FEB 03 - FEB 09' 2021
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Mumbai - Based Startup Blue Tribe Foods Debuts Plant -Based Chicken Nuggets
Mumbai based startup Blue Tribe Foods recently launched plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets that claim to replicate the taste, texture, and look of real chicken nuggets in an effort to provide Indian consumers with guilt-free foods while decreasing the environmental damage caused due to animal agriculture products...
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Telangana Today covers the announcement of upcoming Gubba Biotech Lab
With about 30+ years of experience in serving the seed industry efficiently, Gubba now to level up and serve Seed Industry with most advance technologies in a Biotech Lab. Understanding the quality and purity of your seed is possible with minimal time and maximum accuracy using genetics.
Moment of the week - “UNSUGAR”– A sweet Story 
World over “SOS” is a practice to act on crisis or emergency. However the terms SOS in food industry has been a negative conundrum. “SOS” in food industry stands for Salt – Oil – Sugar. All the three have been used as...
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