An Important Message for NCFlex Participants

April 2024

Tips on Safe Travel

Looking ahead to the summer months, review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) travel tips for staying safe and healthy on the go.

If you're traveling outside the United States, consider visiting or contacting your primary care physician (PCP) before departing for any relevant guidance. Don't forget your Flexible Spending Account may be used for doctor copays. Planning for possible illnesses and injuries during your trip may be the best travel plan that you make.

Your NCFlex Dental Plan includes emergency travel services, as do the NCFlex Accident and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)* Plans. If you have either the Core or Voluntary AD&D* Plan or the Accident Plan, you and your dependents also have access to Voya Travel Assistance. This offers emergency medical transport, medical assistance, travel assistance and security assistance services when you're traveling 100 miles or more from your primary residence. Be sure you have this information on hand during your upcoming vacations by printing the flyer here.

*Employees of the University of North Carolina System are not eligible for the NCFlex AD&D Plans. Please check with your employer on the benefits you are eligible for.” Underneath that section.  

How to File an Accident Claim

Life can be busy making it easy to forget the benefits we pay for. If you have the NCFlex Accident Plan — different from the Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan — you can file a claim if you or your covered family member experience a qualifying accident and seek medical attention.

Consider if you have had a situation that may have qualified for a claim such as a bug bite that you went to your PCP for, a sprained ankle, a fracture, a laceration, a burn or emergency dental work resulting from an accident. You can view plan details and watch our recent employee webinar to learn more. You may be owed a benefit payout to use for anything you'd like, not just medical bills*. This plan covers accidents on or off the job.

Learn how to file a claim through formless claims submission. When visiting a medical provider, remember to ask for a summary of your visit or similar documentation. You'll need this documentation to file a claim. This plan also includes a wellness benefit payable once per year per covered person.

*Be sure to always file your health insurance when you seek medical attention. The Accident Plan is not health insurance. It is a supplemental benefit paid directly to you for a qualifying claim.

Upcoming NCFlex Webinar Opportunities

April Webinar:

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are a great way to make your money go further by utilizing pre-tax deductions on eligible expenses. Join us for a closer look at the Health Care FSA and Dependent Day Care FSA.

We'll discuss:

  • Eligible expenses for each account
  • Using the convenience card vs. filing manual claims
  • Responding to requests from P&A Group
  • What happens when you separate from employment and more.
Thursday, April 18, 1 - 2 p.m.
Wednesday, April 24, 12 - 1 p.m.

May Webinar:

The NCFlex Voluntary Disability Plan through The Standard is offered to non-university employees*. This plan is a supplement to the TSERS Disability Income Plan of North Carolina (DIPNC). Join us to learn more about this benefit whether you're enrolled in this plan or may consider enrolling in the future.

We'll discuss:

  • Enrollment
  • How the plan works
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Filing claims
  • Reinstatement following a leave of absence
  • How the plan coordinates with the DIPNC and more.
Thursday, May 16, 1 - 2 p.m.
Wednesday, May 29, 12 - 1 p.m.

Consider inviting your spouse or family member who may help in making benefit decisions to these webinars too. Register with the buttons above or through our webinars page.

*University employees are offered a disability plan through their employer. Check with your HR department on benefits available to you.

MetLife's New Dental Cost Estimator

NCFlex Dental Plan participants now have access to the dental cost estimator available through MetLife. Whether you’re budgeting for a regular dental checkup, need a cavity filled, or a crown replaced, MetLife’s Dental Cost Estimator* tool makes planning your care and stretching your health care dollars simple.


MetLife’s Dental Cost Estimator* is:

  • PersonalizedThe tool takes your plan design into account — including in- and out-of-network coverage percentages, plan maximums, and applicable deductibles — to provide you with a customized estimate.
  • Practical: With the Dental Cost Estimator*, it’s easy to look up valuable plan information on the go, such as combined and maximum deductibles, frequency limits, and plan maximums.
  • Easy to use: Access the Dental Cost Estimator* via MyBenefits (enter NCFlex as the company name) or MetLife’s mobile app. With just a couple of clicks, you choose the procedure type and whether you’ll be visiting an in-network dentist. Then, the tool generates an estimate showing what’s covered and the amount, if any, you can anticipate paying out-of-pocket. You can also access your MetLife account when logged into eBenefits, by choosing “MetLife Dental” under “Quick Links”. Once logged into your account, choose “My Accounts” and “I want to…get a cost estimate”.


* This tool does not provide the payment information used by MetLife when processing your claims. Prior to receiving services, pretreatment estimates through your dentist will provide the most accurate fee and payment information. MetLife Online Services capabilities may vary by product and may not be available to all customers. Please contact your MetLife representative for more information.

Improve Your Health by Giving Back

Since April is Global Volunteer Month and National Volunteer Week is April 21-27, there's no better time to give back to your community. In addition to benefitting those in need, volunteering can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health as well. 

Research shows that volunteering can lead to higher levels of happiness, better cognitive function and lower blood pressure. In recognition of the State’s interest in supporting its employees who wish to volunteer in schools, communities, institutions of higher education, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations, and recognizing the commitment of state employees to engage in volunteer service, eligible state employees may be granted up to 24 hours of Community Service Leave (CSL) per calendar year. 

Prepare to reap the health benefits of volunteering by reviewing the State's CSL policy, and be sure to always receive the proper approval before signing out to volunteer. 

Prepare for Retirement No Matter Where You Are In Your Career

As an NCFlex-eligible employee, you're invited to enroll in a free, informative Retirewise workshop to learn more about saving for retirement directly from a financial planner.

When you attend a Retirewise workshop offered through MetLife, you can expect:

  • Objective information on a wide range of financial topics
  • Interactive exercises
  • Questions from your coworkers that may also apply to you
  • A resource book that's yours to keep
  • An opportunity for an optional personal consultation

There are two opportunities to attend the four-session workshop this spring. Please note that both workshops will cover the same material. If you're unable to attend a session in your workshop, you can register for both and join the same session during the other workshop. Review the dates and times of each workshop and register using the buttons below.

  • Meet Tuesdays, April 30 through May 21 from 1-2 p.m.
Register Now
  • Meet Fridays, May 3 through May 24 from 12 to 1 p.m.
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