Happy Labor Day Weekend
September 2021

The Florida East Coast Railway in New Smyrna Beach Episode 2,
"The Modern Age of Diesel"
Part 2 of this special series takes you back in time to look at the era of diesel engines and streamlined passenger service in
New Smyrna Beach.

Did you miss Part 1, "The Early Years of Steam"?
You can watch it now by Clicking Here.
Seeking Supporters of
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Awards 2021
There is still time to contribute your support for the inaugural round of our Historic Preservation Awards Program. Some great businesses and individuals have already stepped up and donated to this wonderful program.

Platinum & Gold Level Business Sponsors!
Silver Level Sponsors
Lisa and Frank Polhill
Patrick Mooney

Bronze Level Sponsors
Bo Liess
Buzzy & Gwen Hughes
Charles R. Adams & Associates
Coastal Interiors
Dianne Bean
Dr. C. Thomas & Debra Exum
Drs. Debbi Strahman & Claude Fennema
Drs. W. Randolph Herman & Angeline Baretta-Herman
Ignacio Barsotelli / DiLuna Homes
Island Collections / Phil & Regina Carpenter
James M. Kosmas, P.A.
Kevin Schweizer, Architect
Mark R. Hall, P.A.
Panheads Pizza / Eric Ross
Pink Flamingos at Petals
Signature Creative / John Gheur
Smith & Associates Insurance
Southern Trends Home Furnishings
Will Miller
Curtis and Laura Hodges
Hodges Brothers INC.
Gregory Holbrook LLC.

Friends of Preservation Sponsors
Bishop's Body Shop & Wrecker Service
Carla & Mike Andersen
Jeannie & Dale Barger
NSB Outfitters
Rosanne & Jim Vezzi
Sandy & Doug Ziemer
Terry Penn

Get you or your business' name on the list and support historic preservation here in New Smyrna Beach and Southeast Volusia County.
Platinum Level - $2500
Gold Level - $1500
Silver Level - $1000
Bronze Level - $250
Friends of Preservation -Any other amount
The nomination window is open now, so get your nominations in for Renovation, Preservation or Leadership Awards.
Click: Nominate Now and submit your nominee through the nomination portal. Nomination Deadline is Sept. 30th, 2021.

Information is coming later this fall about our first annual Historic Preservation Awards Gala, "For The Love Of History", scheduled for February 14th, 2022 at The Grand Ol Barn here in New Smyrna Beach. You won't want to miss this special Valentine's Day event to celebrate our community's love of its historic character and those who give of themselves to preserve it.
Director's Digest
By Greg Holbrook

Executive Director
New Smyrna Museum of History

There's an Irish proverb that goes, "You will never plough a field by thinking about ploughing a field" or the more modern, "You will never plough a field if you only turn it over in your mind".
As a thought provoking play on words, it evokes a reminder that all great ideas are pointless unless someone is willing to take action on the idea, a fitting thought for a Labor Day weekend.
Back in July of 1982 when the charter members of the Southeast Volusia Historical Society met, the decision was made to take action on their conversations about the need to form an organization to begin the work of documenting and preserving the history of our local area. Within 2 months documents had been filed with the State of Florida and the non-profit we know as the Southeast Volusia Historical Society came into existence.
As I walk through our museum facility today, almost 40 years later, I wonder if those founding members envisioned that the fruits of their efforts would have been so productive?
Without the benefit of hindsight they could never know the future events and interactions that would bring us to where we are today. I guess they just believed that their idea, and what they had decided to do about that idea, were worth the effort and the community would likely benefit in the long run. They were right.

Recently, we met with a group of local citizens who also had an idea they thought was worth applying their efforts to. They felt that the City of New Smyrna Beach and Southeast Volusia County would benefit if citizens were more aware of the efforts of individuals and organizations that were taking action to preserve elements of our local history.
These people felt that those individuals who were spending their own money and time to save old structures in our community instead of asking for permission to tear them down, deserved to have a light shined on them and be recognized for their efforts.
As the discussion developed, it also identified a need to recognize individuals and organizations that have worked to preserve other elements of our local history so that future residents and descendants of local families would have access to the information.
Our Board of Directors here at the New Smyrna Museum of History agreed with them and formed the partnership to create the New Smyrna Museum of History's Historic Preservation Award Program in January of this year.
As you can see from the sponsorship list that precedes this article, there are many others who also believe in this worthy cause. We are eagerly looking forward to our first annual Historic Preservation Awards Gala projected for this coming Valentines Day, where we will publicly recognize the inaugural recipients of the 5 awards that were created, as well as all those who are nominees for an award.
Currently, it seems the differences that set us apart are easier to spot than those that bring us together as a community.
It is refreshing to work with a team of people who are focused on rewarding the efforts of those who have taken steps to retain our community's character, and the stories of those people who where here before us, so that they might be enjoyed and learned from by future generations.
Perhaps the best work we do isn't the 9-5 that we do to sustain ourselves and our families, but rather the work we do to improve and preserve the community around us, so that it can be enjoyed together by all of us. It's our community to preserve and celebrate, and if anything is worth getting off the couch for, it must certainly be that.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
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"Pirates and Smugglers of the Treasure Coast"
by Patrick and Patricia Mesmer
For hundreds of years, colorful characters and criminals used the myriad coves and inlets along the Treasure Coast for illicit commerce. From the early days of privateer Henry Jennings to the notorious prohibition exploits of the Ashley gang, these sandy shores have been a refuge for those looking to trade on the dark side of the law. Legendary tales of Don Pedro Gibert, Spanish Marie and Al Capone all contribute to the lore of a region that is home to buried treasure and family crime empires. Join historians Patrick and Patricia Mesmer on a journey through the Sunshine State's shadowy past.
"Florida's Shipwrecks" by Michael Barnette
The Sunshine State has a rich maritime history spanning more than five centuries. Tragically, part of that history includes thousands of ships that have met their fates in Florida waters. Potentially more than 5000 shipwrecks reside off Florida's 1200 miles of coastline, with hundreds more lost in the state's interior rivers. In and of itself, the Florida Keys archipelago, consisting of approximately 1700 islands stretching 200 miles, is littered with the remains of close to 1000 shipwrecks. Author Michael Barnette has been actively researching and exploring shipwrecks for almost 20 years, resulting in the identification of more than 17 shipwrecks. He has dived on numerous historic shipwrecks, including the ironclad USS Monitor, the liner Andrea Doria, the battleship USS Virginia, and the HMHS Britannic, a sister ship of the fabled RMS Titanic.
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