Hafa Adai and Happy New Year Catherine,

I hope that your year has taken off with a fresh start and a positive outlook! 2024 marks one hundred years of service for the Chamber in our island community. To mark this momentous accomplishment, we are gearing up for a year of MORE - more activities, more advocacy, and more engagement opportunities to grow our businesses. It is our hope that members like you will be interested in participating in the various activities that are in the works for our members in the days to come and throughout the year. There are several ways to get involved: attend an event, join a committee, assist in planning activities, be a speaker, tag us on social media, offer incentives or prizes, sponsor an activity - the list is numerous. A little effort goes a long way to grow your business and increase your network of influence.

Dues invoices for the first quarter have been sent and we thank you for your continued commitment to the Chamber. We encourage you to update your member listing on our online membership platform. If you need us to refresh your password to provide you access to your page, please let us know. We would be happy to assist.

Voluntary assessments to support the efforts of the Centennial Committee have been sent via email. Members can decide to pay any amount by indicating with a checkmark on the form attached to the outreach, send it back to us and the Chamber will bill your company accordingly. There will additionally be sponsorship opportunities that will be attached to the big events planned for the year. Be on the lookout for details in your inbox soon. Centennial Chairman, Director Ernie Galito, will roll out the plans for the year at our general membership meeting scheduled for the end of the month at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa. Our meeting will feature The Honorable Joshua Tenorio, Lt. Governor of Guam. We hope that you will join us - we look forward to seeing you in person!

Does your business or a company you know continue to serve our community for over ten years? Has the company overcome diversity and made significant contributions to your industry? You may want to consider submitting a nomination for consideration to the Guam Business Hall of Fame. Nomination deadline is Thursday, February 29th. Scroll down for details.

Many members look forward to our annual 2024 Economic Outlook and we are pleased to bring this event to you again this month. Please see the details below and save a seat for what is always a full house.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the many Chamber events very soon!

Onward together,

Catherine Castro


Save The Dates!

January 19th

2024 Economic Outlook

January 31st

General Membership Meeting

February 28th

General Membership Meeting

February 29th

Deadline to submit Business Hall of Fame Nomination Packet

March 20th

26th Annual Amateur

Golf Tournament

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, January 19, 2024

Somnak Ballroom, Westin Resort Guam

It has been said that global growth is forecast to remain subdued through 2024. As Guam looks ahead toward visitor arrivals, consumer spending, federal and military direct investment, private investment, and the ever-present geopolitical tensions beyond our borders, what do the experts say are key economic issues that will influence growth in Guam’s private sector?


Mark your calendars and save your seat for Friday, January 19th from 9:00 am - 11:00 am in Somnak Ballroom, Westin Resort Guam, to hear from our speakers and their insight on what to look forward to in the year ahead.

Click here to register!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Micronesian Ballroom, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

Your Guam Chamber of Commerce's first General Membership Meeting of the year is scheduled to take place at the Micronesian Ballroom, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, with featured speaker, the Honorable Joshua Tenorio, Lt. Governor of Guam. He will be providing updates on the business licensing and permitting process.

Members are encouraged to RSVP and make advance payments by contacting your Chamber Team for a swift and easy entrance on the day of the event. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Click here to register!

Guam Air National Guard's

Award Ceremony

Through our Armed Forces Committee partnership with the local military commands, we are seeking contributions for prizes in the below categories to be presented at the Guam Air National Guard Awards banquet. Items such as brunches, lunches or dinners for two, weekend getaways, hotel overnight stays, shopping gift certificates, or optional tours are welcome. Any contribution you make will be greatly appreciated. 

  1. Airman of the Year - Drill Status Guardsman
  2. Airman of the Year - Full Time Staff
  3. Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year - Drill Status Guardsman
  4. Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year - Full Time Staff
  5. Senior Non-Commissioned Office of the Year - Drill Status Guardsman
  6. Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year - Full Time Staff
  7. Company Grade Officer of the Year
  8. Field Grade Officer of the Year - Drill Status Guardsman
  9. Field Grade Officer of the Year - Full Time Staff
  10. Civilian of the Year

We request that gift certificates be delivered to the Chamber Office by 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 17th to allow time for preparation of packets for the awardees.  


If you have any questions, please call the Chamber Office at 671-472-6311/8001. 

Thank you for your generous support of our Air National Guard servicemen and women!

Our company would like to contribute!

Guam Chamber Business Hall of Fame Nomination Begins

The Guam Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for the 2024 Guam Business Hall of Fame Laureate Awards--prestigious awards that pay tribute to outstanding companies and business leaders who have made exceptional contributions to business growth in Guam.


There are two categories for the Laureate award: 1) Individual; and, 2) Company. Any individual or for-profit enterprise licensed to do business in Guam is eligible for the award. Laureates to the Guam Business Hall of Fame will be selected on the basis of key criteria.


Individuals must:

  • be recognized as a model entrepreneur, having their own money at risk in the spirit of free enterprise, and having made a significant contribution to the success of their company or profession;
  • have developed a company or structure that enhanced productivity, quality and profits;
  • have served as a role model; encouraged others to be entrepreneurs;
  • have demonstrated civic as well as corporate leadership; and,
  • have resided or worked in Guam at least 10 years.

Companies must:

  • be recognized as having been a successful business for at least 10 years and was/is a credit to their industry;
  • have developed a product or service that met community needs;
  • have demonstrated successful management of resources to enhance productivity and profitability over an extended period of time;
  • have maintained good labor/management relations; encouraged others to be entrepreneurs; and,
  • have demonstrated outstanding commitment to community involvement.

The deadline for nominations is 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 29, 2024. Selection will be made by a panel of judges comprised of representatives from the business community and the community at large.


The 2024 Laureate and Business Laureate will be inducted into the Guam Business Hall of Fame at the Chamber's 100th Centennial Anniversary celebration on May 4, 2024. A special program featuring the accomplishments of the awardees will be featured and a symbolic award will be presented.

Download Hall of Fame Fact Sheet

Download Business Laureate Nomination Form

Download Individual Nomination Form

SAVE THE DATE: 26TH Annual Amateur Golf Tournament

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

YES! It's one of our favorite activities and we know it's yours, too! Your Guam Chamber's 26th Annual Amateur Golf Tournament is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Great weather, fantastic course, fun people, and awesome prizes - What's not to enjoy?

Grab a partner and practice your swing to get ready for March 20th! We'll be sending you details very soon!

2024 Digital Membership Profile Update

It's time to update your company information on our membership platform. We don't want you to lose out on great Guam Chamber opportunities and activities. 

In order to update your Membership Profile, you may need your Member Hub login credentials to gain access. If you need assistance, please contact the Chamber Team and we will get you to your profile in no time!

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2024 Guam Chamber of Commerce events

Engage in our committees! Sign up here!

2023 Annual Report

What a year it has been! Your Chamber Team has compiled an annual report filled with information on the programs and activities of the organization over the past year. Do you remember all the things that we have accomplished this year? So many memories of this year's events filled with great times and activities with our members and partners! Click the button below to view our 2023 annual report.

View 2023 Annual Report

Episode 5 Now Available! 🎧

Take a listen!

Your Guam Chamber Small Business Focus and Development Committee is pleased to present to you Episode 5 of Season 2, spotlighting Ms. Jenynne Guzman, President of GuamTemps. This episode was hosted by Board Director, Chris Duenas.

Click your favorite links below to hear Ms. Jenynne's Story!

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U.S. Chamber Updates

What Every Small Business Needs to Know About the 

Corporate Transparency Act


The Corporate Transparency Act, which goes into effect on January 1, 2024, may require small businesses to report information about ownership to the government.

What it means: The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) aims to combat illicit activity including tax fraud, money laundering, and financing for terrorism by capturing more ownership information for specific U.S. businesses operating in or accessing the country’s market. Under the new legislation, businesses that meet certain criteria must submit a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), providing details identifying individuals who are associated with the reporting company.

Why it matters: The CTA will impact millions of small businesses across the U.S. Knowing the intricacies of this act and its potential impact is essential for small businesses. Otherwise, they may incur criminal or civil penalties for not filing or updating this report.

Learn more here

Community Outreach

Golfxpresso Season Open Ceremony Party

Saturday, January 13, 2023

Golfxpresso is excited to invite you to their event that marks their introduction into the vibrant Guam golf industry. They are enthusiastic about connecting with local golfers and contributing to the community.

Join them for a casual networking event, where you can introduce yourself, share stories, and make new friends within the golfing community. Join them as they kick off with a variety of refreshments and a welcoming lunch scheduled for 12:00 pm at their location!

Click here to read Golfxpresso's full invitation!

Need assistance in posting your job positions? Our Projects & Programs Coordinator, Schuyler Delgado, is available to assist you. Please submit your information via email or by calling (671) 472-6311. Click here to view job announcements!

Did you know that we have a member news page on our website and app? News sent to us by a Chamber member is featured on our "member news" page. Feel free to send us your releases and we are happy to share your news!

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January 2024

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