June 3, 2024 Issue

House Agriculture Committee Advances Much-Anticipated “Farm Bill” 

This week, the House Agriculture Committee led by Chairman GT Thompson (R-PA) took the first step towards passage of a new much-anticipated Farm Bill, advancing a draft to the full House in a 33-21 vote with four Democrats voting with the majority, including Rep. Eric Sorensen (D-IL), Rep. Don Davis (D-NC), Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA), and Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D-CO). The current Farm Bill, a five-year package setting federal agricultural and food policy, expires on September 30. The House’s version of the Farm Bill will provide additional rural farming resources, updated provisions for farmers to sell their products globally, increased funding for specialty crops, and updated eligibility for disaster assistance.


Source: MBS

See Summary Analysis of the House Agriculture Farm Bill

See also www.agriculture.house.gov/farmbill


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A Fight Ever SNAP Funding Could Derail the Farm Bill

A partisan fight over federal food support programs is posing a major challenge to both chambers as they try to craft a mammoth farm bill ahead of an early fall deadline. Congress has just four months until a Sept. 30 deadline to finish work on the bill, after both parties agreed to kick the can last year on the bill. MORE


Source: Constitution Partners


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GDP Shows U.S. Economy Grew 1.3% in the First Quarter as Consumer Spending Slowed

The U.S. economy grew at a lackluster 1.3% annual pace in the first three months of the year, revised figures show, largely because of softer consumer spending that could herald a broader slowdown in the economy. The increase in gross domestic product, the official scorecard for the economy, was the smallest in almost two years. Previously the government reported that GDP had expanded at a 1.6% rate in the first quarter. MORE


Source: Wall Street Journal Logistics Report

USDA: US Ag Exports Generated $412B Economic Output in 2022

The value of U.S. agricultural exports totaled $197.4 billion in 2022 and generated $214.6 billion in economic activity for a total economic output of $412 billion, according to new USDA numbers. Exports comprised both commodities and food products. The services, trade and transportation sector generated an estimated $73.6 billion, while agricultural exports supported business activities valued at $70.4 billion, according to the USDA.

Other manufacturing activities generated an additional $52.5 billion, with another $18.1 billion created by food processing.

Every $1 of U.S. agricultural product exported generated a total of $2.09 of domestic economic activity, on average, according to USDA. MORE


Source: ProduceProcessing.net

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Justice Department Formally Moves to Reclassify Marijuana as a Less Dangerous Drug in Historic Shift

The Justice Department on Thursday formally moved to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, a historic shift in generations of U.S. drug policy. A proposed rule sent to the federal register recognizes the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledges it has less potential for abuse than some of the nation’s most dangerous drugs. The plan approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland would not legalize marijuana outright for recreational use. MORE


Source: WMC

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USTR Requests Comments on Section 301 Tariff Increases in Strategic Sectors

A long-awaited statutory review of tariffs imposed on imports of Chinese goods under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 resulted in the Biden Administration increasing tariffs on EVs, semiconductors, solar products, steel and aluminum, batteries and medical products as well as adding certain PPE medical products and ship-to-shore cranes to the tariff list and leaving tariffs in place on other goods at the same rates. MORE

Source: MBS

Consumer Brands Applauds EPR Bill's Passage in Minnesota

An extended producer responsibility bill is headed to the Minnesota governor's desk after gaining state legislature approval. "The extended producer responsibility framework established in this bill, which finances recycling through shared responsibility, will strengthen Minnesota's recycling infrastructure and increase recycling access for consumers," said John Hewitt, the Consumer Brands Association's vice president of packaging sustainability and head of state affairs. MORE


Source: CBA

MN Governor Signs Packaging EPR Law with Mixed Response from Recyclers

Minnesota has become the fifth state in the U.S. to approve a law establishing an extended producer responsibility program for packaging. Gov. Tim Walz signed the Packaging Waste and Cost Reduction Act on Tuesday evening as part of a larger Environment and Natural Resources Budget and Policy bill. The shared responsibility model calls for producers to pay half of recycling costs starting in 2029 and ramp up their share of costs incrementally. By 2031, producers will pay at least 90%. MORE


Source: MN Chamber

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Tax for Paid Leave Would Grow Under Changes Approved by Minnesota House

A state paid family and medical leave program created by the Minnesota Legislature last year is projected to cost more than originally expected under a bill approved in a Wednesday night House vote. Changes — such as retroactive payments for people making medical claims and immediate payment for new mothers — would grow first-year program costs and require the state to collect more than $1.6 billion annually when the program starts in 2026 — about $312 million more than before. That change would grow slightly in 2027. MORE

Source: MN Chamber

Governor Walz Announces Launch of Summer EBT Meal Program

Governor Tim Walz today announced that Minnesota is launching the Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program to help families purchase food during the summer months. Summer EBT will provide grocery-buying benefits to low-income families with school-aged children when schools are closed for the summer. See Press Release


Source: Fluence Media

Potato Grower Asks Court to Stop Minnesota Tribe from Regulating Its Water Use

One of Minnesota's largest farming operations has sued the White Earth Band of Chippewa after the tribe sought to regulate its water use on its reservation and surrounding land. In a move that could shape tribal treaty rights and water use across the state, the tribe started requiring anyone who pumps more than 10,000 gallons of water a day or more than 1 million gallons a year on its reservation or within 5 miles of it to get a tribal permit. That would be in addition to any permits that heavy water users need from the state. MORE

Source: MBS

WI Drops ID Checks at Federally Funded Food Pantries

Wisconsin’s emergency food pantries can now decide whether to check clients’ identification and verify their addresses. By October, the state will require them to stop asking. The change will improve access to a key federal program, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services said. Some pantry coordinators support the changes, but others counter that it could complicate their work. They say the state has yet to answer important questions. MORE

Source: WisPolitics

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Iowa Enacts Labeling Law Against Plant-Based and Cultured Meats and Eggs

Iowa’s governor on May 22 signed a law requiring labels for lab-grown and plant-based meat and egg alternatives that clearly indicate they are not from animals. It does not mention dairy products. Senate File 2391, dubbed the "meat integrity act" by its backers, was touted by Republican lawmakers as a way to protect Iowa-based products from what they say is unfair competition, while increasing transparency for consumers, according to the Des Moines Register. MORE


Source: FoodProcessing.com

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Commerce Finds China Guilty of Dumping Pea Protein; Fines Could Be Retroactive

The Dept. of Commerce and its International Trade Commission (ITC) have found China guilty of dumping and/or subsidizing pea protein sales in the U.S. at unfair prices. That means Chinese pea proteins could be hit with anti-dumping fines and countervailing duties of 127-612%. In addition to immediately raising the prices of those ingredients, some of the fines could be retroactive to last September -- meaning American processors who previously bought Chinese protein could be hit with charges, either directly from Commerce or from their importer or supplier. MORE

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t on Store Shelves Yet, but Some States Have Already Banned It

Lab-grown meat is not currently available in any U.S. grocery stores or restaurants. If some lawmakers have their way, it never will be. Earlier this month, both Florida and Alabama banned the sale of cultivated meat and seafood, which is grown from animal cells. In Iowa, the governor signed a bill prohibiting schools from buying lab-grown meat. Federal lawmakers are also looking to restrict it. It’s unclear how far these efforts will go. MORE


Source: WisPolitics

Food and Beverage Plant Optimization: Inspect for Compressed Air Leaks to Promote Improved Food Safety and Operational Efficiency

Each and every week of the year, tens of thousands of machines globally are operating in plants preparing food for billions of consumers to eat, twenty-four hours a day. The process involves activities such as mincing, pulping and shaping products like bread and cheese or filling drink bottles. MORE

Source: CLFP

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