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Myths & Misadventures Episode 3 Available Now!
The third episode "Myths & Misadventures", NHM's new educational video series is now live!

In this online educational series for kids, NHM staff member Cairo Dye will tell a tale (or several) about gods, heroes & monsters from Greek Mythology in each episode.

In this episode, Cairo tells the story of Theseus, a great hero of Athens who faced the Minotaur.


Visitors to NHM exhibitions and tours are invited to interact hands-on with culture and to reflect about making their own place in history. The legacy of Hellenism lives on through active learning at the Museum!


NHM has developed a variety of online educational content, including online videos and our first digital exhibition, Snapshot of Life: The George Phillos Photograph Collection.


NHM members receive benefits all year long. Enjoy free admission, discounts to programs and lectures, a membership gift and much more.

National Hellenic Museum
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$10 Adults
$8 Seniors and Students
$7 Children 3 and up