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The Mount Forest United Church and Praise Band

‘A Christmas Celebration’

Congratulations on a beautiful performance! If you missed it or would like to see it again, click on the link on the homepage of our website at

Christmas Eve

Join us for our Christmas Eve services. All welcome.

7:00 pm – Family Service

 “Sights and Sounds of Christmas” Led by Patty Sinnamon

10:00 pm – Candle Light Service

“Mary’s Song” Led by Patty Sinnamon

Closing out the Year

Please join us on December 31 at 11:00 am for a cozy informal service that will be held in the fellowship hall. A short film called The Shepherd will be viewed, along with some readings and Christmas carols. Coffee, muffins, and fruit will be available for you to enjoy during the service. Feel free to bring your slippers and a cozy blanket!

Let us join together and reflect on how God has been good this past year and look to the New Year with eagerness and anticipation of what is in store for 2024.

What's New With You?

Come Celebrate the New Year with the Mount Forest United Church Worship Committee and Lay Worship Leader Patty Sinnamon on Sunday, January 7th, 2024. The theme for the day will be "What's New With You?- Sharing Our Answered Prayers and Blessings".

If you have a story to share about an answered prayer or blessing from God over the past year that you would like to share, contact Patty Sinnamon via email at or by phone at (519) 323-2463). Your story can be shared by Patty, or feel free to share your story during the service. We are wired to seek and anticipate new things, so we will take some time during the service to plan intentionality and think about how to make the most of the coming months. Bring your favourite appetizer to share during fellowship after the service and we will celebrate the New Year together.

Send me an email that starts with...

"What's new with me?, God has blessed me with ________________" or

" God has answered my prayer by__________________" or perhaps

God has challenged me to ________________________", and then share something about a challenge that God has placed upon you for the new year.

I'll start by - "God has challenged me to simplify things - and so I will begin by simplifying my belongings and my work schedule for the coming year". What's new with me? In answer to my challenge, Rick and I have decided it's time to downsize our home and focus on the simpler things in life.

Now it's your turn.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov:

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