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The Basics of Layering

If you have lived in Southeast Alaska for a while, then you know the importance of getting outside to enjoy our beautiful surrounds, even when the weather is not sunny and warm. The key to comfort and survival lies in what you choose to wear.


The classic Alaskan outfit of Xtratufs and Carhartts is not necessarily the best choice for our rainy cold days, especially if you plan to stay outside for awhile.  Whether you are berry picking, hiking or hunting - walking through a field of blueberry bushes can leave your Carhartts wetter than a good down poor. The right combination of clothing will keep you warm and dry, even if your activity levels change throughout the day.


Layering involves wearing a number of layers of lightweight clothes, that you can add or remove in response to changing conditions.


Base Layer: (Moisture Control)

The base layer is the layer that you will wear next to your skin. The base layer is used to transfer sweat away from your body to the outer layers, where it can evaporate without cooling you down too much. Base layers come in different weights, so you can dress according to the type of activities and temperatures that you will encounter.


NEVER wear cotton as a base layer. Cotton retains 3 to 14 times more moisture than acrylic, polyester, silk and wool fibers. Rather than wicking the moisture to the outer layers, cotton retains the moisture around your body causing you to lose heat through evaporation.


Mid Layer: (Insulation)

The mid layer provides insulation by trapping air close to your body, but should also be breathable. Depending on the time of year the mid layer materials can be as light as hiking pants and shirts or as heavy as insulated wool or down jackets. Light jackets made of wool or fleece or which have synthetic or down insulation work well for a mid layer.


Outer Layer: (Weatherproofing)

The outer layer protects the insulating properties of your other layers by keeping wind and water at bay. The outer layer should be water and wind proof. If your activity levels are high then the material should also be breathable, so that the moisture you create through perspiration won't make you wet from the inside-out.


Layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to maximize your comfort in the outdoors. The beauty of this simple concept is that it allows you to make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather.


Here are some more articles with information on layering, and staying warm:


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