Volume 2021 | February
Black History Month
Newsletter Editor: Dr. Amy Schlessman-Frost
NAEA's Commitment to Anti-Racism
Alternative education through NAEA is contributing today to tomorrow's history by taking a strong position in favor of anti-racism and supporting diversity and inclusion.
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LaToya Brown - NAEA Region 8 Director
LaToya Brown is the recently elected Region 8 Director. NAEA's Region 8 includes Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. LaToya is also chairing NAEA's Relationship and Partnership Development committee.

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Tribute to Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron as Black History Maker
Hank Aaron hit it out the park not just as a ball player but also as a civil rights ground-breaker, humanitarian, and philanthropist.
Jackie Whitt is and has been an NAEA leader as Vice President, Region 4 Director, Executive Director, and Conference Chair. When she was an alternative school principal, one of her students received a Hank Aaron “Chasing the Dream Foundation” scholarship.