Congress faces Friday, Jan. 19 deadline to avoid government shutdown
 Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Lawmakers again are running short on time to avoid a government-wide shutdown. The current government funding bill expires at midnight this Friday, Jan. 19. If no deal is passed by then, the government, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will not be funded and will shut down. In the event of a shutdown, employees who continue to work would not be paid until the government is funded, while certain FAA employees would be furloughed and may not be paid at all.
We are closely monitoring the situation and tracking possible outcomes. Congress must reach a long-term spending deal or pass another short-term continuing resolution (CR) by Friday in order to avoid a shutdown. If the House of Representatives is able to pass a CR, it will then go to the Senate with little time left on the clock, making it difficult for individual senators to vote 'no.' The Senate outlook should become clearer once the House acts.
At this time, Congress is working on another short-term CR through Feb. 16, which would carry over the spending numbers from the previous CR and not trigger sequestration. The government is currently operating on its third consecutive CR since September 2017. Having faced multiple short-term continuing resolutions to government spending and extensions to FAA authorization in recent months, the FAA continues to be plagued by an unstable, unpredictable funding stream that is crippling our National Airspace System.
In the event that Congress does not pass a funding bill by Jan. 19, NATCA has negotiated a procedural Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the FAA to accompany the existing Furlough MOU and Questions & Answers that appear in Appendix P-4 of the Slate Book. The Appendix P-4 MOU applies to all NATCA BUEs in the FAA regardless of contract. NATCA also has worked with the FAA in recent months to ensure that the Agency's list of "excepted employees" who would not be subject to furlough is as accurate as possible.
We will continue to update you as new information becomes available.
In Solidarity,
Paul Rinaldi, NATCA President
Trish Gilbert, NATCA Executive Vice President
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NATCA members across the country meet with their members of Congress year-round. They educate them on NATCA, our profession, and build strong relationships at home and on Capitol Hill. 
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As part of our initiative to improve member communications, we will begin sending monthly legislative roundups to help you stay informed on issues that matter to you. That's 12 opportunities a year to get more involved and be a voice for your profession. These updates will be in addition to any urgent news alerts from NATCA. Please keep an eye out for NATCA News Alerts and important legislative updates from the National Office. In addition, a great way to stay informed is to read the Government Affairs Department report every other week in the National Office Departmental Update.

NATCA's legislative efforts are a 24/7 operation at the national level, and will continue to be a high priority. This month, we're focusing on building relationships with members of Congress. To do that, it's important to build your legislative knowledge. Try registering for a Legislative Activism Class. Grassroots legislative activism is crucial to the success of our Union. Every single NATCA voice matters. This class gives you a legislative foundation and can help set you on the path that's right for you. You will learn about involvement opportunities at every level.

If you're ready to take the next step, it's time to start building a relationship with your member of Congress. For helpful information on how to connect with your local office, check out the legislative section of Read about several recent congressional visits across the country that NATCAvists helped to organize included in this email. Remember to notify your National Legislative Committee (NLC) member in advance of any congressional visit to your facility to ensure every resource is available to you.

Remember, the NLC, state coordinators, and facility legislative representatives are there to help you understand the important issues that affect you and our Union. Please reach out with questions and ideas. We need your voice to keep NATCA strong.

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