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Contributions To SARS-CoV-2 Research
Like many in our research community, we are proud of the contribution our efforts and products have played in contributing to SARS-CoV-2 related research.
(NANUQ™ Cryocooler at UCSF Molecular Structure Group)
A recent highlight for us was knowing our tools helped enabled aspects of the massive effort detailed in the following article and that our NANUQ™ cryocooling device played a direct role at UCSF's contribution to:

The work detailed is incredible and we take pride knowing our tools were used in the world-wide effort and that the NANUQ™ system was used at UCSF for

Learn More About The NANUQ™ Cryocooler
Replacing hand-plunged crystals with ultra-fast cooling that results in:

  • Less growth of ice crystals
  • Lower cryoprotectant need
  • Less crystal non-isomorphism
  • Reduced cooling-induced conformation changes
Funding Opportunity - Basic Instrumentation Grant (BIG)
Open grant opportunity for NIH-funded researchers:

The Basic Instrumentation Grant (BIG) Program encourages applications from groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase a single high-priced, specialized, commercially available instrument or an integrated instrumentation system.

The award ranges from $25,000 to $250,000.
Application deadline is June 1st, 2021.
Our NANUQ™ Advanced Cryocooling Device could be an ideal candidate for the BIG Grant program.
Expanded Offerings: Cryo-EM Lab Starter Kits
Getting started in Cryo-EM or finding the leading tools should be easy for any lab - so we have expanded our offerings. Let us help your lab get started using cryo-EM or help keep your current lab updated.
Upcoming Events
At MiTeGen, we sponsor numerous events, conferences, workshops and symposiums throughout the year. These events include fields such as structural biology, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more. We believe in supporting researchers and our industry. Listed below are two upcoming events you might find interesting.
2021 NSLS-ll & CFN Users Meeting is May 17-20th. This years meeting is virtual. We are sponsoring and exhibiting at this meeting.
35th Anniversary Symposium of The Protein Society is July 7-14th. We are sponsoring this event & are a member of the Protein Society.
Looking For More Events, Workshops and Conferences
If you are looking for more events visit our events page. It lists conferences, workshops, symposiums, user meetings and more.

Topics include structural biology, material science, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more.
Industry Resources and News
Here is a small selection of hand picked industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • Food Research at Diamond - Learn about specialist analytical techniques Diamond Light Source provides to the food industry to characterize materials ranging from ingredients and formulations, packaging and food processing components through to agriculture - Learn More
  • Article at CCDC - What is Crystal Structure Prediction? And why is it so difficult? - Learn More
  • IUCr Educational Resource - A great new resource from the IUCr. 200 questions on crystallography from Quora users answered. Topics include symmetry, diffraction, reciprocal space, crystal chemistry, lattice planes and Miller indices - Learn More
  • Canadian Light Source Professional Development - Educators' Science Projects (EdSciP) are an opportunity for science educators to learn more about current scientific research with hands-on activities at one of Canada's biggest research facilities - Learn More
  • ACA Check-in & Chat - Catch up with your colleagues and Council at the ACAs monthly ‘ACA Check-in & Chat’ over Zoom. No specific agenda is planned, just a chance for friendship and conversation - Learn More
  • Applications are now being accepted for the EMBO New Venture Fellowship. It helps early career scientists explore topics outside their current area to allow them to pursue a new research direction in their future work - Deadline is June 1st - Learn More
  • EMBO Courses - European Molecular Biology Organization offers a variety of courses ranging from lab leadership to writing a scientific paper - Learn More
  • NSLS-II Call for beamline proposals - Learn More
Industry Jobs
Based on reader feedback we have moved the industry job postings to our website. This move will allow jobs postings with shorter deadlines to be listed.

And remember, if you have an industry relevant job, we are happy to list it on our jobs board.
New Lab Program
Are you or a colleague starting a new lab or expanding a current one? Then the MiTeGen New Lab Program can help you get the best equipment, for less.

Contact us to learn how your lab can take advantage of special bundles, pricing, and service to get your lab up and running as smoothly as possible.
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