June 2024

Dear Hyla,

Well, as you can see, May was another very busy month for the museum. Lots going on and lots coming up in the future.

Hope to see you soon. Bring a friend!



Executive Director

Current Exhibit

This exhibit is getting rave reviews. Everyone is impressed with BOTH of the artists and their work. They are so different and yet they blend so well. They didn't know each other until they met when they brought their art to the museum. This exhibit is not be be missed. Photos do not do it justice. Seeing it at the museum is a treat. Come and find out more. Also, the two artists will be at the museum to do an artist talk on July 19. Save the date.

Thanks to Hal Frenzel for lending us the wonderful floating pedestals. He manufactures them out of metal, they are powder coated, and have acrylic platforms. They really tie the exhibit together in a very sophisticated way.

Upcoming Exhibit

Heidi Brueckner: Persona Grata July 24 through September 20

Community Gallery Exhibits

From July 24 through September 20 we will be exhibiting the work of the Applegate Working Artists Group.

Happenings in May at the Museum (last month)

The community gallery had art created by retired nurses who are now working artists. Some of them were on a panel to talk about art and nursing and their lives. The speakers included Susan Burnes, Karen O'Brien, Katherine Abdun-Nur, and Anne Brooke. It was a stimulating conversation!

Claude Bourbon is a master of the guitar. This was a great concert. He now hails from Spain even though he was born in France and lived for many years in England. He is on his annual American tour and enjoys coming to the museum. Our concerts are well attended and always entertaining.

Claire B. Jones brought all of her art in the back of her Subaru in four plastic bins. They were light weight and easy.

Melissa Thompson, on the other hand, had a huge Enterprise van for her exhibit pieces. Here we see four people ready to move the six foot 200 pound goat into the museum.

Claire explains how to arrange her art for display.

Melissa is so happy to have the goat out of the van!

This year we enjoyed having over 500 fifth grade students in the museum for field trips. Thanks to Lisa Miller, Marla Coughran, and Ree Fusano for giving the 40,000+ years presentation and thanks to the many organizations who helped fund this adventure. Here are some great thank you notes we received from a few of the schools.

Future Events at the Museum


8 Gardens

12 Coordinators

64 Volunteer greeters

51 Artists

2 Food trucks

1 Observation Bee Hive

This great event started in 1996 and has never failed to inspire and entertain all visitors. We went on a pre-tour last Sunday and visited all eight gardens in one day - with a lunch break. So - come on out and have fun.

Tickets are available at many outlets - see below!

Tickets are $25 each and children under 12 are free.

Second Friday - June 14

7pm - 9pm


Read a poem, listen to poems, enjoy the company of fun people.

Optional Theme for June

Short Poems

Workshops for Adults

Summer Workshops for Kids

Workshops for kids age 7 and up will begin in the last week of July.

Watch the website for details.

They will typically be from 1pm - 3pm on Tues, Wed, and Thurs though the end of August. Classes will be $15 per child and include all supplies.

Art Films

Life Drawing

Most Mondays, from 1pm - 3pm, people gather at the museum to sketch a live model. Doug Iverson is the leader of this activity. If you are interested in learning more - please email office@gpmuseum.com with Life Drawing in the subject line and we will put you on Doug's email list. He sends an email out every Sunday to let you know what is happening the next day.

July Concert and More

Here is a sample of Rupert Wates songs. His songs are mostly original and very heartfelt. This one is about a Brown Eyed Girl. It's a lovely story with wonderful music.

Gallery One

A great place to shop for gifts of all kinds - all original art creations by Southern Oregon artists. The best place for one of a kind ornaments and cards too.

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 5pm.

A perfect place to find gifts!

Remember MOM!

Featured Artist for June: Nancy Sterling

Inspiration for my three-dimensional wall art comes from textures, colors and shapes I see everywhere. For example, I love discovering treasures during walks on a beach, woods, and wandering through thrift stores and garage sales!

My career as both an Art Director and Graphic Designer influences my approach to all of my work. As I work on each piece, I always explore options until my sense of design helps me see when it comes together and works.

(Nancy is the Board Vice President for the museum and she creates much of our graphic materials. Be sure and see her wonderful art.)

Interesting Facts




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Museums collect, preserve, protect, exhibit, and teach. This wonderful World War II exhibit in New Orleans is helping to keep the memories of our heroes alive. It's amazing what today's technology can do.