Word from President and CEO
Returning to “NORMAL” is not an option
Since 2000, our country has experienced major natural disasters, financial crisis, and now pandemic devastation.
In each case, we have experienced the strength and generosity of humankind and the pervasive disparities in Indigenous communities, economically poor communities,
and communities of color. Systemic inequities and discriminatory policies and practices remain the NORM
and result in disproportionate death and sickness rates.

What the Navajo Nation is experiencing during this pandemic, as one example, is simply unacceptable. Where blame falls and responsibility rests are many. Nevertheless, the fact that access to clean drinking water and healthy foods remain out of reach for tens of thousands of Navajo Nation residents should be a unifying cry that returning to NORMAL is not an option. It is imperative that we support and invest in such under-served places, utilizing compassion and justice as guide posts. The fact that Native Nations and our Indigenous relatives continue to disproportionately suffer from such health and economic devastations is an indictment on this country and its leadership at all levels. Ensuring our children have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential and live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives should be the NORMAL we all strive for. 

In Solidarity,
Justin Huenemann
President and CEO
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the NB3 Foundation and its board of directors.
NB3 Foundation responds to COVID-19 with direct action
COVID-19 Funds in action! See what we have been up to in this short video.
To date, 900 food boxes, 8,400 gallons of water and $26,500 to Native-led organizations.
Committed group of elementary school students receive new laptops to continue school from home.
The donation will further NB3 Foundation's work to provide food, water and educational resources to tribes, pueblos and Native American communities of New Mexico.

Each NB3 Foundation employee is giving back to families and communities impacted by COVID-19 in ways that hold meaning to them.
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Founder and principal of  Explore! Community School  brings experience and passion for youth development.
NB3FIT stays connected with youth and families through at-home workouts and providing healthy recipes.
As parents and caregivers, we are responsible for providing safe
and healthy ways for our youth
to stay active.
2nd annual 'Day of Play' postponed
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration promoting Native children's health, "Day of Play," has been postponed until further notice.
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