NATCA National Office Departmental Update
August 25 - September 7, 2018
Below is our latest news and information and report of activity worked over the past two weeks at the NATCA National Office in Washington, D.C.:
Labor Relations
  • WebScheduler Migration
  • NATCA Briefed on SOLO
  • Briefing Requests
Government Affairs
  • Congressional Schedule
  • NATCA Members Head to Capitol Hill for Rolling Lobby Weeks
  • Government Funding
  • FAA Reauthorization 
  • Trump's Alternative Pay Plan
  • Legislative Watchlist
  • Political Update
Public Affairs
  • NATCA Family Members Join National Office Staff
  • Get to Know Your NATCA-Represented Bargaining Units
  • The NATCA Portal: Your Key to Your Online Membership Experience
  • Surface Watch: Recognizing Great Work in Terminal Facilities
  • The NATCA National Office Dept. of Public Affairs
  • Events Roundup: CFS, NiW, 2020 Convention
Membership and Marketing
  • NATCA Store Item of the Week: Cap With NATCA Logo
Safety and Technology
  • Airport Capacity Decision Support Tool (ADEST)
  • Airspace
  • NATCA PBN Co-Lead East
  • Northeast Corridor (NEC)/TBO 9/7
  • PBN/Metroplex Design and Implementation Lead Monthly Report
  • Airspace Technical Demonstration 2 (ATD-2)
  • Tactical Action Notification Response (TANR)