American Federation of Musicians Local 174-496

New Orleans- Baton Rouge- Lafayette

  Proudly Presents
An Online Showcase of Our Members
Vol. 2   No. 7                                                                       July 2015
Welcome to our monthly showcase, MUSICIANS CORNER!
Our featured union musician for July is member  
Jazz vocalist, pianist, visual artist, caricaturist and so much more.
Kat and Kid
We hope you will enjoy (and hire) our Union musicians!

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Kat Walker                                      Member Since 2006
Short Hair
BIO: Jazz vocalist, pianist, visual artist, theatrical performer, dancer and director of children's workshops, Kat Walker is an artist grounded in many aspects of the arts. 
 "Her improvisational scat singing is meaty, raw, and juicy... as though Kat takes each song on a journey, marching to an expressive rhythm of her own, while always coming back to pay homage to the melodies of the great American songwriters of our time."


Kat Walker- The Painting Singer- LadyFest New Orleans

Kat Walker,

The Painting Singer LadyFest New Orleans


FQF 2013 with Children
FQF 2013 with Children
Kat Walker Jazz Combo @ New Orleans Museum of Art

Kat Walker Jazz Combo 

New Orleans

Museum of Art


Why I Joined the UNION: "I first joined the Union after

Hurricane Katrina.  They helped fund my band's performance

at French Quarter Fest.  I have been a member ever since .  They

helped me with guidelines and protection when I made my CD. 

My most important reason now, that I love being a member of

the Union, is because I can reach out and get a hold of or discuss

things with any union member.  I wanted to apply for a grant that required me to have a mentor.  I reached out to Germain Bazzle in

the union who I admire so much as a jazz and scat singer.  While

she was only teaching children at the time, she gave me the name

of a couple of other people who she thought might work , and proceeded to speak to me on the phone about jazz and scat singing

for 25 minutes!  I felt so blessed! " 



Guitar Player

Jazz Park
Kat Walker and her band at the National Historical Jazz Park in New Orleans French Quarter

Kat Walker in

Jackson Square

CD Cover

Kat Walker created the

caricature artwork for

her CD cover