has a beautiful dream of a life. She also has a handsome husband who’s a doctor, a pair of well-behaved children, an elegant townhouse and a maid to help keep the domestic churn in check. She has good friends and meaningful charity work. Everything is as it should be, or so Irene believes. She doesn’t know that her idyll is as fragile as a soap bubble, and that this glistening, quivering fantasy she has created needs just one touch to vanish.

Set in the 1920s, Passing tells what happens to Irene when childhood friend Clare enters that dream, disturbing its peace and threatening its careful illusions. Clare "passes" as white and has married a prejudiced, wealthy white man.

March 24: Don't Look Up is both laugh-out-loud and disturbing. The 2021 apocalyptic black comedy stars an ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi, Cate Blanchett, and Meryl Streep. It tells the story of two astronomers attempting to warn humanity about an approaching comet that will destroy human civilization. The impact event is an allegory for climate change, and the film is a satire of government, political, and media indifference to the climate crisis. It warns us that while we may have the means, the smarts, and the technology to at least attempt to save the human race and the Earth itself, it's our worst instincts that are going to do us in.

Upcoming Kindergarten Festival Needs You!
Saturday, March 5, 8:30 am to noon
Burcham Elementary School
It is thrilling to be able to be in person again after being virtual last year so that we can help these young students entering TK/Kindergarten next fall and their parents receive important district information, participate in readiness workshops, and learn about resources from a variety of community agencies. NCJW volunteers arrive at 8:30 am and most finish by 11 am. You’ll be glad you helped with this mitzvah for young children from typically underserved areas of Long Beach. 
10 NCJW vaccinated volunteers needed!

Burcham Elementary School
5610 E. Monlaco Rd, Long Beach, CA 90808

RSVP a must: communityservice@ncjwlongbeach.org or call (657) 235-2511.
Join Us for HugPacks Packing
Thursday, March 10, 6 pm,
Alpert JCC
NCJW – Greater Long Beach & West Orange County provides “hugpacks” for foster children in our community. The project, started 18 years ago, was so named because we would like to give each and every child entering the foster system a loving hug. Four times a year, 150 backpacks are provided to children from different grade levels, ranging from elementary through high school. 

HugPacks return on Thursday, March 10, 6-7:30 pm in the Alpert Jewish Community Center Auditorium to pack 150 backpacks for elementary students entering foster care. Vaccinated volunteers needed!

RSVP a must: communityservice@ncjwlongbeach.org or call (657) 235-2511.
Join Our Abortion Justice Working Group
For too long, the narrative in this country about abortion and religion belies the Jewish story: in Judaism, abortion is not only permitted, but sometimes required. National Council of Jewish Women, along with our allies and partners, has launched a new Jewish movement for abortion justice: 73Forward. Our section has begun to explore programming options for this campaign, and our Advocacy Committee would like to form a working group. 

If you’d like to help us plan educational programs, advocate for legislation, and/or mobilize organized actions in support of reproductive rights, health, and justice for all, please email advocacy@ncjwlongbeach.org. 

We’ll be scheduling our first working group meeting soon, and we’d love to have you join us in the fight! 
Mark Your Calendars...Save the Date
Thursday, March 3: Board meeting, 7 pm. RSVP for Zoom link; all members welcome!

Thursday, April 7: Board meeting, 7 pm. RSVP for Zoom link; all members welcome!

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Email us at info@ncjwlongbeach.org, call (657) 235-2511, or send mail to NCJW Greater Long Beach & West Orange County, 6216 E. Pacific Coast Highway, #239, Long Beach, CA 90803. Please add this contact information to your contacts list.