National Black Child Development Week: Day 3

All week, be on the lookout for this daily NBCDW newsletter. Don't miss chances to win giveaways of children's books, music CDs and other resources to support young children's creative development.

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's NBCDW 2021: Infants and the Arts featuring Llama Llama Night-night by Anna Dewdney. Today's focus is Toddlers & the Arts.

Here's our agenda for the rest of the week:
  • Thursday: Preschoolers & the Arts
  • Friday: School-agers & the Arts
Daily Tip: Creative Development & Toddlers

Creative play helps toddlers to develop holistically - emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.

What can YOU do?
Encourage creative development by limiting the use of battery-operated toys and games, enabling toddlers to:
  • Confidently experience creative play in safe, open spaces.
  • Discover different ways to manipulate toys and materials.
  • Experiment with a variety of tools - art media, science instruments, sensory materials...
  • Creatively play with everyday objects - large boxes, bed sheets, assorted fabrics...
Storytime Feature for Toddlers
Creative Development Experiences

Before and/or after the read-aloud of Boo-Boo! by Carol Zeavin & Rhona Silverbush...

  • Encourage toddlers to move their bodies in creative ways by dancing to the beats of different instruments or music with varying tempos and rhythms. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce real instruments from diverse cultures and invite stakeholders to play.

  • Provide a sticker collection and opportunities for toddlers to create pictures or a sticker book using blank cards or sheets of paper, similar to the band-aid in the story.

  • Promote mindfulness and positive behaviors to prevent "boo-boos" using the Terrific Toddlers Series and other resources by Magination Press.

  • Please send us pictures or videos to Just type NBCDW 2021 in the subject line and include a description of your photo(s) or video(s) in the body of the email. We'll send a special package of goodies to anyone who shares their NBCDW media footage with us.


In honor of BCDI-Atlanta’s 40th Anniversary, the first 40 stakeholders to complete this Giveaways form TODAY will receive a FREE Boo-Boo! children's book and Talk, Read Sing resource cards in English & Spanish, thanks to our NBCDI and Clinton Foundation Too Small to Fail partnership.
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