Well-documented research shows that there is a clear link between good nutrition, improved school performance and better overall health.

Sponsor a student in Kenya, where out of a total under-5 population of 7 million, 1.82 million children (26 percent) are suffering from chronic malnutrition (stunting or low height-for-age) (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) et al. 2015), where one in every 19 will not survive to his/her fifth birthday (KNBS et al. 2015).

Stunted children have poor physical growth and brain development, preventing them from thriving and living up to their full potential. With an estimated 2 million (26%) stunted children under the age of 5, Kenya is facing a crisis of malnutrition.

Help a child grow to his or her fullest potential, sponsor nutritious school lunches for children throughout three terms in 2023 for only $1 CAD a week.