Building NATCA's Relationships
The August Recess:  A Great Time to Engage Members of Congress
Most members of Congress are back in their districts next month.  The House will recess for the month of August, while the Senate will stay in session most of the month to consider judicial nominations. This is the opportune time to engage with those back home in their districts. Ways for NATCA members to engage with their members of Congress include facility tours, fundraisers, town hall meetings, parades, and volunteering on campaigns, as we are in the middle of an election year. Read more
State Coordinators: A Key Part of the NATCA Legislative Structure 
Our Union's state coordinators build legislative teams in their states and seek to increase activism. They communicate all legislative information and material to the facility legislative reps and are the points of contact for all political and legislative activity within their states. They ensure a NATCA relationship with every member of Congress in their state and serve as a liaison between the National Legislative Committee (NLC), the facility legislative reps and congressional points of contact in their state. They are appointed by the Regional Vice President. 

N90 Hosts Rep. Suozzi for Informative, Beneficial Facility Visit
Recently, NATCA members at New York TRACON (N90) welcomed Democratic New York Congressman Tom Suozzi for a facility tour. Above, pictured from left to right: N90 member Toby Bucsescu, FacRep Kevin Maney, Rep. Suozzi, and NATCA New York State Legislative Coordinator Dave Romano.

"I tried my hand being an air traffic controller," Rep. Suozzi said on his Facebook page. "Fortunately, the well-trained and high-skilled men and women of NATCA were manning the controls, ensuring that everyone got to their destinations on time and, most importantly, safely."

NATCA Boots On The Ground Ramps Up Efforts to Support Labor
Last month, NATCA Boots On The Ground members Bob and Valerie Butterworth (pictured above) attended the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) rally against the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Janus v. AFSCME in downtown Philadelphia.  They joined in solidarity with union brothers and sisters in their proclamation, "This is a union Town!"
Read NATCA's statement criticizing the Janus decision
Learn more about Boots On The Ground
On July 12, Boots On The Ground member Kyle Johnson (pictured above) participated in the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) pension rally in Columbus, Ohio. The event was timed to coincide with the Joint Select Pension Committee's field hearing to work to develop a solution to save union workers' pensions.

UMWA said, "We need to loudly and clearly remind them how important it is to preserve your pension. We need to speak with one clear voice about this, and we need your voice to be a part of it."
Hatch Act Tip of the Month
Can I Campaign for a Partisan Political Candidate for Office?
You MAY volunteer for a partisan political campaign. Permitted activities include: circulating nominating petitions; canvassing votes in support or opposition to a candidate; endorsing a candidate; attending and being active at campaign rallies and meetings; distributing campaign literature; and taking part in managing a candidate's campaign.

There are some time and place restrictions. You MAY NOT engage in political activity while on duty, in a federal room or building, while wearing or saying anything that identifies you as a federal employee, nor while using a government vehicle. You also MAY NEVER solicit, accept, or receive political contributions, regardless of time and place.

If you have any questions about your involvement in political campaigns, please contact your NLC Representative.
Legislative News and Notes 
FAA Reauthorization: Senate Could Consider Bill Soon
According to the NATCA National Office Government Affairs Department, the Senate FAA bill has been on hold since the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee approved it last year. There was some action on the legislation last week when the Commerce Committee asked Senators to submit any amendments they plan to offer. It is possible that the Senate could consider the bill in coming weeks. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell "started the clock" on an FAA bill, but no floor time has been scheduled.

The House overwhelmingly passed H.R. 4, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, in April by a vote of 393-13. The five-year, bipartisan bill authorizes $71 billion for the operations, Facilities & Equipment, and RED accounts at the FAA from Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 through FY 2023. During this year's NATCA in Washington, our members asked their Senators to urge Senate leadership to complete action on a long-term FAA reauthorization bill.
More Senators Join Bipartisan Voices in Criticizing Executive Orders
Democratic Senators Jon Tester of Montana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Claire McCaskill of Missouri have called on President Trump to rescind the three Executive Orders issued in May that affect federal employees and their unions. In a letter, the senators wrote, "These orders exclude federal workers' representatives from engaging in good faith negotiation efforts, enable agencies to ignore the rights of employees and actively undermine the ability of employees to be protected from any discriminatory or unfair practices by agency management officials." 

Dawn McFalls Joins NLC, Representing Alaskan Region
NATCA is excited to welcome the newest member of the National Legislative Committee (NLC), Dawn McFalls from Merrill Field ATCT (MRI). Dawn is taking over for Richard "Tiny" Fagg, who served the Alaskan Region on the NLC with great honor and distinction. Thank you Tiny for your dedication to NATCA and our legislative efforts!
Pictured above at NATCA in Washington in May, from left to right: Steve Kelsey, Marilou Scherer, Dawn McFalls, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, Cody Whicker, and Richard "Tiny" Fagg.
Upcoming Voter Registration Deadlines
Your greatest opportunity to influence our political system is to vote. Do you know when your state's primary elections will be held? Are you registered to vote? If not, do you know the deadline for registering in your state? A list of upcoming primary election dates and voter registration deadlines is below. 

If your state isn't listed below, you can learn about other state elections and registration policies  here

NATCA also made this  Google calendar, so you can track these dates nationwide. 

State Primary Date Registration Deadline
How to Register
Washington Aug. 7 July 30 (in person) Click here
Connecticut Aug. 14 Aug. 9
Minnesota Aug. 14 July 24 (online)
Aug. 14 (in person)
Click here
Vermont Aug. 14 Aug. 14 Click here
Wisconsin Aug. 14 July 25 (postmarked by)
Aug. 10 (in person)
Alaska Aug. 21 July 22 Click here
Wyoming Aug. 21 Aug. 6 (mail received by)
Aug. 21 (same day at poll)
Click here
Arizona Aug. 28 July 30 Click here
Florida Aug. 28 July 30
Sept. 4 Aug. 15 (postmarked by) Click here
Delaware Sept. 6 Aug. 11 Click here
New Hampshire Sept. 11 Pre-registration deadline dates vary by locality 
Sept. 11 (same day at poll)
Click here
Rhode Island Sept. 12 Aug. 12 Click here
NATCA in Washington 
Barry Krasner Led NATCA to Capitol Hill for First Lobby Week in 1993

President Emeritus Barry Krasner made such a profound difference for the Union throughout his 32-year career, including NATCA's legislative affairs. As we continue to remember and pay tribute to Krasner, who passed away last week, we look back fondly at the first NATCA Lobby Week, which occurred in 1993 during the first of Krasner's two terms in office as NATCA president. By all estimates, it was a rousing success.  Over 250 NATCA activists participated in the week-long event.
Read more

Pictured above left: Krasner leads NATCAvists gathered on the steps of the Capitol at the first Lobby Week (now called NATCA in Washington) in 1993. Pictured above right: Krasner returned to those same steps with a large group of NATCA members protesting the government shutdown in 2013.
Save the Date: NATCA in Washington 2019
NATCA in Washington (NiW) 2019 will be held May 20-22, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.


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