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Musaafer & Chef Mayank Istwal Present

Mother’s Day Menu 2024

Sunday, May 12th

5 Course Lunch & 7 Course Dinner



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Mother's Day is a time to honor the incredible journey of motherhood and the profound impact it has on generations. Our "The Circle of Motherhood" menu concept aims to showcase the culinary journey of a girl as she transitions from enjoying her mother's food to becoming a mother herself, cooking for her own children, thus completing a full circle. Through a seven-course menu, we aim to celebrate the nurturing love, culinary traditions, and the bond that connects mothers across generations.

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The Menu:

Course 1: Childhood Nostalgia:


Indian cheddar, cottage cheese, spiced potato, mother’s ketchup

Course 2: Exploring Heritage:


Yam, spiced taro, corn flakes, pineapple emulsion

Course 3: Culinary Adventures:


Choice of tandoori chicken/soya champ pastor, smoke chili, garlic sauce, cilantro, red onion

Course 4: Maternal Wisdom:


Choice of Sea bass /Paneer, cilantro, lime, ginger, garlic, banana leaf wrap; Millet and dal khichdi

Course 5: Passing Down Traditions:


Choice of Goat/ Vegetables kofta, golden onions, brown cashew, rose, pandan; Bhatura puri

Course 6: Mother-Daughter Bond:


Strawberry, coconut, chocolate, 24crt gold

Course 7: Full Circle:

Chena Poda

Blueberry, walnut brownie, hazelnut coffee ganache, butter biscuit

Booking Information:


Lunch Experience ($80 pp+) | 5 Courses

Dinner Experience ($120 pp+) 7 Courses


"The Circle of Motherhood" menu concept aims to celebrate the journey of a girl from enjoying her mother's food to becoming a mother herself, cooking for her own daughter. Through five (lunch) or seven (dinner) thoughtfully curated courses, we aim to honor the nurturing love, culinary traditions, and the unbreakable bond that connects mothers across generations. Join us in experiencing the flavors, memories, and the full circle of motherhood through this special Mother's Day menu. This specially curated menu promises to delight your senses and evoke cherished memories highlighting culinary traditions and the bond that connects mothers across generations. Enhance your experience with optional wine pairings expertly selected to complement each course. Let's raise a toast to the extraordinary women who have shaped our lives and nurtured our hearts!


Musaafer is an eclectic Indian restaurant that transports guests through a multi-layered environment, unlike anything in the city or region, for a celebration of India’s vibrant food culture, led by corporate executive chef Mayank Istwal. 

“Musaafer” meaning “Traveler,” is an elegant Indian restaurant in the Houston Galleria featuring many different meticulously designed spaces, and whose raison d’être is to serve up exquisite dishes that represent an edible journey across the vastness of the subcontinent. The website features an interactive map for exploring the origins of the cuisine.

Guests are welcomed into an authentic experience that engages all the senses, and showcases a neoteric approach through inventive food presentations and textural enrichment to the traditional dishes from the sub-continent. 

Along with elevated cuisine, a gamut of sophisticated drinks are artistically prepared and presented by beverage director Afzal Kaba using a variation of techniques in a unique and stunning bar setting of mixed media interior with every piece imported from India.

Rounding off the whole experience are desserts from the extremely talented pastry chef and his team of artisans.

Mussafer emulates the highest standard of inventive Indian cuisine with a sophisticated twist, opulent design, and impeccable service. 

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Located at:

5115 Westheimer Rd, (at Sage)

Suite C-3500 (2nd floor) at

the north west corner of The Galleria. 

Open daily. Reservations


Monday and Tuesday,


Wednesday and Thursday,


Friday and Saturday,


and Sunday 12pm–10pm. For

more information call (713) 242-8087 or

visit the website at

For the latest news, follow along on Facebook and Instagram @MusaaferHouston.




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