Massachusetts Walking Tour

On Friday, June 23rd, the Massachusetts Walking Tour paid a visit to Whitman! The group began the day by guiding a relaxed hike through Whitman Town Park, where the Whitman Board of Health stopped by to hand out cold waters to everyone. This was followed by a wonderful free concert at Whitman Town Hall.

The Massachusetts Walking Tour has performed over 131 concerts in 113 towns across the state. Co-founder Mark Mandeville states, “Our intention is simply to help people understand the importance of greenspace in our busy lives by inviting them out for a walk, to see younger and older folks hiking together, sharing thoughts on a nice day out in the woods. As for the concerts, we do our best to create a respectful listening environment which highlights local performers, artists and folks with good work to announce – in that way, each concert is unique.”

A big thank you to the Massachusetts Walking Tour for stopping by and providing Whitman residents with a lovely day full of nature and music! We hope to see you again soon!

Story by: Meghan Lotti, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University
Historical Tidbit:
Christmas Shopping in 1930

The Dyer Memorial Library holds archives of past memories and events within Abington, Rockland, and Whitman. The following story was given to the Library:

In 1930 Arthur Thomas Cole of Whitman wrote about his childhood remembrances of Christmas shopping in downtown Whitman in the 1880’s. Dressed in their Sunday finest, Arthur and his mother walked to Whitman center, passing the Congregational Church where Reverend Samuel Bell preached. They stopped at several stores along their way: Major Allen’s store had rubber boots in the window, Dan was running his peanut stand, Obed Ellis waved from his storefront, young Arthur got a peppermint stick and boss chewer from Noyes’ grocery store and bought an autograph book for $0.15 from the dry goods store. On the way home Arthur and his mother stopped to watch a horse race of sleighs covered in jingle bells for the holiday season.

The Dyer Library keeps journals from many past Whitman residents. Think about journaling your memories, big or small – past or present, and let the Dyer maintain them so future generations may read about what life was like in our old town.
Edited; J. Rose
Town Hall

Public Library
M-Th 9:30a-8p; Fri 9:30a- 4:30p;
Sat 9:30a-4 (during school year only)

Council on Aging

St. Vincent de Paul/Whitman Food Pantry
By appointment only: 781-447-8560
Sara Kelly
You won a Summer Scent Village Candle with Citronella
Whitman Center

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Annual Family Fun Day 2023

Tuesday, July 4
10a - 1p
Whitman Town Park

Save the Date Whitman Friends!! Start thinking of ideas to decorate your bicycle or doll carriage for our parade at the basketball courts!!! Prizes will be awarded! Relay races, food, music and fun!
Pool is free from 1-4p for Whitman residents!

For more information, visit Whit 4th of July Celebration FB
Whitman Board of Selectmen -
June 20, 2023 meeting
Video courtesy of: WHtv
The Corvairs Perform at Whitman Summer Concerts in the Park
June 22, 2023
Video courtesy of: WHCAtv
Whitman Summer Concerts

Thursday Nights in the Park
July 6 - Bak-to-Bak
Country, Rock, Oldies
July 13 - Uncommon Soul Rock, Funk
July 20 - GinaMark Pop, Rock, Country
16 Hayden Ave
Nola's Whereabouts

The Whitman Police Department's dog Nola has been super busy lately! This past week she visited Town Hall, the Whitman Fire Department, a cookout at the Whitman Council On Aging, and much more. Check out this super cute video of Nola's Adventure!
See Click Fix

Know of a pothole or landscaping issue? Use See Click Fix to notify the town about it! Use the following link and adjust your location to Whitman to inform the town about your concerns to get them fixed. See Click Fix Website
Climate Can-Do: Hydration in the Heat and Refillable Water Bottles

Summer is finally here! Warmer weather, more time outside, and an increase in physical activity…all of which lead to us being thirstier. Drinking enough water throughout the day is always important – our bodies are 50% to 70% water (Mayo Clinic) – and with the hot weather in the coming months, it is especially crucial to avoid dehydration. However, our hydration doesn’t need to come at the expense of our environment. According to Ban the Bottle, Americans throw away 35 billion plastic bottles every year. Additionally, only 5% of our plastics (Greenpeace) get recycled; the rest end up in trash heaps, or are litter and many end up in the ocean.

Refillable water bottles make a real difference close to home; in our drinking water; in our rivers; and right down to the ocean. By switching to refillables instead of buying single-use bottles, you are: cutting down on oil usage needed to manufacture the plastic water bottles; decreasing CO2 put out into the atmosphere through production; reducing landfill waste (University of Colorado Boulder); and decreasing the likelihood of nanoplastics in our tap. You’re also saving money and time by not buying a plastic water bottle every time you’re out and about -$1.25 may not seem like much, but it definitely adds up! If tap water isn’t for you, a filtered water dispenser and a reusable water bottle will soon pay for themselves as you consider the cost of bottled water. Most importantly: Refillable water bottles can decrease pollution in our oceans – the same ones we love to swim in over the summer. It’s an important Climate Can Do to reduce personal plastic waste; opt for refillable bottles instead of single-use plastic ones so we and our environment can flourish!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Miriam Heath, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University. We focus on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
be; where your feet are
Original & Unique Gifts * Tea * Vintage Clothing * Reflexology

Open: Wed -Thurs: 10a - 6p | Fri 10a - 4p
Sat: 9a - 4p | Sun: 10a - 2p

Additional Hours for Reflexology by Appointment

626 Bedford St (Rt 18) EB

Duval's Pharmacy Inc.
Physical activity is beneficial to everyone, even if you have a health condition. At Duval's we want to help make exercise accessible. We carry Anodyne Diabetic shoes ranging from sneakers to hiking boots. You may even qualify for insurance assistance!

Open: Mon-Fri: 8:30a - 6p | Sat: 9a - 3p
Sun: 9a - 1p

571 Washington St • 781-447-0606
ice cream
Drop-in Craft

Tuesday, July 11th
12 - 3p
Whitman Public Library

Stop by the Community Room to paint an ice cream cone with foam paint! All ages are welcome and no registration is required.

For more information visit Whitman Public Library Events Website
Thank you Whitman Crossing Guards

The Whitman Police Department stated, "A vital resource to every community. They provide safe travels to all of our students day in and day out, rain, snow, or sun. One of the most overlooked and under appreciated groups in town.
We’d like to thank our Crossing Guards for another great year! Thank you for all you do! Enjoy your summer!"

Skill Stations

Thursday, July 13th
11a - 12p
Whitman Public Library

The Library's monthly Skills Stations event consists of exploring hands-on projects and sensory play! Kids will play with and use fine motor tools and materials. There will be Duplos and infant toys!

For more information visit Whitman Public Library Events Website
Hair by Sue

Tuesdays by appointment
Whitman Council on Aging

Sue will be providing hair services for Whitman seniors at a great price! Call the COA at 781-447-7619 extension 2 to make an appointment!

For more information and prices check out the Whitman COA June Newsletter
2023 Southeastern Massachusetts Summer Outdoor Farmers'...

We have the most up-to-date list. Find a farmers' market near you! Look below for the 2023 Outdoor Farmers' Markets - Town-By-Town updates. 2023 Summer Outdoor Markets - Day-by-Day Details Here Farmers' Market Main Directory here Markets in BOLD...

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Dr. Christopher Jones, Principal, Whitman-Hanson High School-
SEEing to Lead

Dr. Christopher Jones' YouTube channel shares fun video shorts and school recaps. His videos also contain musings and his overall message of being purposeful and acting with integrity while building character. His most recent video is right (we update every week, they are THAT good). To see more impactful videos, check out:
Healing Happens Through Relationships
June 26, 2023
Video courtesy of:
Dr. Chris Jones - SEEing to Lead
Whitman American Legion Flag Day Observance

The Whitman American Legion Post 22 held a ceremony for Flag Day Observance to honor those who have served. During the ceremony, participants burned U.S. flags that were faded, tattered, and torn as a way of showing respect for the United States. Thank you to those who have fought for our country. Your bravery has allowed us to have the freedoms we have today.

Story by: Meghan Lotti, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University
Source and photo credit: Whitman American Legion FB

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Music to My Ears.
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
~ Aldous Huxley

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” ~ Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy

“Where words leave off, music begins.”
~ Heinrich Heine

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ” ~ Maya Angelou

“Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”
~ Leonard Bernstein
It's in the air... listen. ~ Jacquie
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