July 7 , 2024

Arnold Friberg, The Prayer at Valley Forge (1975), oil painting.



By Julie Cadwallader Staub

 The air vibrated

 with the sound of cicadas

 on those hot Missouri nights after sundown

 when the grown-ups gathered on the wide back lawn,

 sank into their slung-back canvas chairs

 tall glasses of iced tea beading in the heat

 and we sisters chased fireflies

 reaching for them in the dark

 admiring their compact black bodies

 their orange stripes and seeking antennas

 as they crawled to our fingertips

 and clicked open into the night air.

 In all the days and years that have followed,

 I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced

 that same utter certainty of the goodness of life

 that was as palpable

 as the sound of the cicadas on those nights:

 my sisters running around with me in the dark,

 the murmur of the grown-ups’ voices,

 the way reverence mixes with amazement

 to see such a small body

 emit so much light.

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Adult Catechesis in the Christian Church

Fellowship Hall. Join Laura Funk on the adventure as we learn church history, the creeds, councils, and confessions, the major theological debates, heroes, doctrines, lots of fun stuff in our long, long history as followers of Jesus Christ as the world wide church. Thousands of years of hundreds of major and minor characters, councils, state rulers, infighting, struggles, compromises, theology, structure, political maneuvering, grace, and truth.

Grow in your knowledge, exercise your mind, learn together on this grand adventure of faith in following our Lord Jesus Christ.-----

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The Daughters of the King - DOK are dedicated to supporting the prayer needs of St Paul's. They are available in the the Side Chapel in the south transept of the church every Sunday after the 10:30 a.m. worship service for private prayer.

You can also submit intentions in the prayer box in the narthex, or to add names to the prayer list, please contact the church office.

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Bishop's Blog: Independence Day

Diary of a Theologian: Flight Delay, Canon Victor Austin

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