May 2024

New DEIA Statement

NADTC Provider Survey

LGBTQ+ Report

ADA 34th Anniversary

Half or Reduced Fare Requirements

ICAM Grantees Announced

Celebrate Rural Transit Day


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Statement

NADTC is committed to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in all our efforts, and proud to announce the release of our DEIA statement.

“At the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC), we are dedicated to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) across all aspects of our work. By embracing diversity, promoting equity, fostering inclusion, and ensuring accessibility, we are committed to taking a comprehensive approach in supporting transportation systems to address mobility needs of all older adults, individuals with disabilities and caregivers, especially those from marginalized and underserved communities.”

Learn more about our commitment to DEIA by visiting our website.

NADTC Transportation Provider Survey Report

Introducing our new 2024 Transportation Provider Survey Report!

This report is intended to provide insight and add to NADTC's knowledge to help target the information and technical assistance we offer to the everchanging mobility needs of older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers and communities. Explore the feedback provided by over 400 transportation providers from across the country, and encourage others to use this data to identify areas where they can make improvements.

LGBTQ+ Insights from the Transportation Survey

We are pleased to share LGBTQ+ Insights from the NADTC Diversity Transportation Survey which documents the experiences of LGBTQ+ respondents to our 2021 survey of older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers. The analysis was conducted by SAGE: Advocacy and Services for LGBTQ+ Elders. Despite the relatively small number of respondents who self-identified as LGBTQ+, we hope the insights identified in the report will be useful for the communities you serve.

NADTC Resources

Half or Reduced Fare Requirements for Transit

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires agencies that receive Section 5307 operating funds to offer half or reduced fare to older adults, people with disabilities, or those covered by Medicare. This resource was developed from a previous blog, and highlights various requirements within the regulation, such as proof of eligibility, appropriate identification, and staff training.

Happening Next Month

This year marks the 34th anniversary of the ADA! On July 26, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Since then, our nation's transportation system has been transformed by this Civil Rights Legislation which in turn, has positively impacted the freedom and independence of people with disabilities of all ages. Use #ThanksToTheADA on social media, and visit the ADA National Network for other ideas to recognize this landmark event.

In honor of the 34th Anniversary of the passage of the ADA, tell us "what does the ADA mean to you?"

We will be highlighting one of the responses received to our Q&A each month. Make sure to check back each month for a brand new topic!

Thank you to those who have participated in our monthly Q&A. As part of this effort, NADTC will share the amazing things happening in communities across the country through our

e-News and other publications.

U.S. DOT & FTA Resources

FTA recently awarded approximately $7.8 million to 17 new grantees through the Innovative Coordinated Access & Mobility (ICAM) Pilot Program. The projects support organizations that coordinate public transportation for underserved groups, allowing them to access healthcare, community services, education, and jobs by building partnerships among health, transportation, and human services providers.

NADTC provides additional technical assistance to the selected ICAM grantees. If you are interested in reviewing the amazing work of our past grantees, check out our grants webpage!

Partner Resources

older woman using a walker to cross the street with assistance from younger man.

The annual Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) Conference will be held in Charlotte, NC, July 30-August 1. This conference provides a diverse platform for sharing transformative ideas, emerging technologies and valuable perspectives that enhance accessible transportation across the country. Visit their website for more information and to register.

The Accessible Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) is seeking participants to join a Community of Practice to develop and implement solutions that make transportation more accessible for their community. This is an opportunity to leverage up to $15,000 in funding, receive expert assistance, and join a network of communities dedicated to improving transportation for people with disabilities and older adults. An informational webinar will be hosted on June 28, and final applications are due July 22!

Join National RTAP on July 16, from 2-3 PM ET, for a Twitter/X chat to celebrate Rural Transit Day! Participants can share thoughts about the benefits of rural transit, along with challenges or potential solutions. Michigan DOT, Florida RTAP and NADTC will lead the Q&A discussion.  

Funding Opportunities

The Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation Grants (SMART) Program was established to provide grants to eligible public sector agencies to conduct demonstration projects focused on advanced smart community technologies and systems in order to improve transportation efficiency and safety. Applications are due July 12th, by 5 PM EST.

Where to Find Us

USAging Annual Conference

July 8-11 | Tampa, FL

Conference on Advancing Transportation Equity (CATE)

July 15-18 | Baltimore, MD

National Assoc. of Development Organizations (NADO)

July 30-Aug 1 | Greenville, SC

AmeriCorps Seniors Convening

July 30-Aug 1 | Baltimore, MD

NADTC Technical Assistance

NADTC Technical Assistance Specialists are here to assist professionals like you to answer questions about a variety of topics related to transportation for older adults and people with disabilities, ADA accessible services and related issues.

Call 866.983.32220 or email to start a conversation.

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