Take Advantage of The Latest Intel Xeon CPU
The wait for the most anticipated W-22xx CPU series based on the Cascade Lake architecture is over. Cascade Lake is a new family of Intel Xeon Scalable processors based on 14nm technology that introduces Intel Optane DC persistent memory and a set of new AI features called Intel DL Boost. This embedded AI accelerator will speed deep learning inference workloads, with an expected 11 times faster image recognition than the current generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors that they launched in July 2017. Cascade Lake CPUs are available from Intel through Impact now.
Use This CPU w. Kontron D3598-B Motherboard
  • It makes use of 48 PCIe Lanes from the Processor
  • Features 7x (seven) PCIe Gen 3 onboard including 2x (two) PCIe x16
  • Dual Intel GbE LAN supporting iAMT/vPro & Teaming
  • M.2 onboard as well as M.2 Riser to support one or two additional M.2 in RAID
  • Supports SATA RAID (total 8) and VROC RAID
  • Use with latest NVME SSD
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Kontron S&T AG, located in Augsurg, Germany, and subsidiary of S&T AG, Linz, Austria, acquired Fujitsu's Augsburg-based Industrial Motherboard Business as part of an asset deal signed on July 22, 2019 with Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. Under the terms of the agreement, Kontron will take over the embedded motherboard business unit. Manufacture of the existing models will be uninterrupted, but gradually moved from Fujitsu-Augsburg to Kontron-Augsburg. Fujitsu plans the closure of its Augsburg site by the end of September 2020. Kontron continues the existing Fujitsu motherboard business at the high level of expertise and skills that customers have come to know and appreciate.
Available in the U.S. from Impact Components