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Robert J. Collier Trophy Dinner

June 16, 2017
Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City
Arlington, Virginia
Honoring the 2016 Collier Trophy Recipient 
The Blue Origin New Shepard Team
The Collier Trophy will be accepted by Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin

Event Details
6:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception
6:30 p.m. Dinner & Award Program
Black Tie or Service Dress Equivalent
$225 Per Seat, $2,250 Per Table of 10
Please RSVP online by June 9th

Thank you to our Collier Dinner Sponsor:

Blue Origin New Shepard to Receive the 2015 Collier Trophy
Blue Origin team members Jeff Ashby (left) and Yen Matsutomi (center) with NAA Chairman Jim Albaugh (left)

At the Spring Awards Dinner on March 28, 2017, NAA announced that the Blue Origin New Shepard has been named as the recipient of the 2016 Robert J. Collier Trophy "... for successfully demonstrating rocket booster reusability with the New Shepard human spaceflight vehicle through five successful test flights of a single booster and engine, all of which performed powered vertical landings on Earth."

The Collier Trophy is awarded annually "...for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year." The list of Collier recipients represents a timeline of air and space achievements, marking major events in the history of flight. 

"Blue Origin's New Shepard program is remarkable," said Jim Albaugh, Chairman of NAA. "Developing the first new large liquid hydrogen rocket engine in almost 20 years and demonstrating repeatable vertical takeoffs and landings makes the long sought after goal of low cost reusable rockets and access to space a reality. NAA salutes the New Shepard team for their accomplishments." 

"Winning the Collier Trophy is incredibly emotional for me and the whole Blue Origin team," said Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin. "Everyone on the team has given so much to get to this point, and we are deeply encouraged by this recognition. We will never stop working to drive down the cost of getting to space." 

The Collier Trophy will be formally presented at the Annual Robert J. Collier Trophy Dinner on June 16, 2017 at the Rtiz-Carlton, Pentagon City, in Arlington, Virginia.  For more information or to view a complete list of previous recipients of the Collier Trophy, please visit

View the press release.

Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2016

As the official record keeper for United States aviation, the National Aeronautic Association tracks dozens of world and national record attempts each year.  New U.S. records are certified by NAA and those qualifying as world records are then ratified with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).  At the end of each year, under the direction of the NAA Contest and Records Department, records certified for that year are reviewed and a list of the "most memorable" is created.

Below is a chronological list of the most memorable records of 2016:

Duration:  9 hours, 26 minutes, 49 seconds
Record for balloons (Class AX-3-hot air balloons with a volume of 14,126 < 21,189 cubic feet)

On January 10 - a day that would see the temperature rise barely above 0°F along the route of flight-Greg Winker took off an hour before sunrise from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and landed north of Worthington, Minnesota, just before sunset.  His flight in a homebuilt hot air balloon beat the previous record of 7 hours, 27 minutes set in 2001.

Speed Over an Out and Return Course of 300 Kilometers:  
189.62 mph
Record for gliders (Class DM2-multiplace motorglider, general)

After self-launching a Schempp-Hirth Arcus M motorglider from Rosamond Skypark in California, on March 14, Jim Payne flew along the Sierra Nevada mountains between Inyokern, California and Big Pine, California.  He made three round-trip passes over the 210-mile course that day, with each one getting faster as the day progressed and the mountain wave grew stronger.  He set the record on the last pass, breaking his own record of 158.47 mph set a year earlier.

Speed Over a 2,000 Kilometer Closed Course:  291.09 mph
Record for airplanes (Class C-1.d, Group I-piston engine airplanes weighing 3,858 < 6,614 pounds)    

John Brush made a non-stop flight from Colorado Springs, Colorado to a turnpoint near Blue Earth, Minnesota, and back to Colorado Springs on May 20, flying a Smith Aerostar 601P.  The flight covered 1,249 miles in 4 hours, 17 minutes.  He beat the previous record of 272 mph, set in 1975.

Duration:  12 hours, 46 minutes, 29 seconds  
Record for model aircraft (Class F5-radio-controlled airplane, electric motor with a combination of currents)  

Just before 7 a.m. on September 19, Andre Mellin hand launched his model airplane (named "EXACTLY-H") from a field near Liberty, Indiana.  With Dave Brown initially at the controls for takeoff, the two took turns flying throughout the day, landing just after sunset.  The 15.8-foot wingspan model weighed just under 9 pounds and was powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and 40 lithium-ion batteries.  They beat the previous record of 8 hours, 29 minutes set two months earlier.

Speed Over a 1,000 Kilometer Closed Course:  138.05 mph
Record for rotorcraft (Class E-1.c, Group I-piston engine helicopter weighing 2,205 < 3,858 pounds)

Departing from Missouri's Cape Girardeau Regional Airport on October 29, Paul Salmon flew a Robinson R44 Raven II to Hope, Arkansas and then returned to Cape Girardeau.  The non-stop flight covered 667 miles in 4 hours, 50 minutes.  He broke the previous record of 64 mph set in 1953.

Largest Formation, Night:  40 skydivers
Record for parachuting (Class G-2-nighttime formation skydiving, general)

On the evening of November 11, 40 skydivers (including organizer Steve Woodford) jumped from two Twin Otters at more than 16,000 feet above Eloy, Arizona.  With help from a nearly-full supermoon and color-coded LED lights affixed to their harnesses, they all joined together in a freefall formation before deploying their parachutes for landing.  This was the first record set in this new nighttime classification.

Speed Over a Recognized Course, Taipei, Taiwan to Phoenix, Arizona:  646.17 mph
Record for airplanes (Class C-1.m, Group III-jet engine airplanes weighing 99,208 < 132,277 pounds)

Departing from the Taipei Songshan Airport on November 21, Gulfstream pilots Brian Erickson, Scott Curtis, and Erik Kauber flew a G650ER nonstop to the Scottsdale Airport near Phoenix.  The flight lasted 10 hours, 58 minutes, and covered more than 7,086 miles.  There was no previous record set along that route.

Duration:  55 hours, 56 minutes, 14 seconds
Record for unmanned aerial vehicles (Class U-1.c, Group I-remotely controlled, piston engine UAV weighing 110 < 1,102 pounds)

After being launched from a tow dolly behind a pickup truck, a Vanilla Aircraft VA001 climbed to 6,000 feet above the command center at Las Cruces International Airport in New Mexico.  It then flew a figure-eight pattern more than 600 laps over the next two days, before landing on December 2.  The diesel-engine powered UAV, which weighed 420 pounds at takeoff, was remotely piloted by Jeremy Novara, Timothy Lower, Joseph Millette, and Daryl Perkins, who each took turns at the controls.  This was the first record in its class.

The record setters will be honored at NAA's Summer Awards Ceremony which will be held on June 22, 2017 at the Lockheed Martin Fighter Demonstration Center in Arlington, Virginia.  Registration is open through June 19th on the NAA website.

Major General Charles Bolden Presented with the FAI Gold Space Medal
NAA Chairman, Jim Albaugh (right) presents Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden (left) with the FAI Gold Space Medal

Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden was awarded the FAI Gold Space Medal at the NAA Spring Awards Dinner on March 28, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia.  

Since 1963, the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), has awarded the Gold Space Medal to "...those who have contributed greatly to the development of astronautics by their activities, work, achievements, initiative or devotion to the cause of space."  Along with the Gold Air Medal, the Gold Space Medal is FAI's highest award.  

For more information regarding Maj. Gen Bolden and the Gold Space Medal, please click here.

Congressman Steve Pearce Honored with Circumnavigator Diploma

On May 18, 2017, the National Aeronautic Association presented Congressman Steve Pearce with the FAI Circumnavigator Diploma in recognition of his solo westbound flight around the world in 2016.

Congressman Pearce, a veteran U.S. Air Force pilot who served in the Vietnam War, made the flight in honor of those who flew west to fight in Vietnam and sacrificed their lives for our country.

"Given the challenges of flying in my life - the challenge of overcoming fear - the desire to completely fly around the globe - I decided to embark on this journey in dedication to the memory of my friends who didn't return home from Vietnam.  The flight was the physical aspect.  The mission was remembering.  Every time I faced an obstacle, I said, this is in memory," stated Congressman Pearce. "I'm honored to receive this special recognition from NAA, and thank my friends in general aviation, and most importantly, my wife Cynthia. I could not have accomplished this journey without their support."

Congressman Pearce's journey began in March 2016 as he set out from Las Vegas, Nevada in his Mooney M20M and flew across the Pacific Ocean.  After reaching the Mediterranean, the Congressman returned to Washington D.C. to fulfill his legislative duties.  He resumed the remainder of his flight in May 2016, landing back in Nevada on June 4, 2016.

View the press release.

Art Greenfield, Director of Contest & Records, NAA (left), presents Congressman Steve Pearce (right) with the Circumnavigator Diploma

Katherine and Marjorie Stinson Trophy Awarded to Lt Col Christine Mau
Lt Gen Stephen Plummer (left) and Leda Chong (right) present Lt Col Christine Mau (center) with the 2016 Stinson Trophy

Lt Col Christine Mau was awarded the Katherine and Marjorie Stinson Trophy at the NAA April Luncheon on April 20, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia.  Lt Col Mau was recognized for "...dedicating over 19 years as an Air Force officer, imparting her wisdom and knowledge to a wide spectrum of Americans interested in aeronautics, and blazing a path for women in aviation."

The Stinson Trophy was created in 1997 by NAA to honor the accomplishments of two sisters - Katherine and Marjorie Stinson. These sisters were among the first 11 American women to be certified as airplane pilots through the Aero Club of America (the predecessor of NAA). Their flying school helped numerous U.S. and foreign pilots to earn their Aero Club licenses, the precursor to FAA pilot certificates. 

The trophy recognizes a living person for " outstanding and enduring contribution to the role of women in the field of aviation, aeronautics, space, or related sciences."

View the press release.

Angela Gittens Awarded the Cliff Henderson Trophy
The Honorable Norman Mineta (left) and Kevin Burke (right) present Angela Gittens (center) with the Henderson Trophy

Angela Gittens, Director General of the Airports Council International (ACI) World, was presented the Cliff Henderson Trophy at NAA's April Luncheon on April 20, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia.

Ms. Gittens was awarded the Henderson Trophy "...f or her dedication in making aviation safer, more secure, and more efficient for all users in the United States and around the world." 

The Henderson Trophy, which is in the collection of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, was established in 1960 to honor the creator and Managing Director of the world renowned National Air Races from 1928-1939. His work stimulated a generation's interest in aviation and challenged the state of the art in aviation development. 

The trophy is awarded to "...a living individual, group of individuals, or an organization whose vision, leadership or skill made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion and advancement of aviation and aerospace in the United States." A deserving nominee is put forth annually by the President of the National Aeronautic Association to NAA's Executive Committee for confirmation by majority vote.

View the press release.

Save the Date

June 16, 2017
Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City
Arlington, Virginia
Honoring the 2016 Collier Trophy Recipient 
The Blue Origin New Shepard Team
Online registration open through June 9, 2017

June 22, 2017
Lockheed Martin Fighter Demonstration Center
Arlington, Virginia
Featuring the Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2016 and Other Notable Record Achievements
Online registration open through June 19, 2017


July 10, 2017
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Arlington, Virginia
"Plane" Talk... 
In a World with Drones, Why Model Aviation Matters
A Conversation with Rich Hanson, President, 
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Online registration open through July 6, 2017
President's Message
Greg Principato, 
President & CEO, NAA

Spring time has always been my favorite time of the year.  The days are getting longer and warmer.  There are lots of trees and flowers blooming (I do hate the allergy part of that, but it is beautiful!).  And baseball season has begun.
In my first trip through the NAA cycle of events and activities, I am also finding out that springtime is the beginning of our busy season.  We had a terrific luncheon in April, hearing from the authors of a great book, Lucky 666: The Impossible Mission (highly recommended), and we gave the Stinson Trophy to Air Force Lt. Col. Christine Mau and the Henderson Trophy to Airports Council International Director General Angela Gittens.  We selected the winner of the Collier Trophy, and will be presenting that to Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin on June 16.  On June 22, we will recognize the Most Memorable Aviation Records of 2016; an event we will hold at Lockheed Martin's Fighter Demonstration Center in Crystal City (Arlington, VA).  On July 10, we will hold our third luncheon of the year, featuring the President of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Rich Hanson.  With so much controversy swirling these days over the treatment of drone and model aircraft, Rich's presentation will be most timely.
In addition to all of this, we will be opening nominations for some of our major awards including the Brewer Trophy, Public Benefit Flying Awards, Distinguished Statesman of Aviation, and the Wright Brothers Trophy.  Nominations have closed for the Katharine Wright Trophy, and a selection is forthcoming.  On June 19, we will hold a meeting of our member Air Sport Groups in Dallas.  NAA's involvement in air sports is not always well known, but is a critical part of our history, and one we take very seriously.  Along these lines, Art Greenfield and I will attend an FAI meeting and event in Wroclaw, Poland in July.
I tell you all of this not to show how busy we are, but to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of NAA's work.  I must admit that before I took this job I had no real idea, even though as a board member representing the Aero Club of Washington, I had some tangential involvement in NAA activities.
I have told people everywhere I have gone about NAA's origins, how we were formed back when most people thought the idea of some bicycle mechanics flying was, to borrow a term, "fake news."  Back then, aviation needed this organization to persuade people that human flight was not only possible, but important.  These days, aviation is taken for granted by far too many.  And we know that many of our fellow citizens underestimate its importance.  To me, we need an organization like NAA more than ever, especially when other (frankly better known) aviation organizations are largely concerned with promoting their own issues and sectors (as they should be, by the way).
We don't lobby Congress or the FAA or TSA or any other agency (and the resulting reduction in my blood pressure is noticeable!).  But we do exist to "lobby" for the idea that aviation is important and that it is "cool."  We have a role to play in drawing attention to aviation achievement and advancement (as I always say, the importance of our work on records and awards is not found in the records and awards themselves, but in focusing people on the importance of aviation and in incenting others to even greater heights).
We are constantly looking for ways to do that.  I want to see us get even more nominations for awards and expand our program offerings.  I want to find ways to provide forums for aviation achievement to be more widely recognized.
As I've said before in this space, I love history, love reading history and am absolutely in love with the idea of being a part of this historic organization.  But, to quote a former boss of mine, as much as I like to read history, I'd rather make it.  I won't be the person making the history myself, but NAA will always be in the forefront of documenting it, and convincing Americans that this is history worth making and celebrating.  When history is made, we will be there!
Air Sport Organization News
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) News

Georgia Tech's UMASC Club Wins Collegiate Drone Racing Championship

One of AMA's University Model Aviation Student Clubs (UMASC), Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), won the inaugural Collegiate Drone Racing Championship, hosted by Purdue University, on Saturday, April 15. The club received more than $15,000 worth of equipment and prizes. The 48 competitors on the team used their homemade creations to navigate a complicated obstacle course at speeds reaching 80 to 90 mph. UMASC University of California, Berkeley and Purdue University also participated.

For more information, click here.

Buy, Fly, Repeat at the AMA Foundation Swap Meet

Spread the word! The AMA Foundation is hosting a swap meet to clear out RC Resale inventory June 16 and 17 at the Nats Headquarters building at the International Aeromodeling Center (IAC) in Muncie IN. Several individuals have generously donated airplanes, engines, kits, parts, and many other treasures to the AMA Foundation's new RC Resale store to help support its mission.

For more information, click here.


2017 AMA Scholarship Winners Selected

AMA is happy to announce that $48,000 in scholarship money has been awarded to 11 high school graduates from across the nation. AMA's scholarship program has grown in recent years to include the following scholarships: the Charles Hampson Grant Scholarship, the Cliff and Nancy Telford Memorial Scholarship, the Toledo Weak Signals Scholarship, the Ryan M. Sherrow Memorial Scholarship, the Dorothy and Basil Cooper Memorial Scholarship, and the Dewey O. Broberg Jr. Memorial Scholarship (awarded during the UAS4STEM national contest). The scholarships are created through funds donated by model aviation organizations and individuals, AMA members, and a portion of AMA member dues.

For more information, click here.

AMA Launches E-Newsletter for Helicopter and Multirotor Enthusiasts

Earlier this month, AMA released the first issue of its new monthly electronic newsletter: Model Aviation Rotor Report! This newsletter focuses on the interests of model helicopter and multirotor enthusiasts and features content from Model Aviation magazine, as well as AMA's other media outlets! Read the first issue and subscribe for free today by clicking here!


Save the Date for International Drone Day

This year's International Drone Day is May 6. This special day was started to educate those outside of the drone community about the many positive ways in which drones can be used to help society. The mantra for the day is "Drones are Good!" Visit the official website for more information and to see how you can support the event by clicking here.


AMA Foundation to Host Inaugural Jet Rally
As the AMA Foundation enters its fourth year of operation, we continue to expand our programming and outreach throughout the model aviation community. Our team is elated to announce that we will be hosting the AMA Foundation for the Future Jet Rally as our first major fundraising event, August 24-27, in Ottumwa, Iowa.
All proceeds from the event will benefit the AMA Foundation, which was established to support the past, present, and future of model flying. Our team raises money for all of the great programs that AMA has established to continue to expand and escalate the hobby.
To learn more about the AMA Foundation for the Future Jet Rally visit our website. Here you can get all the details of the event and register.

United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) News

Free Flight Pilots Represent the U.S. in World Competition

2017 brings three World competitions for free-flight: the 21st FAI World Hang Gliding Championship, the 15th FAI World Paragliding Championship, and the eight edition of the Red Bull X-Alps.
Red Bull X-Alps 2017: July 2-13, 2017 starting in Salzburg, Austria

Three American teams are participating in what is widely considered the world's toughest adventure race. The athletes must cross the Alps, traversing specific points along the way, resulting in a straight-line distance of over 1,000 km (620 miles) - solely on foot or by paraglider.  Typically fewer than two-thirds of the competitors finish before the cut-off time. This year the US is represented by:

Team USA1, Gavin McClurg. In 2015 Gavin came in 8th in his first Red Bull X-Alps race and was the first American to reach the finish in Monaco.

Team USA2, Jesse Williams. Participating in his third Red Bull X-Alps race, Jesse was Honza Rejmanek's supporter in the past, but this year he's the official Red Bull X-Alps athlete on his team.

Team USA3, Mitch Riley. One of only two wild-card entrants, Mitch is new to the Red Bull X-Alps, but has been US National Champion multiple times in the past.
The team is fundraising to help defray the costs of participating. Learn how you can help.
More information about the Red Bull X-Alps, including live tracking during the race, is available online.

15th FAI World Paragliding Championship: July 1-15 in Monte Avena, Italy

This year, the US Paragliding Team consists of perennial participant Josh Cosh, along with top competitors Andy Macrae and Jared Anderson. They are representing the US against the best paragliding pilots from around the globe.

The team is fundraising to help defray the costs of participating. Learn more about the team and how you can help.
For more information about the World Paragliding Championship and to follow the event live online.

21st FAI World Hang Gliding Championship: August 6-19 in Brasilia, Brazil

This year the US Hang Gliding Team will include the top US competitors, including Zac Majors. They are representing the US against the best hang gliding pilots from around the globe.
The team is fundraising to help defray the costs of participating.  To donate click here.
For more information about the World Hang Gliding Championship and to follow the event live online.

A competitor's perspective of flying in the Dolomites.

American remake of the French film, 

Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman will bring paragliding to US audiences in the remake of the comedy-drama;The Intouchables. The movie, currently in production and titled Untouchable, is based on the true story of the unlikely friendship between a wealthy quadriplegic man and his caregiver. Scenes of the main characters paragliding were recently filmed at Woodrat Mountain, in Southern Oregon. Bryan Cranston chose to fly (rather than use a stunt double) and was awarded an Honorary Pilot Certificate from the US Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association. 

For those who can't wait for the remake, here is a preview for the highly acclaimed original film.

Actor Bryan Cranston (center) receiving his Honorary USHPA Pilot certificate from US Hang Gliding & Paragliding President Paul Murdoch (right) and the tandem pilot he flew with, Nick Greece (left).

Skydivers Over Sixty Set New Records!

Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS), an independent organization of skydiving enthusiasts over age 60, set two new SOS world records at Skydive Perris in California in late April. First, the team completed a 65-person freefall formation to set the SOS world record for largest formation skydive. Next, they completed a two-point (two different formations on the same skydive) 60-person jump to set a new SOS world record for sequential formation skydiving (a sequence of more than one formation). Both records surpass the one-point 60-person SOS world record set in 2012. Additionally, a g roup of 24 members of Jumpers Over Seventy set a new JOS world record with a successful 24-person skydive. And 12 members of Women Skydivers Over Sixty set a WSOS world record with a successful two-point 12-person skydive.
The 10-day event included 100 members of Skydivers Over Sixty and Jumpers Over Seventy from seven countries and across the U.S. The international team included 63 participants in their 60s, 33 in their 70s and two participants in their 80s.
Skydivers Over Sixty began more than 25 years ago and now has almost 2,200 members worldwide. SOS is a subset of the Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS), which creates and sanctions record categories for its various subgroups. SOS donates all its net proceeds from membership fees and store sales to the U.S. Parachute Team Trust Fund (almost $24,000) and also donates to the U.S. Parachute Association's Skydiving Safety Foundation and Airport Access and Defense Fund, as well as to the International Skydiving Museum. 

Members of Skydivers Over Sixty complete a 65-person formation over Skydive Perris in California. Photo by Craig O'Brien.

IAC Celebrates with Walter Extra and Frank Christensen at Air Venture

The International Aerobatic Club is pleased to announce that Walter Extra, chief designer and founder of the Extra Aircraft Company in Germany and Frank Christensen, President of Christen Industries, will attend the annual IAC gathering of members during Air Venture, Oshkosh, WI on Friday, July 28, 2017.

Walter Extra is coming to Oshkosh as part of the gathering of Extra owners and pilots which is part of IAC's activities this year at aviation's largest event.  Along with Siemens, Walter is planning to bring the Extra 330LE electric powered aircraft to Air Venture.  It will be parked in front of the IAC Aerobatics Pavilion during its stay.  Details are being worked on, including the possibility of a flying demo.  This aircraft, being used by Siemens AG as an electric motor test platform, has established two world records and numerous firsts in its class.

The Extra 230 was first introduced to the international aerobatic community at the World Aerobatic Championships in Bekescaba, Hungary in 1984 and was flown at that competition by Walter Extra and Eric Muller of Switzerland.  Subsequent models of the Extra series of aerobatic aircraft have been introduced in the years since the Extra 330SC has proven to be one of the most successful competition airplanes of all time and is now flown by pilots on the USA, French, and Russian teams.

Frank Christensen set the gold standard for kit-built aircraft with his series of kits and builder manuals.  The Christen Eagle II was introduced to the aviation world at EAA Oshkosh 1977.  At AirVenture 2017, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of this stellar, award-winning aerobatic biplane.  A brilliant designer who defines the words "quality" and "perfection", Frank's company Christen Industries, offered a host of products to the aerobatic world in its time.  The Eagle rights are now owned by Aviat Aircraft of Afton, Wyoming, which still makes kits available.

The IAC Pavilion will feature an exhibition that will pay tribute to the Christen Eagle II's 40th anniversary and the Extra Series of aerobatic aircraft over the last 30 years.

Six panels will tell the story of the Extra 230 and subsequent models of the Extra series, including the Extra 330SC.  An additional six panels will feature the story of the Christen Eagle II and highlight its development.  

IAC will be hosting a full range of forums during the week including a forum on Tuesday, July 25th at 8:30 a.m. by Mark Ciaglia and Lynn Ojala titled, "The Untold Adventures of Building and Flying the Christen Eagle II".  Walter Extra will be a guest speaker at the forums on Thursday, July 27th at 11:30 a.m.

Learn more about the IAC exhibition and related activities on the IAC website.


Aero Club News

The Ninety-Nines` News

The Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

The Ninety-Nines (99s) will award a $3,000 Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship to provide a young woman (age 16-20 at any time during 2017 calendar year) who wants to learn to fly with financial support for flight training through first solo and beyond. In addition, the winner will receive a King Schools flight training course to prepare for a written exam and check ride. The scholarship will be awarded at the Aviation Appreciation Dinner at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh on July 25, 2017. 

The Ventura County chapter of the 99s established this scholarship to honor the memory of Karen Johnson, their chapter chair, who perished in 2013 while flying frost control in California.  The 99s advertise the scholarship nationally and promote it to college aviation departments throughout the United States and Canada.  Last year, 102 young women with a passion for aviation applied for the scholarship.  Twenty-two percent of them joined the 99s within 45 days of the application deadline.  With our encouragement, many applied for the 99s Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship flight training awards to finish their training.  The Solo Scholarship is listed on college web sites and in the financial aid packages furnished to entering students enrolled in aviation programs.  The health and future of aviation depends on bringing talented young people into aviation and the Solo Scholarship has been a very effective way to reach them.

The application deadline for this year's scholarship is July 1, 2017.  Information about the scholarship, scholarship rules and a downloadable flyer can be found by clicking here

The Aviation Appreciation Dinner

The Ninety-Nines are sponsoring a dinner event open to all Oshkosh attendees at 6:00 p.m. on July 25, 2017 at EAA AirVenture.  The event will draw Oshkosh attendees with a great nationally known speaker with a timely, interesting topic.  Adrian Eichhorn will share riveting tales and risk management lessons learned in his 2016 solo trip around the world in his single engine Bonanza.  To prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime flight, Adrian spent four years rebuilding his plane and two years of meticulous planning and preparation. His pictures and stories are both entertaining and informative. Even if a flight around the world is not on your bucket list, you can experience this flight vicariously through hearing Adrian as he describes his amazing 2016 solo flight. 

Adrian Eichhorn currently flies for JetBlue and previously flew for the FAA, NASA, General Dynamics, and the Washington Redskins. He is also an A&P with inspection authority and the recipient of the 2016 FAA National Aviation Technician of the Year award. Adrian served 20 years in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. His last four years in the Corps were spent as the Strategic Nuclear Operational Plan Advisor to the President of the United States and the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

For dinner tickets, a down loadable flyer and info about Adrian Eichhorn click here.

Adrian Eichhorn, Upcoming Guest Speaker at The Ninety-Nines` Aviation Appreciation Dinner

Rob Collings Presented with the Aero Club of New England's 2017 President's Medal
Rob Collings, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Pilot of the Collings Foundation, Stowe, MA

The  Aero Club of New England (ACONE) honored  Rob Collings, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Pilot of the Collings Foundation with ACONE's 2017 President's Medal.  The Medal is in recognition of the Foundation's nearly four decades of support to the "Living History" program and its strong focus on the "Wings of Freedom Tour"  which involves the preservation and operation of WWII aircraft.
The Wings of Freedom Tour has two goals.  They are to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans that allow us to enjoy our freedom, and also to educate the visitors, especially younger Americans, about our national history and heritage.  The Collings Foundation encourages people to tour the planes, talk to the veterans, who come to visit the aircraft, and also participate in a "flight experience".
The medal was presented to Rob Collings by David Graham, ACONE Director Emeritus, on April 21, 2017 at the Somerset Club in Boston, MA.

Aero Club of Southern California to Present Eight Scholarships
General Kevin Chilton

The Aero Club of Southern California will hold its annual scholarship dinner at the Proud Bird restaurant at LAX on Saturday, September 23, according to Club President John Stammreich.

The keynote speaker will be Kevin Chilton, a retired NASA astronaut and four-star U.S. Air Force General.

Three $2,500 grants will go to high school students planning a career in aviation or aerospace.

Five $5,000 grants will be presented to college students currently pursuing aviation/aerospace studies in a college, university or nationally accredited technical school.

Since its scholarship program was implemented the Club has awarded more than $350,000 to 163 outstanding students.

Atlanta Aero Club News
The Atlanta Aero Club will host the following guest speakers in 2017:

July 20: Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

September 21: Glen Hauenstein, President, Delta Air Lines

November 16: Amy Spowart, Executive Director, National Aviation Hall of Fame, Wright Paterson Museum, Dayton, Ohio 
For upcoming events and more information about the Atlanta Aero Club, please click here.


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6:00 p.m. - Reception
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June 22, 2017

6:00 p.m. - Reception
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Lockheed Martin Fighter Demonstration Center, Arlington, VA

With Guest Speaker, Rich Hanson, President of Academy of Model Aeronautics

July 10, 2017

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Records Claimed
February 1, 2017 to
April 30, 2017
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Speed Over a Commercial Airline Route:
Miami, FL to Milan, Italy:  553.97 mph
Eugene W. Scholl
Class C-1
American Airlines 
Boeing 767-300
2 General Electric 
Speed Over a Recognized Course:
San Luis Obispo, CA to 
Las Vegas, NV:  1
50.88 mph
Christopher R. Isler
Class C-1.c, Group I (Internal Combustion)
Cessna 172
1 Lycoming IO-360
Belfast, Ireland to 
Phoenix, AZ:  278.01 mph
Travis P. Holland & 
Mark Jones
Class C-1.e, Group III (Jet)
Cessna 525 Citation CJ1+
2 Williams FJ44
Singapore to 
Melbourne, Australia:  510.04 mph
Brett C. Rundle & 
Raphael Vasconcelos
Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)
Gulfstream G280
2 Honeywell HTF7250G
Singapore to Dubai, UAE:  495.74 mph
Brett C. Rundle & 
Raphael Vasconcelos
Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)
Gulfstream G280
2 Honeywell HTF7250G
Perth, Australia to 
Jakarta, Indonesia:  
404.92 mph
Michael T. Voechting & Sean S. Northern
Class C-1.h, Group III (Jet)
Embraer Legacy 450
2 Honeywell AS907
Miami, FL to 
Panama City, Panama:  369.11 mph
Thomas E. Maurer & 
Ryan A. Ramos
Class C-1.e, Group III (Jet)
Honda Aircraft Company HA-420
2 GE Honda HF120
East Hampton, NY to 
Key West, FL:  469.39 mph
Bernard J. Ferro, 
Dennis Wayne Yount & David Zara
Class C-1.i, Group III (Jet)
Bombardier Challenger 350
2 Honeywell AS907

Anchorage, AK to 
Los Angeles, CA:  
494.59 mph
Jason Baird & Taylor Hinz
Class C-1.f, Group III (Jet)
Embraer Phenom 300
2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E
Speed Over a Recognized Course, Round Trip:
Austin, TX to Victoria, TX (and return):  152.84 mph
Bruce E. Fowler
Class C-1.c, Group I (Internal Combustion)
Cessna T206
1 Lycoming TIO-540
Ann Arbor, MI to 
Columbus, OH 
(and return):  86.99 mph
Patrick R. Lahiff
Class C-1.b, Group I (Internal Combustion)
Cessna 152
1 Lycoming O-235


Large Formation Sequential:  25 skydivers, 
3 formations
The 25-Way Team
Class G-2, Performance, General
Lake Wales, FL

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