May 2024
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Recent Software Updates

  • Payment details show action by either customer user or admin user (indicated by email)

  • Stable connection check to Paymentus prior to processing scheduled payments (PSN to follow)

  • New Reports available (see article below)

Feedback surveys have indicated that customers want their utility to provide tools to help them manage their usage and costs. Setting a Usage Threshold Alert in MyAccount is a timely way to understand usage patterns as they happen. Informed customers can make behavior changes to correct high usage or understand that their next bill may higher than normal.

  • Customers set up a Usage Threshold Alert on the Alerts page, in the Usage section
  • Alerts can be set up for high or low usage
  • Average usage (using AMI data) is displayed to guide in selecting a meaningful setpoint
  • Customers can receive alerts via email, SMS text message, push notification (enabled through the mobile app) or any combination of the these
  • Alerts from the previous day are sent the following morning

With summer approaching, customers can benefit from knowing when they're using more energy due to air conditioning use or more water due to outside activities. If your utility would like to promote Usage Alerts, contact Steve Lightbourn. Bill insert, social media and web content have been created for this purpose and can be easily customized.

The System Messages tool can be used to create filtered customer lists

Here's how:

  1. Go to Message Center > System Messages from the Admin menu
  2. Add a new 'Message List' and name it
  3. Select a 'Notification Type' from the dropdown menu; to include all registered users, choose one of the 'Registered Users' options
  4. Filter by Rate Code and/or Service Type if needed (for example: General Service electric customers)
  5. Save the criteria
  6. Choose 'Download' from the menu options accessed by clicking on the Edit icon to the right
  7. Excel will open the list as a .CSV file

A few things to note:

  • If the list includes many users, it may take some time to download
  • Admin users are only able to edit the Message Lists they create
  • Email lists will also include users with mobile app push notifications enabled
New Admin Reports Available
Several new reports were recently added to the Reports area of the Admin dashboard menu. Some examples include:

Reports > User Reports

Paperless Enrollment

This report will display all customers that enrolled in (or removed themselves from) Paperless Billing during a specific time period. This will make it easier to run a promotion to encourage customers to use this convenient feature.

Account AutoPay History

This report will display all customer actions related to AutoPay, including enrollment, cancelation and edits, during a specific time period. It will also include the action details.

Scheduled Failed Payment

This report will display any failed scheduled payment (including AutoPay payments) that occur during a specified period. It will also include the reason for failure, if available from the payment processor.

Reports > Notifications

Consumer Notification Events

This report will list all notifications sent during a specific time period. It will also indicate whether the notification was sent/delivered, opened, or if it bounced (email).

Reports are a quick and easy way to keep tabs on how customers are using your MyAccount site and to see what automatic communications they're receiving from you. If you have a question about how to best use Reports, contact Beth Carlson.
Promoting MyAccount Priorities
Thank you to those that shared what you've been doing to promote MyAccount's features to customers, and what new promotions you'd like to explore. Here are the results, from 30 respondents:
Features promoted:

  • Billing alerts - 18%
  • AutoPay - 18%
  • Rate comparison tool - 18%
  • Paperless billing - 15%
  • Mobile App - 10%
  • Weekly Summary - 8%
  • Usage Alerts - 8%
  • General Benefits - 5%
Features needing help to promote:

  • Weekly Summary - 18%
  • AutoPay - 15%
  • Paperless billing - 15%
  • Billing alerts - 12%
  • Rate Comparisons - 12%
  • Mobile App - 12%
  • Usage Alerts - 9%
  • General Benefits - 9%
Marketing materials have been created to promote these features through bill inserts, social media, bill messages and web content. We can also help with email promotions. Contact Kelly Davis or Steve Lightbourn for assistance.
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