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The Largest Network of Diverse-Owned Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds


NAIC Perspectives: Diversity — An Important Part of William Blair’s Evolution

One of the leading advisors for diverse asset managers, William Blair has led approximately $30 billion in buy/sell transactions with these firms. In this installment of Perspectives, NAIC’s online video series, John R. Ettelson, President & Chief Executive Officer of William Blair, explains the value of instituting an effective policy and culture for diversity and inclusion and how the global financial services firm has benefited as a resultg.


NAIC Welcomes DigitalDx Ventures!

NAIC proudly welcomes DigitalDx Ventures! A majority woman-owned impact fund, DigitalDx Ventures ( is focused on investments that help doctors better understand their patients’ condition and make more personalized and effective treatment decisions. The firm is comprised of a team of successful Silicon Valley digital health investors and medical professionals leveraging AI and big data technologies to diagnose major global health issues (such as breast and other cancers, cardiovascular and kidney health, Alzheimer’s, and mental health) with a particular focus on enabling early, more accurate detection, minimizing invasiveness, and expanding access to treatment (through lowered costs).


Tuatara Capital: Staking its Claim in the Legal Cannabis Industry

As more states and nations legalize cannabis, the industry has gained significant attention from investors, manufacturers, and researchers looking to benefit from industry growth. In this NAIC Member Focus, we examine this expanding industry and its outlook through the lens of Tuatara Capital, a growth equity/late-stage venture capital investor focusing on opportunities in cannabis – research and testing, cultivation, processing, consumer/retail, technology, and industrial services.


Aon at a Social Distance: Strategies to Find Opportunity in a Difficult Environment

As we continue to adjust to the new normal in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are challenged to quickly respond to an exceedingly difficult economy, but one that also presents opportunities. NAIC partner, Aon, offers a Social Distance learning series that explores ways businesses can unlock much-needed liquidity by leveraging tax and litigation insurance, and by strategically managing intangible assets. For more information, please reach out to Sarah Lessem at or 212-441-1549. Upcoming installments include:

  • Unlocking Liquidity: Tax Planning and Tax Exposure Mitigation for an Unpredictable World (12:00 PM ET April 21, 2020): Participants will learn how insurance is being used to disrupt the traditional approach to capital management, increase liquidity and improve bottom-line results for businesses and dealmakers. They will also discuss how tax insurance can be used to protect an escrow to free up trapped cash and allow it to be used as collateral against a loan.
  • Unlocking Liquidity: Bringing Certainty to Pending Litigation and Judgement Preservation (12:00 PM ET April 22, 2020): Session speakers will review how insurance can bring certainty to pending litigation, ring-fencing potentially catastrophic adverse judgements or allow businesses to lock in a favorable judgement without fear of losing value if overturned. Listeners will leave with a better understanding of how insurance is being used as alternative collateral to improve business outcomes.
  • Unlocking Liquidity: Leveraging your Intangible Assets to Increase Liquidity (12:00 PM ET April 23, 2020): In this webinar, leading experts on intellectual property as an asset class discuss how intellectual property assets perform in economic recessions, analytic approaches to liberating cash from the assets, intellectual property-heavy divestitures, and innovative new intellectual property-backed debt financing solutions.


Rev. Al Sharpton Urges Harvard University Fund to Disclose African American Asset Managers

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton is pushing Harvard University to disclose whether its $40.9 billion endowment fund includes any African American asset managers. The university’s newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, reports that in a letter addressed to Harvard President Dr. Lawrence S. Bacow, Rev. Sharpton requested the university to issue a report divulging that information as well as any details regarding African Americans in management or senior leadership positions at consulting firms the institution may work with.

"While the systematic exclusion of people of color and women from the management of endowment assets has been a question of social justice over time, today it is for me a question of fiduciary responsibility,” Sharpton wrote in his letter. “Study after study shows very high performing women and people of color, yet those same studies show under-utilization by asset allocators."


Apply Now! NAIC Diverse Asset Manager Certification Offers Opportunities With Institutional Plans

NAIC strives to increase diversity in all areas of the financial services industry. In keeping with this objective, we introduced NAIC Diverse Asset Manager Certification, which ensures institutional investors that qualifying firms have been vetted by industry experts and attests to the veracity of their diverse ownership status. The Certification has been recognized by many leading institutional investment plans across the country.

Applications should be sent to Carmen Ortiz-McGhee via email at Only complete application packages will be accepted and reviewed. In the application, please include:

  • A copy of the Management Company Agreement
  • A letter from your organization’s law firm attesting to the veracity of the ownership structure as described in your Management Company Agreement
  • A copy of the Management Company audit (if available)
  • A notarized letter detailing the race/ethnicity and place of birth for each member of the Management Company

All certification applications require a one-time non-refundable application fee of $1,000. Certifications are viable for three years, at which time, ownership status must be reviewed and reconfirmed.


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ICV Partners Announces Investment in Mintz Group

ICV Partners announced it has made a significant investment in Mintz Group, a global leader in investigative and enterprise risk management services. ICV acquired an equity stake from funds managed by WestView Capital Partners, as well as from Mintz Group management. Founded by Jim Mintz in 1994 and headquartered in New York, Mintz Group conducts investigations and background checks for its clients before they form new relationships, during disputes, and after allegations. Mintz Group has developed an industry-leading reputation for pre-hire and pre-transaction background checking and investigation services that support complex litigation cases, private and public equity investment transactions, supply-chain and other cross-border diligence.

Clearlake Capital Closes Flagship Private Equity Investment Fund Over $7 Billion

Clearlake Capital Group announced it has completed fundraising for its sixth private equity fund, Clearlake Capital Partners VI (Fund VI), with more than $7 billion in commitments. This brings Clearlake’s total assets under management to approximately $18 billion and comes on the heels of a record two years, as 18 of the firm’s portfolio companies achieved notable liquidity events resulting in over $3 billion of realizations. With an initial target of $5 billion, Fund VI was oversubscribed with total commitments of more than $7 billion, including commitments from the General Partner and affiliates, reaching its hard cap. More than 200 different institutional investors are Limited Partners in Fund VI representing over 30 countries.

Mill Point Capital Affiliate Acquires Knight Enterprises

Knight Enterprises, a leading provider of critical communications infrastructure services, announced that it has been acquired by an affiliate of Mill Point Capital. Knight is a leader in communications infrastructure services focused on engineering, construction, and maintenance in connection with the deployment, expansion, or upgrade of new and existing critical communication networks. Key services include underground and aerial fiber and coaxial cable construction and maintenance. The company is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, and primarily operates in the Southeastern U.S.

GCM Grosvenor Closes Second Co-Investment Fund

GCM Grosvenor announced that it completed the final close for its Co-Investment Opportunities Fund II with approximately $540 million in committed capital. Co-Investment Opportunities Fund II targets buyout co-investments alongside private equity sponsors, with a focus on the middle-market. The fund pursues opportunities sourced from approximately 300 middle-market buyout fund commitments. The firm’s broader co-investment practice has made more than 150 co-investments to date and raised more than $4.1 billion for the strategy over the past two years.

GenNx360 Capital Announces Sale of Precinmac Precision Machining

GenNx360 Capital Partners announced the successful sale of its portfolio company, Precinmac Precision Machining, to an investor group consisting of Pine Island Capital Partners, LLC, Bain Capital Credit, LP and Compass Partners Capital LLC. The company specializes in precision milling and turning, multi-axis machining, molding and grinding, close tolerance fabrication, and complex geometries servicing prime contractors in the aerospace, defense, semiconductor, automation, and other sectors that rely on ultra-high precision manufacturing capabilities and expertise


Dr. Gustavo Mahler Named General Partner at Dynamk Capital

Dynamk Capital announced that Dr. Gustavo Mahler has become a General Partner in recognition of his previous contributions as a Venture Partner. Dr. Mahler has been instrumental to Dynamk’s success in creating a highly specialized focus in life science industrials, and a differentiated investment strategy. This move will allow Dr. Mahler to be more active in the fund's management including day-to-day operations and in executing the longer-term strategy.

HarbourVest Partners Appoints Tadasu Matsuo as Managing Director

HarbourVest Partners announced that Tadasu Matsuo has joined the firm as a Managing Director and co-head of the firm’s Japan office. Based in Tokyo, Mr. Matsuo will be responsible for enhancing and building relationships with institutional investors and general partners in Japan. Mr. Matsuo has more than 30 years of experience in finance and has spent the past decade focused on private equity and alternative investment strategies. Before joining HarbourVest, he was Head of Alternative Investments at Japan Post Insurance (JPI), where he oversaw their global alternatives investment program, which included private equity, infrastructure and real estate funds, as well as hedge funds.


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