Our friend Bill McGraw points to the Water With Blessings booth at the recent Texas Water Quality Association convention.
Bill explains the Sawyer PointONE filter to two of the attendees.
Many of the filters donated by Quality Home Products have gone to Water Women in Honduras, like those pictured here.
Our Friend Bill McGraw Helps Us Move Forward With Business Blessings

We’ve told you before about our great friend Bill McGraw, owner of Quality Home Products of Texas. As you may remember, Bill’s company sets its charitable goals first, then sets sales goals to support charities.

We are proud to be one of those charities. For every water filtration system they sell, Quality Home Products purchases the Sawyer PointONE filter for a Water Woman. That allows us to offer a significant discount for the rest of her package: bucket, water pouch, other hardware, shipping, and training.

Now Bill has gone a step further and introduced Water With Blessings to the attendees at the Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA) Convention. He even paid for Sr. Larraine to attend the convention and set up a booth to tell people about WWB.

“It was delightful – a very friendly, congenial crowd,” Sr. Larraine said. “It was like a family. Many of the members are family-owned, multi-generational businesses, working in local communities. In fact, many people brought their children with them.

“We really appreciate that the Association gave us booth space. Due to a last-minute cancellation, we had a front row spot. And I’m deeply grateful to Bill who underwrote my being there. We’re following up with TWQA members and vendors who expressed interest in Bill’s remarkable charity-focused business model.”

Following Bill’s lead, Sr. Larraine has prepared a letter about a new idea called Business Blessings. You can read the letter by clicking the button below.
Bill and Tonya McGraw are two of our strongest advocates. We thank them and their team at
Quality Home Products of Texas for their generous support of Water With Blessings.
Bill spoke to the TWQA members about his approach, and now is working to spread his message to other associations’ meetings he plans on attending.

“My talk is basically about tying your business to charity,” Bill said. “The idea is to ‘start something that matters.’ How do you do more than have a business? Today, when you hire millennials, they want more than just a job – they want to save the world. So now, when they make a sale, I tell them: ‘You may have saved a life with that sale.’”

Bill, his wife Tonya, and their employees have helped save a lot of lives. Among other things, they donated nearly 800,000 meals to a local food bank last year, and since 2017 have provided 10,000 filters to Water Women around the world. To learn more, you can visit the Community Outreach page on their website: https://qualitytx.com/about-us/charity-work/
Hear More From Bill On This Week's Coffee Chat

Bill will be our guest this week, and you do not want to miss it. In addition to talking about his business model, he is without a doubt one of the most inspirational people we know.

Join us this Friday at Noon eastern time.
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