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Case to Note
Developments in Infamous Maryland Murder Case

A 1999 Maryland murder lead to the imprisonment of a local high school student, Adnan Syed. 

However, newly surfaced evidence might have changed the course of his conviction almost 16 years ago. 

A Baltimore Sun article reports that AT&T warned against the use of unreliable cell phone records at the time of the murder, thus indicating this evidence "should have been excluded from his murder trial. Syed has spent the last 16 years of his life in prison due chiefly to this exact evidence.

Syed's current attorney C. Justin Brown recently filed a motion stating, "...Syed respectfully requests that this Court re-open his post-conviction proceeding and allow him to raise not only the Asia McClain issue, but also information and issues related to cell tower location evidence." 
To read the latest brief filed by Syed's attorney, click here.

Firm Updates
Interested in Discussing SERIAL with Attorneys?

Did Syed's initial attorney handle this case effectively? What chance does Syed stand at seeing trial again? Who really committed this horrific murder? Join us for a lively debate and hear opinions from real Attorneys who have followed the intriguing developments in the infamous Hae Min Lee murder case.

We will announce the date of this event within the next few weeks on our Facebook page.

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