GLCO Music Notes
June 2020
Tuesday Talks:

Little Bay Concerts:

GLCO in Concert:
Libor Ondras, Music Director
GLCO in Concert
Something Old, Something New!
GLCO in Concert features archival recordings of GLCO performances with new "Pre-Concert Talks" by Libor Ondras.

Elgar Serenade for Strings from the 2017 European Tour Concert.
Click below for Libor's pre-concert talk.
The Other Reason - Featured Story
Katie and Charlie are both longtime supporters of the GLCO. Charlie is a musician in the orchestra's wind section and has served as Treasurer of the Orchestra Board and is frequent photographer at orchestra performances and events. 

“I loved the arts for a long time”, said Katie MacInnis, “and Charlie and I have been personally involved with the GLCO for a long time. I wrote this story several years ago, shortly after Mathew Hazelwood’s untimely death." (Maestro Hazelwood was the GLCO Music Director prior to Libor Ondras.) 
“The Orchestra took a brief pause during this time, and this story reflects my thoughts about the importance of music in our lives.”
The Other Reason
I support the arts because buried somewhere deep inside me is a drive to be more than I am.  Any lack of talent on my part is vindicated by the check I write to some worthy organization.  (It always amazes me how powerful the words:  “pay to the order of” are:  Immediately, I am well thought of!)   But deep inside all of us there is a force that seeks to be answered.  We might be accountants, doctors, carpenters, or teachers but there remains another reason to call life good.  

Recently, Nina Totenberg’s father, Roman Totenberg died at age 101.  (Ms. Totenberg is a news commentator for NPR.)  Her father was a great musician, touring widely throughout Europe and the United States.  Originally, he came from impoverished circumstances in Russia, even surviving a concentration camp.  He came to New York City to teach the violin.  When word went out that he was dying, his friends and students gathered in his apartment and some played their instruments at his bedside.  He was still teaching until just an hour before his last breath: ...
Crescendo Video
We missed celebrating with everyone at Crescendo this year.

Please watch the attached video and enjoy memories of past Crescendo celebrations. 
GLCO Staffing Update
Meet Cyndie Miller ! Sarah George, GLCO’s Marketing and Administrative Coordinator, has stepped down in order to pursue her personal career goals. Cyndie Miller, retired former House Manager for the Great Lakes Center for the Arts, has joined our team, working part-time to assist with daily operations and event coordination. Cyndie is originally from Battle Creek, with a career in the 9-1-1 field. Prior to moving to Petoskey in 2017, Cyndie had been the 9-1-1 Director for Newaygo County Central Dispatch. She also was a departmental analyst with the Michigan State Police Criminal Records Division, and a telecommunicator for the Department of Homeland Security. She has a daughter, who is married and lives in Mobile, AL.
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