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  • Become a Commute Ambassador
  • Winter Bike to Work Day
  • Walking to Work with Skip Durocher
  • Blue Line Extension Comments / 6th Ave N
  • Hennepin Ave S Comment Deadline
  • Minneapolis Parkway Speed Limit Changes
  • Great Northern Climate Solution Series

Become A Commute Ambassador!

Do you (or, did you pre-pandemic) commute downtown using transit, walking, biking, scooting or carpool? Remember your first time riding the express bus or bike commuting into downtown? It may have been a little scary, but it was, no doubt, a thrilling accomplishment. How about helping inspire your work colleagues? Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement and know-how from an expert: you!
The Commute Ambassadors program assembles a group of downtown commuters and advocates who have a passion for sustainable commuting. There is no cost, just a commitment to attend four quarterly luncheons (with virtual options), and a willingness to encourage your company and coworkers to commute sustainably. The Lunch-and-Learns will feature transportation experts, explore topics in sustainable commuting, maybe sample an e-bike or scooter, and help you bring a real change to your workplace.

Interested? For an application to become a Commute Ambassador, contact Catherine Windyk:

The application deadline is February 4, 2022.

Winter Bike to Work Day is February 11th
Dropping temperatures and snowy streets don’t mean Minnesotans have to put their bikes away for the winter. Every year, bike commuters across the world embrace warm layers on Winter Bike to Work Day. Even if you might be working from your couch at home, the tradition continues Friday, February 11th. This year, riders can either pledge to ride to work or register another destination to venture. Last year, an international anti-competitive leaderboard ranked Minneapolis as tied for 353rd. Competitive people know we’re better than that!

Don’t own a fat bike or studded tires? They can be a lot of fun, but we promise you don’t need them. Many commuters ride through the winter with minimal changes to their bike. Learn more about how Minnesotan’s commute year-round with tips from BikeMN or Grease Rag’s extensive archive of Skill Shares.
Downtown Leader Loves His Walk to Work
While many people walk at least a little every day, who thinks about using their own two feet to get to work? Skip Durocher, Partner at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, and Co-Head of the Minneapolis office, that’s who.

After 25 years of car commuting, in 2014 Skip began journeying by foot to his downtown Minneapolis office and has never looked back.

Move Minneapolis staff member Catherine Windyk interviewed Skip to learn about his initial reluctance to walk to work, how he fell in love with it, and why his advice to others is simply: 

“You’ve got to just try it!”
Bring Back 6th Ave N. Public Accountability Forum
Bring Back 6th is a campaign to restore a vibrant community previously divided by Olson Memorial Highway. Vibrant communities necessitate safe streets for people walking rolling and biking. On Monday, January 25th, 6 p.m., Our Streets Minneapolis and the Harrison Neighborhood Association are hosting a public forum on the corridor. Join the conversation cultivating vibrant Near North Communities with a vision beyond highways that do not serve them.
METRO Blue Line Extension Public Comment Period
The Metropolitan Council has released the Draft Route Modification Report for the METRO Blue Line northbound extension. The draft currently includes two route options, varying between Lowry and West Broadway in connection of Robbinsdale to Target Field Station. Review the report and submit a comment by January 25th.
Proposed METRO Blue Line Extension route options - open for public comments thru 1.25.22

Hennepin Avenue South Comment Deadline is January 28, 2022

Hennepin Avenue South between West Lake St. and Douglas Avenue is being reconstructed in the coming years. Changes to the street's current layout aim to serve all users and meet the City's transportation and climate change goals. You can submit feedback on the recommended design until January 28, 2022.

Minneapolis Parkway Speed Limits Lowered to 20 mph

Recently, you may have noticed some changes to speed limit signs on Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) parkways. Earlier this month, a reduced speed limit of 20 miles per hour began to take effect on MPRB parkways. This change brings parkways into line with city limits of 20mph for local residential streets (unless otherwise signed). Slower speeds on local streets make travel safer for everyone no matter how you get around.

City of Minneapolis Public Works crews started replacing speed limit signs on January 10, 2022. Existing parkway signage will continue to be changed from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour over the coming months. Drivers should follow the posted speed limit on parkways while signs are updated.

The Great Northern Climate Solutions Series
The Great Northern festival (Jan 27 – Feb 6) celebrates how Minnesotans experience our cold season; playing in the snow and ice, energizing our creativity, and focusing on our community. The ten days of diverse programming will invigorate mind and body. In addition to the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, St Paul Winter Carnival activities, art exhibits, creative writing and poetry readings, and musical events, the Great Northern festival spotlights climate change impacts with the Climate Solutions Series.

Climate change threatens the very definition of what winter means in Minnesota. The Climate Solutions Series features ten diverse in-person and virtual events that examine solutions and provide expressions for our planet in crisis.

Engage in the Climate Solutions Series:
Move Minneapolis is a 501c4 nonprofit that promotes sustainable transportation.

Support is provided by a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant in partnership with the United States Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, the City of Minneapolis, MnDOT, Hennepin County, and the downtown community.