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The winner for our $25 Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Gift Certificate in January was Margie Ramos . Winners are selected from those of you who receive and open our monthly e-newsletter. It doesn't matter when or how you signed up for our e-mail club - if you are on our email list you are a potential winner each month, Yeah! 

We are happy to give a 10% discount to active and retired service members and their families, with valid ID. Come in and ask about our Fosterwear program which offers discounts to Foster Care Providers. 



Alaska State Troopers are suggesting Alaskans take a selfie before heading into the backcountry.  Many adventurers already know about filling out a "wilderness trip plan," adding the selfie gives searchers an added tool of knowing exactly what to look for, in case you get into trouble. Your selfie will show details the form can't: the design and color of a helmet or jacket, decals on a snowmachine or other identifiers. 


Take your selfie with what gear you are wearing and carrying, and if you think there will be cell phone coverage at the trailhead take it with signage in the background, otherwise take it as you are leaving to make sure it gets texted or posted before you head off. 


Troopers respond to almost 400 search and rescues every year and every bit of information you can provide narrows down the search time in case you get into trouble. "People need to remember that help is not just around the corner when you step off the pavement here in Alaska; you need to be able to be prepared to survive," said Lt. Steven Adams with AST.


Such a photo, could save your life.




If you love getting away from it all-whether it's by land, sea or air-then you need

some way to communicate with the AK State Troopers, Coast Guard and your family in case of an emergency. Many people misjudge the availability of cell coverage in remote areas.
The reality is that 90% of the earth's surface still lacks consistent, reliable coverage
since most cell towers are located where people live, not necessarily where they enjoy
outdoor escapes. Smartphones frequently do not work when traveling in remote areas
or in extreme weather conditions, and international roaming charges are expensive.
The Nugget Alaskan Outfitter carries Delorme, inReach products which help you stay in touch no matter where your adventure takes you. 

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