1. My #1 Tip for a Successful 2018
I am exposing the #1 tip for a successful new year!

It is a present. A gift of sorts. Something that you can give to yourself.

Yes, I know that the gift-giving season just passed! Yet you don’t have this one yet!

Yes, I understand cash flow may be a bit tight! Don’t worry since this gift is free!

Yes, I am still going to let you in on this great tip even if you don’t feel you need it... AND…it is a gift that not only keeps on giving…once you activate this idea, you will have the opportunity to receive 365 of them!

My #1 success tip of 2018 is actually…


Not a present, but THE PRESENT . This is a gift of the current moment that is yours for the taking. All you have to do is mindfully manifest the current day, each and every day this year in a challenging and actionable way!

Ready to improve your life?

Here are the top 8 benefits of this great gift of the PRESENT:

·       Increased energy! Yours for the taking. Being present in the current moment is a game-changer when it comes to focusing on to-do and today.

·       Ability to get things done. Yes folks, when you concentrate on what you can do in the 24 hours you have, instead of sulking about 2017 or worrying about February, you actually have the best possible chance of accomplishing meaningful things each and every day.

·       You will grow as a person. Clarity on a daily basis allows you to maximize your success measured in your own personal growth each day. Goals are lovely, yet they reside in the future. Want that goal? Then you need to concentrate on the little steps today that add up one-by-one to that big goal! This is where your sweet spot is located... in your daily successes.

·       Gratitude is in the present and that is a present ! It is hard to be grateful in any other moment then the one you are in. Gratitude grounds you in important thoughts, echoes your purpose, and keeps your heart and your mind in sync.

·       Fearing "less." Fears don’t live in the present. They live in the past and really multiply in the future. If you are looking to be less fearful, today is your day.The gift of the present contains less stress. Today is manageable.

·        Taking ownership . Let’s face it we all would like a little more control in our lives. The present is the only moment that you can control with the only thing that you can control, and that is YOU. This is a game-changer!

·        Looking for results? They begin in the present , because that is where the action steps toward those results are implemented. You may not get to this tomorrow. You may not have done it yesterday. Yet today is your choice.

·        Leveraging your legacy is your power tool for changing your life.That can only happen in the current moment. How will you redirect your thoughts, your decisions, and your life TODAY with the gift of the present?

Every day is a new package, a new gift, and a clean slate. Each day is yours to define, explore, and master. If one day is a “bad day” then you have a brand new present available to you tomorrow. In the present you can opt to be present not only for yourself, but for those you care about. This is your moment to connect to your own success.

What will you do with this present of the present ?

How will you master the moment in 2018?

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