NATCA National Office Departmental Update
July 14 - July 27, 2018
Below is our report of activity worked over the past three weeks at the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C.:
Labor Relations
  • Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments (VSIP) and Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA)
  • Briefing Requests
  • Surveys
  • 2018 NATCA Academy Schedule
Government Affairs
  • Congressional Schedule
  • FAA Reauthorization Update
  • Guidance on Executive Orders Affecting Federal Employees
  • FY19 Appropriations
  • Legislative Watchlist
  • Political Update
Public Affairs
  • The NATCA Portal: Taking Control of Your Member Experience
  • Recognizing Great Work in Terminal Facilities: Surface Watch
  • The NATCA Podcast
  • Key Links on the NATCA Website
  • The National Office Dept. of Public Affairs: How Can We Help You?
  • Events Roundup: CFS, NiW, Convention Recap
  • Weekly Message from FAA ATO COO Teri Bristol: July 20 - "Taking a Cue from Oprah and Spielberg with an Internship to Kick Off a Career;" July 30 - "
    One-Stop Shopping for ATO Information in an Age of Sensory Overload "
Membership and Marketing
  • NATCA Store Item of the Week: The Flighter
Safety and Technology
  • DataComm
  • ERAW
  • Surveillance Broadcast Services (SBS)
  • Wake Turbulence
  • NextGen
  • OSHA
  • Professional Standards