Monthly Update

December 2023

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • December 4-7 @ 7:00PM: NBCP Virtual District Meetings

There are numerous New Brunswick Soil & Crop Improvement Association Inc. workshops and events posted within the Dates of Interest section, scheduled for January 1-March 31, 2024.

The New Brunswick Cattle Producers (NBCP) issue a monthly update to all members each month. This is comprised of industry news and updates, upcoming events, upcoming sales and relevant articles.

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Feature Program of the Month

Beef Herd Renewal and Improvement Program

Deadline: January 31, 2024

The objective of this program is to grow, renew and improve the New Brunswick beef cow herd. Assistance levels include Basic Herd Growth and Genomic Testing Premium.

Program Guidelines and Application form can be found here.

Applicants should discuss applications with Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries staff (Business Growth Officer, Development Officer or Specialist) before applying. Click here for a list of departmental contacts.

Industry News

District Meetings

The NBCP District Meetings will occur virtually via Zoom December 4th-7th at 7:00PM.

Update: There will now be an election held in District 3 to fill a one-year term. Therefore, elections will be held in Districts 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7. Simultaneous translation will be available for Meeting D (December 7th).

Register For District Meetings Here

Beef Producer of the Year Nominations

Brought to you by the Sussex & Studholm Co-op Country Store, each year the New Brunswick Cattle Producers select an outstanding farm to win the Producer of the Year award. The winners will take home a branded Producer of the Year jacket and plaque. To nominate an outstanding farm please complete the farm and return to the office by January 31st each year.

Please note: Both the nominator and nominee must be in good standing with the New Brunswick Cattle Producers.

Beef Producer of the Year Nomination Form

Beef Cattle Research Council: 2023 Canadian Cow-Calf Survey

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is asking all Canadian cow-calf producers to share insight into their on-farm management and production practices, which will help inform future beef research and extension strategies. 

The 2023 Canadian Cow-Calf Survey is an online questionnaire set up to collect data to help understand longer-term trends in production methods and efficiencies. Collecting credible information directly from beef cattle producers helps the BCRC identify research priorities and information gaps, develop provincial benchmarks and examine changes over time that impact farms and ranches. 

BCRC Survey Link

NBSCIA Education Course and Conference Bursary

Through the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF), agrologists, certified crop advisors and farmers (with a Registered Professional Agricultural Producers number) residing in New Brunswick are eligible to receive 70% up to $5,000 of eligible expenses for the purpose of attending an educational conference or course outside of New Brunswick. Education bursary funds are included in the maximum eligible OFCAF funding for a farmer recipient.

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2024.

More information available here.

Canadian Forage/Grassland Association & Farmers for Climate Solutions Survey

Dalhousie University, Farmers for Climate Solutions and the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association are jointly running an anonymous national survey focused on pasture-based animal husbandry practices. It only takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Your insights will help shape programs for producers across the country! 

Survey Link

Forage U-Pick

Visit Forage U-Pick Here

Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge 

Do you have a solution to reduce methane emissions from cattle? Do not miss this opportunity to accelerate and grow your solution in Canada. Apply with your concept by February 7, 2024! You could win up to $1.0M!

For more information about the Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge and to apply, click HERE.

AgriWorkplace Skills Training Program

More information available HERE.

Grain Testing Advised

The NBCP are advising producers that if you are buying/have bought grain privately to ensure you get this tested for mycotoxins. For additional information on testing, please contact Perennia Food and Agriculture at 902-896-0277.

Beef Cattle Research Council Webinars

Upcoming webinars have been updated on the BCRC website HERE!

Atlantic Beef Products

Sign up for ABP price updates by contacting Bruce to be added to his distribution list:

AgriNB Job Bank

Dates of Interest

New Brunswick Soil & Crop Improvement Association Inc. (NBSCIA)

Workshop & Event Schedule: January 1-March 31, 2024


Rotational Grazing - Putting It All Together:

  • January 11,2024 6-9 pm Bathurst
  • January 12,2024 6-9 pm Sussex
  • January 13,2024 10 am-2pm Sackville
  • January 25,2024 6-9 pm Edmundston
  • January 26,2024 6-9 pm Florenceville-Bristol
  • January 27,2024 10 am-2pm Fredericton


Optimizing Nitrogen Management in Potatoes:

  • January 17, 2024 11am-2 pm Florenceville-Bristol
  • January 18,2024 11 am-2pm Grand Falls


2024 Potato Conference and Trade Show:

February 1,2024 8 am- 4 pm AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock, NB


NBSCIA Nitrogen Management Workshop:

  • Moncton, Sussex, Bathurst - Jan 29,30,31
  • Fredericton, Woodstock/Florence, Grand Falls - Feb 5, 6, 7


NB Living Labs and NBSCIA Annual General Meeting

March 13,14, &15 Agendas to follow, Fredericton Inn

Please visit the NBSCIA website for additional information.

New Brunswick Cattle Producer Programs

Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership 

New Brunswick programming for the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership have launched!

*As stated in the SCAP Administrative Guidelines, the Canada / New Brunswick Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable-CAP) policy framework is a five-year federal, provincial, and territorial Initiative which will operate from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2028, unless otherwise announced. Program applications are welcome on an ongoing basis until funding is exhausted. Please check your desired program's administrative guidelines for full details.

Click Here a Full List of Programs, Program Guidelines and Applications

Beef programs include:

The objective is to assist beef producers to adopt or improve rotational pasture management on their farms. Proper adoption and use of rotational pasture practices will improve quantity and quality of pasture productivity, improve pasture carrying capacity, extend the grazing season, improve soil health and carbon sequestration, improved root growth, improve animal productivity, improve pasture biodiversity and improve drought resistance of pastures.

The objective of this program is to grow, renew and improve the New Brunswick beef cow herd.

To enhance the New Brunswick beef industry with genetically superior animals capable of producing the highest quality beef, competitively and consistently for the benefit of all the beef sectors. This element is made up of the Beef Elite Sire, Beef Elite Female and Beef Elite Embryo Components, and the Beef Genetic Testing Component.

Assist producers in taking concrete steps to improve the environmental performance of their operations including activities to conserve and enhance the natural resources utilized by the New Brunswick agriculture industry, minimize the environmental impact of agricultural activities, and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

To support business planning, skills development and awareness in the New Brunswick agriculture sector.

To support crop and livestock development opportunities including economic development programming for sectors with growth opportunities, regional economic development opportunities, and establishing agricultural machinery usage cooperatives.

Encourage the growth, profitability, sustainability and self-sufficiency of New Brunswick’s agriculture, agri-food, agri-product, and agri-science sectors including adapting to climate change. Applicants are eligible for funding assistance for approved activities intended to encourage the growth, profitability, sustainability and self-sufficiency of New Brunswick’s agriculture, agri-food, agri-product, and agri-science sectors through innovative research and development projects; onfarm demonstration trials; pre-commercialization development activities; on-farm innovation; and adoption of new technologies that have a regional or local impact; and adoption of practices and technologies that will support climate change adaptation and mitigation, including reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving carbon sequestration, and related technology transfer activities.

New Brunswick’s rich microclimates are ideal for farmers, fishers, producers, and processors to grow, catch and make the foods the world loves. The Market Development and Access program elements aim to increase the sales of New Brunswick’s food basket by supporting industry efforts to access and take advantage of new, existing, and emerging market opportunities, from local farmers’ markets to international markets.

Support the development of farmland for agriculture in New Brunswick, including bringing lands formerly used for agriculture back into active production, enhancing the development and productivity of new production fields and improving existing farmland. Any increase in acreage will support more sustainable farming practices with reduced environmental impacts, improved crop rotations resulting in healthier soils, increased land base for the production of crops and livestock feed, and increased self-sufficiency levels of food and livestock feed crops which will reduce transportation costs and associated environmental impacts.

Accelerate the adoption of recognized assurance systems, including food safety, biosecurity, traceability, and animal welfare in the production, processing, and distribution of New Brunswick agri-food products. Support the agriculture sector to prepare for and maintain resilience in relation to emerging challenges including extreme weather events, animal and plant disease outbreaks, emergencies/natural disasters, wildlife damage, farmer mental health, and farm safety.

The New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries through its Veterinary Service is supporting Producers and CFIA in the on-going survelliance of Bovine Spongioform Encephalopathy. Eligible samples can receive reimbursement up to $150.00.

The program provides financial assistance to help cover the cost of transporting quarried dolomitic and calcitic limestone (e.g., Aglime) and is calculated based on the distance from the source of origin, that has the correct type of lime available, to the delivery destination.

Links of Interest

NBCP Weekly Market Price Reports

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Maritime AgCast

Agri-Commodity Management Association (ACMA), hosts Maritime AgCast - an agricultural podcast based on discussions of important topics for livestock farmers with local, regional and national guests.

The podcast episodes will include topics about disease management, forage and pasture management, bull selection and much more!

 Click Here for more information!

Simply Verified Beef - The Podcast

Join VBP+ Coordinators, producers, auditors and other special guests each month as they discuss topics relevant and timely for beef producers all across Canada.

Simply Verified Beef- The Podcast episodes will be released monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. 

Click Here for more information!


Carvell’s Livestock Auction Barn

Contact Carvell Crandlemire at 391-6188 or email for auction dates and times.

Carvell’s Livestock Auction Barn
111 Wilmot Road, Wilmot, NB

Atlantic Stockyards Ltd.

Feeder Sale (10AM):

  • December 5

Click Here to visit their website!

Producers are encouraged to pre-register all feeder cattle as early as possible. Atlantic Stockyards Limited (ASL) will be listing pre-registered cattle on their website.

Vaccinated cattle will be uniquely identified; all cattle will be sold by order of arrival.

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