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Vol. 2  No.1                                                                                            January 2015 
   Bill & Kathy #2

Welcome to our second year of MUSICIANS CORNER!


Our featured musicians created their new band, post-Katrina:


Bill Robeson and Kathy DeRouen


They lead their big band, Swingaroux ("Music That Cooks!")

and like they say,

"This Ain't Your Daddy's Big Band!"


We hope you enjoy our talented union musicians!


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Bill Robeson & Kathy DeRouen        Members Since 2008
Kathy DeRouen Bill Robeson #1

     Swingaroux #1  


Since 2007, Swingaroux has been entertaining audiences with their unique blend of new generation big band. Mixing standards with contemporary tunes in a big band format, there is no musical ensemble in New Orleans quite like Swingaroux.

Swingaroux was born from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Stranded in a city and a profession ravaged by the great flood of 2005, instrument by instrument our musicians rose from the rebirth of the city and its musical heritage. Swingaroux was born.


Band leader and saxophonist/clarinetist Billy Robeson and lead vocalist Kathy DeRouen wanted, in their own small way, to bring music back to the crescent city and revitalize the big band sound to appeal to a whole new generation of music lovers. Read more... 


BIO: Swingaroux Bio 








WHY WE JOINED THE UNION: "We joined the American Federation of Musicians, Local 174-496 New Orleans to learn more about the business side of music and to network with musicians who were still in the city and looking for a way to fulfill their creative musical talents."  

Swingaroux RocknBowl


Members, you, too, can be featured!


1. You must be a member in good standing 

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