Volume 204 | Dec. 28, 2020 - January 1, 2021
Mayor's Minute:
More Road Improvements Coming in 2021
As we begin a new year, Moreno Valley's Mayor, Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, says there's more road work in the City's future! With 505 miles of roadway to maintain, there's always a project underway, as Mayor Gutierrez explains in this month's Mayor's Minute video.
Get FREE Masks from the City of Moreno Valley
City leaders gratefully accepted donations from local companies recently of personal protective equipment. As part of the City's "We've Got You Covered" initiative, free masks are available at the Employment Resource Center (ERC) at 12625 Frederick St., and at any Moreno Valley Library branch. Since launching We've Got You Covered in the summer, the City of Moreno Valley has distributed more than 187,000 free masks to help slow the spread of the virus.
MoVal Community Foundation Donations Support City Initiatives
The Moreno Valley Community Foundation is the charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) arm of City government. It accepts charitable contributions to support various City initiatives and services intended to promote the health, welfare and education of residents, such as the MoVaLEARNS-Mayor's Challenge program. It helps Moreno Valley students at Moreno Valley College stay in school instead of dropping out to take a low-wage job just to pay the bills. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Moreno Valley Community Foundation and help your neighbors.
A Visit to: Victoriano Park
If you're looking for a great place to just let the kids get out and run around, then MoVal's Victoriano Park is for you. Its five acres, located at 25730 Los Cabos Drive, feature most of the essentials, such as barbecues, picnic tables, a picnic shelter, off-street parking and security lighting. But it's Victoriano's grass and trees that really stand out. Hide and Seek, anyone? Learn more online about Victoriano and all of Moreno Valley's beautiful parks!
What's the Plan for Your Pets If You Get Sick?
Following are a few simple steps for making a pet-care plan in case you're hospitalized.
  • Find someone willing and able to take care of your pets. Check with family, friends, neighbors or even pet sitters and boarding facilities.
  • Gather your pet's necessities, such as two weeks' worth of food and medications, cat litter and litter box and a travel kennel.
  • Provide written instructions regarding each of your pets, including your contact information, your pet’s feeding schedule, any medical conditions and treatment directions, and contact information for their veterinarian.
  • Include contact information for family or friends who will know your medical status and give updates to your pet’s caregiver.
The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter rescues thousands of animals each year, but it’s not designed to provide long-term care. That’s up to you. Also, during this time, all Moreno Valley Animal Shelter services are available by appointment only at 951-413-3790. Visit Moreno Valley Animal Services online at www.moval.org/pets.
Warm Center Available
When Temps Fall to 40 or Below
As we head into winter, daytime temperatures are dropping. Should temps fall to 40 degrees or lower, residents are welcome to warm up at MoVal's designated Warm Center at the Cottonwood Golf Center, 13671 Frederick St. Masks and physical distancing are required.