April 5, 2024

God is a good farmer, and our hearts are his field. Good Soil is a four-week sermon series focused on the Parable of the Sower and the Seed from the Gospels. Each week we will examine one of the four types of soil mentioned in the passage: hardened soil, rocky soil, weedy soil, and fertile soil. Every person must take an honest look at the soil of their hearts for them to produce deep roots and good fruit that comes from God’s Word. In this series, we aim to cultivate hearts that are receptive to the Gospel and ready to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.

This week, we confront the reality of hardened soil, which represents hearts that are resistant to the Word of God. We explore the reasons why some hearts remain unyielding, whether due to pride, skepticism or pain. Through honest self reflection

and prayer, we seek to soften the hardened areas of our hearts and open

ourselves to the transformative power of God's Word.

Grace Marie Ward, Worship Arts Director, will be preaching in the Auditorium for the Contemporary Worship services; Daniel Stevanus, Guest Speaker, will be preaching in the Sanctuary for the Traditional Worship services.

For those worshiping remotely, you're invited to watch our services online, on Facebook and YouTube.

Wednesday Night Classes

Beginning next Wednesday, April 10, we have two great class opportunities for you to take part in on Wednesday nights. Pastor Bill will be leading the Pastor's Study in the Sanctuary and Pastor Trevor and Jessica Coates will be leading a marriage study. For complete information and to register for both classes visit mthorebchurch.org/adults.

The Marriage of Your Dreams

Experience the marriage of your dreams in this four-week study. We will discuss how you must continually realign your expectations so you aren’t discouraged and disappointed by the reality of your relationship. We will learn how to treat your husband or wife with integrity and faithfulness so they fully entrust themselves to your care. We will discover how to fight for your relationship by practicing confession and forgiveness each day. And we will follow one example of love: the cross of Christ.

Pastor's Study: Five Beliefs Worth Dying For

Our Methodist founder, John Wesley, often talked about the essentials of the faith. What are those key central beliefs that are at the core of Christianity? What are those beliefs that must never be lost or compromised? Dr. Bill Bouknight will lead a discussion of five of these beliefs in a four-week Bible study.

Concerts at Mt. Horeb

We are excited about our final concert of the 2023-24 Concerts at Mt. Horeb season, The Hoppers! The Hoppers are a family ensemble that has been performing together for over 60 years. They have appeared at inauguration ceremonies and won multiple awards for Mixed Vocal Group from the Southern Gospel Music Association. Their unique blend of harmonies and song choices have created a legacy of musical excellence embraced by all. Join us on April 28 at 7 PM for a wonderful night of worship! Tickets are on sale now at mthorebchurch.org/concerts.

Vacation Bible School

This year we are thrilled to announce that there are two weeks of VBS! June 10-13 is for ages 4 years old through 5th grade and June 4-6 is for our Special Needs friends, ages 12 years old through adults. We are so excited about our theme this year, Scuba - Diving into Friendship with God! Registration is open. Visit mthorebchurch.org/vbs to register as a participant and to volunteer. 

Samoa Medical Mission Trip

We are still in need of the following items. Thank you church for your generosity in providing much needed suppiles for this mission trip!

Benadryl Capsules

Benadryl Liquid

Mucinex Tablets

Mucinex DM Tablets

Robitussin Liquid

Robitussin DM Liquid

Claritin Tablets

Claritin Liquid

Children’s Liquid Tylenol

Children’s Liquid Motrin

Adult Tylenol Tablets and Caplets

Motrin Tablets

Cough Drops

Sore Throat Lozenges

Hydrocortisone Cream or Gel

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Zinc Oxide Cream

Diaper Rash Ointment (any brand)

Children’s Multivitamins

Men’s Multivitamins

Women’s Multivitamins

Prenatal Vitamins

Vick’s Vapor Rub

Muscle Rub

Theraband Kinesiology tape in black (Amazon) 

Please bring all donations to the church administrative office.


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