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We have some amazing jewelry makers among us at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group.

Andrea Schubert participated in our Winter Class, where one of the projects was a take-off on a butterfly necklace I made twenty years ago and never repeated.

Below is Andrea's version of that project:

Andrea's design is a case study of excellent balance in an assemblage statement piece. You can also see what care she put into the colorization work. She used Lunar Paste and Perfect Pearls over (mostly) matte black findings to do the job you see here. I think it's totally INSPIRING!

Both matte black and brass ox take color well. Normally I tell you, don't bother with plated pieces, just buy raw, it will be cheaper for you. In this case I have to say matte black and brass ox bases lend a lot of dimension and depth to the color you place on the components.

Try it some time! Click above to

find matte black stampings, and


To discover Lunar Paste as well as Perfect Pearls for colorization. (We have Solar Paste, too....but Lunar is what you want in this case...it's very much like the old Inka Gold we used to carry.)


Have you seen last Wednesday's video yet?

Our improved format of teaching first, chatting later worked out great. Many say they like it much better! I do, too....it helps me to stay on the subject and not lose my place while teaching.

hand flower bracelets

I showed you in the last newsletter how the satin gold filigree 'hand flowers' turned out.


I thought, hmm, I'd like to have a pair for myself...but now that my hair is silvery white/blonde, gold isn't so good on me...bright silver IS.

So I made a pair from the handsome luggage tag stampings we have at the website....see below:

This is the Victorian style luggage tag stamping from our website. Click on the finding to access it quickly!

Deals this week at the website:

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Good all this week through next Monday,

June 17, 2024.

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I got a shipment of Czech beads from a new supplier. I wanted to see how it went so I didn't get alot...sigh...wish I had bought more. I love them!

Guess who will be making a new order this weekend? It takes about three weeks to get them.

Click on the photos to find them:

I've sold most of the ones above, but below is the one I kept for myself. I love to wear it and it gets a lot of attention, too!

We have a number of beautiful semi precious 40x30mm cab stones that just came in stock this week.

A lot of places have beads....not so many have the big stone cabs.

I think great focals like these are a must!

We still have a great stock of most of the new bead mixes I made a week or so ago.

My favorite is Cherry Bomb, as you see below. So many stand-out goodies in that one!

CLICK on the photo and find it fast.

Exotica is an amazing, textural melange of beads that work together. Some are vintage, some are new acrylic.

I haven't had time to work with it yet but am looking forward to it!

CLICK below to find it at the website!

Take a little time this week to spy out the B'sue Boutiques website...there are MANY sleeper items at the site that I'm sure you haven't discovered yet!



Besides all the great bits and pieces, when you have 25.00 in your cart at the checkout, Etsy will give you 10% off.

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Come to our Etsy and check out what went up this week. Things don't often 'hang around' over there....so if you see something you like, pounce on it! LOL


Jann Tague made this fun and funky flower pendant from a hoop base finding we once had....

Here is more clever work done by Jann a few years back. What a great pendant!

We continue to get shipments of beautiful glass cameos at B'sue Boutiques!

These are a few favorites...just click below to find them!

Share your opinions and beautiful new design work with us, too! at

The B'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Facebook

Come join us, it's okay to lurk, too!

And don't forget our bsueboutiques channel at You Tube:

Find B'sue Boutiques Live Streams at You Tube, Here!

There are 550 videos over there!


Have a restful day, maybe try to get a little creative time in, and:

Use those good codes this week....

Have fun shopping with us at B'sue Boutqiues website and at Etsy!





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