“I hope you will always keep in mind that your group is very special.” 

Kevin McChesney, our clinician and a prolific composer and arranger of handbell music, made that comment to one of our Music Made In Heaven members as we were preparing for our dress rehearsal for the concert that was the culmination of our wonderful weekend of handbells. Ten members of our group, plus our fearless director, Barbara Marley, traveled to North Charleston, SC, to learn from Mr. McChesney and the members of “Palmetto Bronze”, a community handbell choir. We polished four pieces we had prepared in advance: “A River Runs Through”, “Gabriel’s Oboe”, “Cantad al Senor”, and “Timbrel and Dance”.  In addition to preparing those pieces, we took part in two classes each that were taught by the members of the Palmetto Bronze. The classes covered handbell techniques such as Four-In-Hand ringing, weaving, rhythm, sight reading, and more.

Our final concert was very much appreciated by the crowd who came out to hear it, but the members of Music Made in Heaven will tell you that the best part of all was the time for fellowship and deepening our relationships with one another. We are truly a family that supports one another and celebrates all of the children represented by our bells. Indeed, we know our group is special.