Volume 139 | September 30-October 4, 2019
National Community Planning Month:
Because Great Places Require Great Planning!
October is National Community Planning Month, a time to recognize the vitally important work done by MoVal's professional Planning staff.

Every important City project involves Planning staff, from new roads, open spaces and housing, to small stores and massive commercial and industrial developments. They each need the guiding hand of a planner to help them transform from general concept to specific, detailed reality -- because "Great Places Require Great Planning!"

Before "Porch Pirates" There Were
"Mail Marauders" -- and They're Still Out There!
Mail theft is a problem in communities across the U.S., and it tends to happen even more frequently as the holidays approach and checks and gift cards start arriving. Time to learn ways to prevent it and what to do if it happens to you.

That's why we've created a web page devoted to mail and mailboxes , and how to prevent them and maybe your identity from being stolen by a Mail Marauder.

And the U.S. Postal Service has gone high-tech and now can send you an email showing what's just been delivered to you. It's called Informed Delivery, and here are some helpful videos!

In the meantime, these tips will help:

  • Take outgoing mail to the Post Office or hand it directly to your carrier.
  • Get your mail from your box as soon as possible, and never leave it overnight.
  • If you don’t get a check or bank card you’re expecting, contact the issuing agency immediately.
  • Never send cash in the mail.
MoVal Honored for Helping Households Go Solar
The City was honored recently by GRID Alternatives IE with its Sunshine Award for Collaboration, which recognizes organizations creating partnerships to help low-income households go solar. 

Since 2015, the City has awarded GRID Alternatives IE $223,000 in grant funding, which has helped 61 MoVal families install clean, green solar electric systems at no cost, for a total savings of about $1.6 million in power costs over the next 25 years.
Learn How to Streamline Your
Small-Business Bookkeeping
Don't let your small business's bookkeeping keep you tied to an office. With QuickBooks Online, your bookkeeping goes with you! This FREE workshop is a great opportunity to learn how to get the most out of a QuickBooks Online subscription. You'll learn:

  • The basics of QuickBooks
  • Invoicing
  • Receiving payments
  • Reconciling accounts

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 9-11 a.m.
Employment Resource Center
12625 Frederick St., Suite K-3
Pet of the Week Video: Kitten Callie
Meet Callie ( A500313 ) . This little fluff ball is only six-months old -- just a baby kitten, and a beautiful medium-hair calico, at that, which explains her name. Like any healthy kitten, she can be tearing around the place one minute, and then be all tuckered out and fast asleep on your lap the next. Are you the person with that lap? Kitten Callie is eagerly waiting for you!

Please visit the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter located at 14041 Elsworth St. to inquire about adopting baby Callie and other cats and dogs searching for life companions. Animal Services can be reached at 951-413-3790 .